European Summit

  • Greetings, fellow members of the European Union. It is I, your Premier Commissioner and friendly fellow, Jacob Stipe.

    My primary aim for my term, what I campaigned on and what you elected me upon, was to create greater cohesion between member-states, between member-states and Commission, and so in turn, Commission and member-states. Our Union has unresolved problems, which, if continue to be so, shall haunt our region with this plague of inactivity, with the voter apathy, with the feelings of discontentment and concern that ravish us today.

    Therefore, I wish to invite you to the very first European Union Summit. It shall include not only representatives from each of the member-states but also the members of the Commission, including myself, as well as, if they consent, the Justices of the ECoJ. It shall be a forum for us to, together, solve these problems which lie in front of us as well as bring up any issues which you wish to see become a part of the Union. It will also be a chance for the entire workings of the EU to come together to realise the fact that we are meant to be nothing less than an Union.

    So, if you wish to attend please RSVP by responding to this telegram as well as any issues which you wish to see put upon the agenda and see you on the 30th April in the Europolis Headquarters.

    NB: The representative you send may or may not be the same one as in the European Council. You may send a small delegation if you wish.

    Rt. Hon. Jacob Stipe
    Premier Commissioner of the EC
    Former Chief Justice of the ECoJ
    Former Commissioner for Internal Affairs

    PS. If anyone in your nation holds Office in the EU (Commissioner or Justice) please forward this to them, as well as the national representative you wish to send.

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    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, prior to organising a team to attend on its Council of Ministers' behalf, would like to inquire concerning the agenda of discussions in the said summit.

  • A fair question from our Soviet representative there.

    In the Summit, it will be my aim to give a full summary of all the work of the Commission since it was elected. I hope that in doing so, we may, together, help further the base we as Commissioners have created and so ensure that legislation is not implemented solely for its necessity, but also that it remains representative of the beliefs of this region as a whole. It will serve as a platform for regional debate on the larger issues concerning ourselves and our Governing bodies, including;

    • The problem of tackling inactivity, the need for all member-states to help in recruitment

    • The ideas we have proposed for the European Defense Force (EDF) and an initial platform upon which military 'producer' member-states may offer their help in arming the Force

    • The proposal for a Tax-System upon which to fund the bodies of the EU, which are, as of now, funded by only the Soviet Union and Aesop Rocks

    • Other points from member-states

    • The problems that are still current in tensions between certain member-states. This topic, highly sensitive perhaps, is one which we must discuss with the greatest of diplomacy. I shall be calling upon a formal statement from the States of the European Treaty Organisation to give a formal statement about its activity, something which seems to be causing confusion. As the problem we shall deal with finally, I hope that the work we do together preceding these talks shall give us an insight into the responsibility we must take for our own futures. The decommissioning of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weaponry must be an absolute priority. I hope both sides of this long-winded disagreement will take it upon themselves to be present with the authority to begin personal negotiations. I have already received word from Aesop Rocks that Secretary of State for Defense Alex Pearce will be a part of the AR delegation.

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    The Federal Republic of Belarum takes offense.

    The Belarian government has been continually funding the European Authorities through the taxation system created under the Tristan administration. .9% of all Belarian tax revenue has been flowing to the European government anually, and if it has been misplaced, the FRB would like to spearhead a full investigation into the EU misappropriation of Belarian funds.

  • The Dominion Commonwealth of Derbyshire and Fife would also like to note that HM's Exchequer contributed a sum of several billion euros during the tenure of my Rt Hon. predecessor.

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    Kingdom of Luvenburg
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Kingdom of Luvenburg believes the agenda of this summit is too wide. The summit should be limited to one or two issues, with specific proposals presented before hand.

  • The idea of the summit is to serve as a platform for all nations upon which to voice their opinions directly to the Governing bodies. The agenda could be ranged far wider but I feel these are the important points we must deal with as an Union.

    I would like to say something here. I am beginning to think that this region is rather unappreciative of the efforts I am making to move us forwards. Before I came to power as Premier Commissioner, activity was at an all-time slump, no new nations were coming in and we had little in the way of any form of unified discussion. Since my taking up of Office we have a mostly active Commission, even with Ms. Brantis' resignation we have a platform upon which to achieve more than any previous Commission. I have given everything to this region and yet I receive nothing but insults and slights at the way I am running the Commission. You voted for me because we needed a strong hand to lead us forward, fight against the inactivity, and yet as I do so, you complain about the way in which I am achieving the results. What have I done to provoke such strong allegations of treachery to this Union?

  • Attending from Nazione Italiana will be S.A.R. Celestina Elisa II; Head of Foreign Affairs as well as the Presidenta Linda Chiara Moro; Head of State. We see the Summit as necessary, no matter the topics discussed. Diplomacy is needed on so many issues today, and we must start somewhere.

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    Representing Grossdeutsches Reich will be Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilhelm Fr?gg, as well as acting chancellor Robert Mainzer and the Head of State, Emperor Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prinz von Preussen.

  • To answer the Rt Hon. Premier Commissioner's question, I must be blunt. The reason you won is that you had name recognition. It was not really fair to the EPP-ED, because we did know about the term limits. Whilst that blame should really be at my feet, all the same, it never occured to me that I wouldn't be running for re-election. I threw myself behind a suitable EPP-ED alternative, but young Turks from your side of the political spectrum (the equivalent of Obamacans) came in to turn the tide and create what was truly an ELP victory. The reason the EPP-ED lost was because we were dis-united and going through a bit of a slump on the activity side. There was also a significant bad taste left in our mouths from the way you ran the ECoJ. Given, you had an EPP-ED majority (and if you say anything about these bodies being non-partisan one more time, I will come through the monitor and throttle you) on the courts, but they were blindly being led by an active ELP political agenda. Also, given this nice little period of reckoning, go back through your comments on how 'your' commission was to be run. If that was your boss, would you want to work for him? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! To be blunt, the reason you put off people is because you are pushy and vitriolic. Commissioners want their opinion to matter. There was no debate, no forum. There was simply an election. And like the Florida primary (valid OOC reference), the person with the highest name recognition and one lunatic won.

    The Commonwealth Dominion of Derbyshire and Fife shall be represented by the Chair of the Derbyshire and Fife delegation to the European Council, the Rt Hon. the Viscount Grey, leader of the Group of the European People's Party and European Democrats.

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    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    of the
    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

    Message to the Premier Commissioner Mr. Jacob Stipe and the European Council on behalf of the Council of Ministers of the U.S.S.R. as presided by the Chairwoman of the Council of Ministers of the U.S.S.R. and First Vice-chairwoman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Comrade Irina Nevskaya and attended by the President of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Comrade Gennady Zyuganov, decided and compiled during a special emergency session.

    Following the motion of no confidence brought forth by the EPP-ED officials, as well as careful consideration from the Council of Ministers of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the U.S.S.R. would like to regretfully notify the Premier Commissioner Mr. Stipe of the European Union, through its representative to the European Council Comrade Kirov, that it will indefinitely suspend any plans for participation in the proposed summit, until further notice.

    Chairwoman of the Council of Ministers Comrade Nevskaya would like to apologise on behalf of the Council, and pledges to keep the European Council and Commission informed concerning any change of our stance over attending a pan-European summit. The apparent ineffectiveness of the current Commission, lack of trust at the face of the current Premier Commissioner by the Soviet leadership, the lack of satisfying scheduling for the proposed summit, as well as various security and political concerns make us unable to attend it.

    The Council of Ministers of the U.S.S.R. reaffirms its strong position in favour of universal and unconditional nuclear disarmament, conventional arms control, and negotiations concerning universal and unconditional conventional and strategic arms reductions talks between itself, neutral member-states of the European Council, and the member-states of the European Treaty Organisation, and hopes that in due time a neutral Commission can and will support a summit scheduled to deal exclusively with the said issues.


    Maksim L. Leonov
    Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • [OOC] Sorry Derbyshire, but you can go fuck yourself. You're stating your opinion as fact and at the end of the day, Stipe isn't a member of the ELP. I'm not arguing the point any more - you're being a hypocrite and anti-Constitutional and your being an absolute prat about this. If you don't like Stipe at least make up plausible and Constitutional slander to back your motion of no confidence.

  • [OOC] This is behaviour is ridiculus! Both the Derbyshire and AR polemic is utterly missplaced! You can both be political enemies IC, but it is still A GAME! There is no REAL power, this is simply a way for us fortunate few, that cannot wield any real politcal power to blow off some steam in good spirit and company. There is no rules for you not to verbaly beat eachouther up, but I fail to see the point. This is a good test for all of us to face a somewhat realistic envrioment, not a real one, but somewhat close. Cause guess what, none of you will ever be in a position where everyone around you will agree. Not even to the most obvious values of yours will be recognized "out-there" but constantly questioned. Unless we want a real USSR, Cuba, Belarus, Pinochet Chile, Hitler Germany etc. we should expect nothing less. So be my guest, throw pies all over the place, but do not resort to personal slander outside the IC gameplay, that only causes bad atmosphere for everyone.[/OOC]

  • The delegate for Derbyshire concurs with the distinguished representative for the Holy Roman Empire and withdraws it out-of-place summation of a long-past political campaign and begs the apology of the entire Union. Lord Grey regrets to inform his honoured colleagues that he shall be unable to attend the summit.

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