Commission Nominations

  • Nominations are open for a position in the Commission.

    Open at 17.40 GMT 22.04.08.
    Close at 17.40 GMT 25.04.08.

    Please submit in following format:


    [B]Candidate Name:[/B]
    [B]Home Nation:[/B]
    [B]Incumbent?[/B] (Y/N)

    Feel free to add a short CV if you wish.

  • Candidate Name: The Rt Hon. the Viscount Grey
    Home Nation: the Commonwealth Dominion of Derbyshire and Fife

    Lord Grey has served on the European Commission for two previous terms and as Premier Commissioner for one. He assisted Michael McDowell in writing the Bruxelles Protocal, the only climate change legislation passed by the European Union.

  • Candidate Name: Vice Admiral Count Hugo Tordenskiold
    Home Nation: Republic of Griffenfeld
    Incumbent? No (Y/N)

  • Candidate Name: Lucas Petr Cass
    Home Nation: Federal Republic of Triera
    Incumbent? No

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