The Republic Of Griffenfeld

  • The Republic of Griffenfeld

    Motto: Chi va piano, va sano; chi va sano, va lontano

    Capital: Sams?
    Official Languages: Danish, Esperanto
    Official Religion: None
    Population: 766 million (as of 23/4-08)
    Currency: Euro

    Short history:
    Established 1670 as Duchy of Griffenfeld by King Christian V. Gained independence in the Treaty of Kiel in 1814. The Grand Duchy of Griffenfeld maintained close ties to Denmark nonetheless. In the aftermath of WWI, in which Griffenfeld was neutral, the Grand Duke granted the nation democracy. The Storting (modelled after the Norwegian Parliament) was created in 1918, although the Grand Duchy for a centennial had a representative legislative body (albeit only for the nobles and rarely used). In march 2008 the Grand Duke abdicated in favour of a presidential system (modelled after the French system). The Grand Duke Peder XI was elected President, and Peer Gustav Frijs (The Conservative Party) won the post as prime minister.

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