Dissolving The Commission

  • It is my sad duty today to announce that I wish to dissolve the European Commission, if the ECoJ believes it to be Constitutional and if my fellow Commissioners, those who are still active, agree to doing so. I shall outline my reasons.

    I have worked hard as Premier Commissioner to bring unity to the region, along with more members through the efforts of our Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, however it seems my strategies and aims have been hindered, through both bad publicity as well fault of my own - I admit that I perhaps showed too hard-a-fist when acting as PC, yet this, as part of my Campaign for a stronger Government, was something I felt the region needed in order to raise the previously very inactive Council. I feel I have made steps to achieve a great deal and I hope my successor has the platform upon which to bring this region ever more unity, towards an era of equality, freedom and peace.

    I also wish to bring up a matter which has concerned and puzzled me over the last week or so. I have pondered over the issue of the rights for EU Political Parties to run candidates for the European Commission, and I find it confusing that they should allow what is obviously a non-supranational body to do so. The Constitution clearly states that QUOTE

    each not representing and not being related to any government of the European Union


    However, if this is the wish of the ECoJ, of the region, I shall not quarrel further. I shall stand aside and allow the region to evolve as is necessary. I merely hope that the path this leads us down does not lead to Partisan Politics, whereupon the mutual trust and co-ordination in our Governing Body breaks down. It is my opinion that the Political Parties of this Union have a place, and that is in the European Council. I have also expressed my belief that there should be a Second Legislative Body in the form of a solely Party-Political House, thereby separating giving weight to what I agree to be some of the most fundamental bodies of the European Union - the EPP-ED and ELP have both worked to build this region to where it is today, and I feel their representation is too little and in the wrong places to signify their relative influence.

    I also hope that there shall be others to continue the dream of a truly supranational European Commission.

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    Kurt Goerts, Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, agrees to dissolve the European Commission and congratulates Rt Hon. Jacob Stipe for his work in front of that organisation.

  • Alexander Romenenko, Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping, puts his head in his hands and stalks off to make scathing comments to journalists.

    He plans on sending a tray of milk chocolates and a thank you note to Jacob Stipe and an insulting note to the less than honourable Viscount Grey later.

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