Red Blok

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    The United Socialist States of Red Block**


    "Workers of the world, unite!"

    **National Anthem: **

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    Flag of "The Democratic Republic of Red Blok"

    **Formal Name: ** The Democratic Republic of Red Blok user posted image

    **Conventional Name: ** Red Blok

    **Abbreviation: ** R.B.

    **The Country at Present: **( as of May 5th 2010 on 21:38 )

    The United Socialist States of Red Blok is a massive, safe nation, ruled by Leader with an even hand, and renowned for its irreverence towards religion. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, intelligent population of 1.45 billion have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often.

    The enormous government juggles the competing demands of Defence, Social Welfare, and Law & Order. The average income tax rate is 34%, but much higher for the wealthy. A healthy private sector is led by the Retail, Automobile Manufacturing, and Book Publishing industries.

    Schoolchildren have twice-weekly sex education classes, abortions are routinely performed in Red Blok's hospitals, Red Blok's heavy congestion charges are the bane of motorists' lives, and Red Blok's children are widely acknowledged as the most foul-mouthed in the region. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Red Blok's national animal is the bear, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the soviet rouble.


    **General Information **

    **Capital City: ** Cadia

    ***Official: ** Taut, Russian, English
    *Unofficial: German, Frensh

    **Official Religion: ** None

    Formation: 30th of December of 1965

    Population: 34,000,000 ( as of Jenuary 17th 2009 on 5:36 )

    Currency: soviet rouble

    Nacional Animal: Bear


    **Etymology **


    **Geography **

    Shortly after the disgrace:

    user posted image
    Satellite photographs of the Red Blok due January 23, 2005. The green areas indicate high levels of pollution from solid Tiberium.

    **Environment **


    **History **

    Creation of a New Nation:

    The Democratic Republic of Red Blok was founded 30th of December of 1965, with the union of three countries of the north east of Europe; Teutonius, Cadia and Yahaan, to reinforce itself with the new communist ideals of the USSR. All this could be possible thanks to First Minister Yarrick Kell of Cadia, who organize an international assembly between the three named countries previously to speak on a delicate subject more conflicting at the moment. The capitalist powers of the west kept a constant economic pressure on the small contingent that was deteriorating itself to a level on scale. He say "Capitalism is a disease for our new nation, communism is the solution for the resurgence". With this phrase dazzled some of those present in the courtroom and at the same time, the population looked to the "show" from their homes. At the end of the assembly votes were among the politicians of different states to give consent to the great idea or overthrow the reformist plans Yarrick. After achieving its mission accomplishment Yarrick Kell, 75% of those present gave support to reform. This man was remembered in the history of Red Blok as the "creator".

    A New Principle:

    The first thing was done after the founding of the RD was drafting new rules and obligations that would have the population, but also rights, respecting the communist ideology. Basquit, the ancient capital of Yahaan, became the new capital. Where concentrated entire intelligence politics. Also in the same year, it began building a national symbol. The Red Bridge. That connects the two halves of the capital.

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    Economic Growth:

    Since the 1972, is not considered an exact figure, the new government was already fully established. The dream that everyone was waiting for it was here and so hard to always thus the First Minister of the Red Blok Forkan Sorst of "the gray wall." This was a wall of solid steel and stone of about 30 meters high around the whole country, leaving only enter and exit a trade flowing. Thanks to these last events were started to create large industrial centers in the warmer areas of the east, the former Teutonius. This time of "great" was last up just over 4 September 2004.


    At the September 4, 2001 close to Earth by a meteorite unidentified medium-sized, to enter the atmosphere is based on three parts of which two significant fall over the Red Blok, one center and one in the east, causing more than 90% of the death of the population. Only save the region from west to Cadian old, is only the city of Cadian. The population in a moment of 736 passes for 36 million, a real apocalypsis.


    **Government and Politics **


    **Autonomous States **


    **Foreign Relations and Military **


    **Economy **




    **Demographics **




    Crime and Punishment:

    **Culture **






    **Citys **


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    **Tiberium **

    What is Tiberium?

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    In the most technical sense, Tiberium is a substance of an unknown alien origin. Made up of a mixture of both known and unknown elements, in the chemical sense, and possibly other unknown alien components. It is what a scientist would call 'self-replicating', in that it creates more of itself by consuming anything it touches. Aside from direct contact with Tiberium on the ground, it also spreads itself through microscopic crystals that hitch rides in dust clouds, airborne particulates, and smog, and sometimes even rain. Tiberium also emits a high level of radiation, that makes it valuable as a both a weapon and power source.

    However many theories exist on what Tiberium really is. Some, such as Dr. Mobius of PUH, believed that Tiberium itself is a lifeform rather than a mineral. This hypothesis seems to be based on early forms of Tiberium, which originally occurred as seemingly organic, plant-like pods. One fanciful hypothesis is that Tiberium possesses consciousness. According to this idea, the crystal contains a quantum crystalline brain that grows more intelligent as it grows and grows. However, this has yet to be proven.


    Tiberium can spread almost anywhere, with the rate of spread being influenced by soil density and ambient temperature. Only the ice caps show low levels of Tiberium infestation. Tiberium spreads through a variety of methods, depending on the local environment.

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    An isolated patch of Tiberium can spread to cover acres. The process is not entirely understood, but it is believed that a patch of Tiberium will release underground shoots in every direction, which will then grow into Tiberium proper. In this way, the amount of Tiberium in an area will increase exponentially. Tiberium patches can be completely de-'forested' temporarily, but will grow back even if the Tiberium is completely removed, due to its underground "roots", as well as smaller crystals, that will remain in the soil and become clusters for further crystaline growth. As such, the ground from which Tiberium grows sounds like shattered glass when walked on.

    A more disturbing method of Tiberium growth is witnessed when the area Tiberium is in has any sort of foliage, such as trees or bushes. Through an unexplained mutagenic process, Tiberium alters these trees into "Blossom Trees" in as little as twelve days. These "trees" are fleshy stalks with a large bulb at the top. The bulb regularly contracts and relaxes, releasing microscopic Tiberium crystals and gases into the atmosphere. As long as there is a Blossom Tree in an area, Tiberium will constantly regrow around the tree.

    An alternative method is seemingly used by Tiberium Vinifera, the highly combustible blue-coloured Tiberium variant. If a large enough patch of Vinifera grows to maturity, the crystals will meld together into a massive blue crystal, roughly 10 meters high. These large Vinifera masses act similarly to Blossom Trees (it is unknown how), but at a much slower pace.



    Chemical Composition:

    * Phosphor: 42.5%
    * Iron: 32.5%
    * Calcium: 15.25%
    * Copper: 5.75%
    * Silica: 2.5%
    * Unknown: 1.5%

    This is the most basic form of Tiberium. Its crystals are small and green in appearance, thus it is commonly referred to as "green Tiberium." This type of Tiberium has a low level of leeched minerals and is therefore the least valuable resource, albeit the most common. Riparius grows and spreads very fast.

    user posted image

    This was the first type of Tiberium which arrived in the meteorites at the Woton river and was therefore given the name Riparius (meaning growing near a river). It was the first type of Tiberium extensively studied by PUH and to this day, remains the most common type.

    The most common proliferator of the Riparius was the "blossom tree," which launched Tiberium spores (microscopic crystals) that eventually mature into Tiberium pods. The second means of proliferation is the underground spread via root-like structures. However, Tiberium continues to transform itself. By 2010, Tiberium has become a self-replicating proton lattice that turns any matter it touches into more of itself, giving off powerful radiation in the process. More advanced research has been conducted that indicates that this new Tiberium affects matter on the molecular and possibly even smaller scales. It is advised that all carbon-based lifeforms stay well away from Tiberium.


    A small Vinifera crystal patch growing in a Red Zone circa 2008. Note the absence of pods, indicating that Vinifera has evolved over time, just like Riparius.

    As Vinifera did not spread noticeably until after 2005. Extensive studying of this tricky crystal by scientists of the PUH has shown that after some time, developed Riparius crystals mature into Tiberium Vinifera, which is blue in appearance, and has crystals about the same size as Riparius. Vinifera is commonly referred to as "blue Tiberium" because of its color.

    Vinifera has some special properties which distinguish it greatly from Riparius.

    1. It spreads much more slowly than Riparius.
    2. It has a much higher mineral density in a given volume, compared to the Riparius, and therefore has greater economic value.
    3. It is highly combustible and unstable. It explodes violently when brought into contact with fire or other explosives.
    4. It is significantly more harmful to organics.

    When it explodes, it does not blow up all at once. The crystals in a patch blow up randomly, often with gaps of up to 20 seconds between each explosion. The reason for this is as of yet unknown. Vinifera Monoliths began to appear as Vinifera fields spread further. This massive blue crystal form of Tiberium functions like a "blossom tree" but rather than spreading Tiberium Riparius, it spreads Tiberium Vinifera.


    Tiberium Aboreus is very similar in appearance to Vinifera, and shares many of the same properties. It is slightly more valuable in minerals and slightly more explosive, but this has not been conclusively scientifically proven yet. Not much is known about this form of Tiberium. It is thought to be more valuable due to peaking chemical concentrations.


    These are large crystals, similar in appearance to the above two strains of tiberium, except they grow in clumps of approximately 1 square metre to a height of one to two metres. They spread patches of Tiberium Vinifera and Aboreus around them. These crystals are extremely explosive and quite rare. When exploded they shower crystals around the landscape up to 600 metres. This is thought to be a method of spreading Tiberium. It is called "Cruentus" meaning blood-red, even though the crystal itself is dark blue.

    Unknown Red Strain

    This new strain of red/orange Tiberium started to appear during 2008. However, it is extremely rare, and few scientists have had the chance to harvest it, though some have remarked that it is even more potent, valuable and explosive than Tiberium Cruentus and Aboreus. A sample was retrieved by PUH. Notably, the sample grew into a large crystal, similar to a Vinefera or Aboreus crystal, except it was an orangey-red colour.

    Effect on organic matter:

    Tiberium smoke will heavily poison any human that ventures through it. Radiation can become a dangerous factor as well in higher concentrations of Tiberium.

    Long-term low-level exposure to Tiberium causes illness of various systems amongst all terrestrial life. As the exact mutagenic means by which Tiberium affects terrestrial biology are largely unknown, treatment is generally restricted to alleviating the symptoms rather than curing the cause. Unfortunately, this means that victims of Tiberium poisoning almost uniformly experience a gradual decline over a number of years until eventually succumbing to the effects. A research study funded by PUH (Public University of the Health) that was conducted during 2004 produced the following statistics:

    Respiratory ailments

    |Humans: 2,447,392 |Livestock: 9,442,661

    Reproductive ailments

    |Humans: 1,446,294 |Livestock: 12,443,761

    Immune system ailments

    |Humans: 14,681,994 |Livestock: 29,377,224

    Tiberium-related deaths

    |Humans: 4,286,334 |Livestock: 11,223,994

    What was not initially apparent, however, were the intra-organism mutations that could cause subtle mutations seen only within a few generations of exposure. The growth of Tiberium crystals on the skin and flesh, increased resistance to the effects of Tiberium poisoning, and even the ability of tissues to achieve a mild accelerated cellular regeneration when in the presence of Tiberium.

    However, generally, exposure to Tiberium (either a single heavy exposure or a long-term light exposure) will cause death by some form of total system failure.

    Tiberium poisoning in humans

    user posted image

    When exposed to very high concentrations of Tiberium, such as while passing through an area of dense Tiberium growth without protective apparatus, the short-term effects of Tiberium poisoning are immediately experienced by individuals.

    user posted image

    Human Tiberium poisoning has become much more dangerous with its evolution: if a human comes into direct contact with Tiberium, the green matter will start to fuse with their skin within about 20 seconds. An intense burning sensation will be felt. A full infection will manifest if the victim isn't treated immediately. The flesh will begin to take on a glassy-greenish appearance as it begins to crystallize; eventually internal organs will shut down as Tiberium extends rigid crystalline runners throughout the body. If the crystal is breathed in, then it will become embedded in the lungs. The ability to process oxygen will be lost as the lung tissue crystallises. Eventually the subject will hemorrhage to death.

    It should be noted that the new Tiberium does not always kill its victims, as due to unknown factors, a human can survive contact with it and mutate, eventually becoming a human with the ability to repair bodily damage with Tiberium. There is a chance of mental instability. Shunned by most other humans, they usually leave society facing the threat of murder and general distrust. Usually, the mutants die due to destruction of neural tissue that can not be repaired.

    Tiberium's Effects on Inorganic Substances:

    Even tanks are no match for Tiberiums transmuation abilities. If exposed, Tiberium will even begin to transform the tracks, and eventually the bodies of tanks and other vehicles into more Tiberium. Neither are structures immune to it's effects. The only know way to stave off Tiberiums detrimental spreading is through new sonic resonator technology. This technology can slow the spread of Tiberium through the use of sonic sound waves. However, it doesn't completely halt its spread. And anything or anyone outside the effect of a sonic resonator device will still be susceptible to the effects of Tiberium.

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