Mouldyreich Ii

  • European Paradise of Mouldyreich II

    Motto: inflecto pro nostrum lepus = Bow Before Our Rabbits

    National Anthem: Rock DJ by Robbie Williams

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    Flag of Mouldyreich II

    Coat of Arms:
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    [SIZE=1]Formal Name: European Paradise of MouldyReich II
    Conventional Name: MouldyReich II
    Abbreviation: MR2

    National Information

    Capital City: Brusselium
    Official: Esperanto
    Official Religion: N/A
    -Empire: 17 Oct 2007
    -Federal Republic: 01 May 2008
    Population: 1.154 Billion (as of May 9th 2008)
    Currency: Euro (?)


    Government Type: Federal Republic
    Head of State: The Emperor of Humanity
    Head of Government: James Moulding
    Members of the Cabinet: CLASSIFIED
    -Minister of Defence,
    -Minister of the Interior,
    -Minister of Foreign Affairs,
    -Minister of Health,
    -Munster of Education,

    Next elections: Jan 2009


    Dollar-Euro exchange rate
    5.3333 Euro = $1


    GDP per capita
    $3,550.89 (est. May 2008)

    Unemployement rate
    12.31% (est. May 2008)[/FONT]

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