• Motto: "Let's sail to Ithaca".
    Supreme principles are LIBERTY and SOLIDARITY.
    Sildavialand's Constitution contains a 'Bill of RIGHTS and DUTIES'. To exercise a right, it is necessary to accomplish a parallel duty which warrants respect to others' rights. Vote is COMPULSORY for every citizen, it is a right but also a duty to contribute to rule, organize and fund the collectivity. Vote is secret and may be blank, but everybody HAS to vote like everybody has to pay taxes.
    Education main goals are not so much the transmission of knowledge and values, as the preparation of each citizen to find and apply his/her own values, to analyze reality through a rational approach and to find the 'truth' among contradictory, politically and economically-biased medias. Rational criticism and personal research are major items in the educational system.
    No religious group may try to put its respective creed and morals into legislation or public life. The State is not anti-religious, but a-religious. Laicism and Freethinking are the only 'moral guides' of Sildavialand.
    Peace is an aspiration, but the country is well disposed to fight for its principles whenever necessary.
    Ecology is a major interest, but Sildavialand refuses categorically to accept environmentalism as a 'New Religion' with its dogmas, holy cows and condemnations of supposed 'heretics'. The same applies to "Political Correctness". Let's call a pig a pig, and a bat a bat.

    So let it be writen, so let it be done.

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