Need For Radical Change

  • It is evident that the European Union in its current form is fairly inactive at the best of times and needs to be livened by the activities of new blood.

    A)Firstly i propose compulsory mass recruitment into european ranks to bolster our position and not let us wither like most regions seem to be doing.

    B)Secondly to prepare paperwork and framework for a European Union on Nationstates 2, and to formulate a plan of action so as to quickly gain power and use it for good in the hands of the people of Europe, so that we may secure our place in the history of nationstates.

    C)In the event that the first proposal fails and our bountiful region does fail and whither then, a systematic loosening of the 'nuts and bolts' legislation, to be transferred to NS2.

    D) TO emphasise the need for leadership in our time of need, a newly elected commission, and a president to head the leadership. And then a foreign service..

    These are just a few propisals to liven up activity and get the EU moving again, in the right direction!..ermm not right,,, dry.gif FOrwards direction!

  • Admin

    USSR votes against.

  • Miquelon and Roberto voted FOR.

  • Triera votes Against

  • Stadt Luxemburg votes against.

  • Admin

    The Bundesreich of GroBdeutsches Reich votes against.

  • The Republic of Asonon votes against.

    Sincerly yours,
    President Sarah Cooper.

  • The United States of Echorion votes AGAINST!

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