\[ooc\] Rules Of This Forum

  • To all you out there who aren't members of the Security Council but who read this forum and have your views - THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO CRITICISE, COMPLAIN OR COMMENT!

    A single thread shall be created for all your worries and because that's going to be In-Character, I am going to explain exactly how to raise your questions or complaints.
    In a REPLY to the thread, head any new question, complaint, query or criticism; 'Question' or 'Complaint' or 'Query' or 'Criticism.' Bold and underline this (preferably in RED) so that we can differentiate between replies, general observations and questions, etc.
    Also, please start the post with a dated quote which your question, etc. is refering to so that we can reference easier and so reply faster.
    We in turn shall head each reply 'REPLY TO [Your Nation Here]' and this way we won't miss any questions or anything important, and you know when you've got a reply.
    And read the previous questions before you ask yours. Presumably the thread will become quite long and the more we can keep it organised, the easier we can reply and the less work we have to do scrawling through pages of jargon.

    So, to sum up - unless your nation and forum account are called Nungeena, Soviet Union, Triera, Belarum or Aesop Rocks - there is only one place for you to post and that is called 'Questions, Queries, Complaints and Criticisms'.

    Aesop Rocks

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