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    Kronstadt, 1575.

    A murderous terror attack has taken place in Kronstadt City Center. A car exploded in the middle of the capital city, killing dozens and injuring hundreds. This terrorist act was traced back to a violent minority group known as the Lilliputian Freedom Fighters. A group allegedly supported by an unfriendly regime, despising Sildavialand for its heathenish ways and political bent, but more particularly for supporting the recent occupation of their homeland by an ally.

    Parliament's session to discuss the recent events has been one of the most difficult known since a long time ago. Groups introduced different resolutions which went from declaring war to the countries which are suspected of supporting terror, to establish a negotiation process with the terror groups.

    The Governments proposal was to declare war and invade those countries which have supported the terror attack. But this was rejected both in the Congress of Deputies and in the Senate. Liberals took the initiative of opposing the belicist position, warning that terror is never destroyed through conventional war, but only increased in its hotbeds and pretexts.

    Some groups (Conservatives, Nationalists) wanted the immediate expulsion of foreigners suspect of terrorist activities, but the trouble is that the level of suspicion in those cases is never a judicial measured conviction, but just a neighbourhoodwide mass-hysterism and witch-hunt.

    Finally, most democratic parties agreed on voting a new Anti-terrorist law, which will give the security forces -and specially the Imperial Intelligence Center- more faculties and means to cope with this new foe.

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    Kronstadt, 1575.

    Debate in Parliament over different systems of publicity have resulted in the approval of a Government's proposal refusing both the instalation of public loudspeakers in the streets broadcasting official news and warnings, or the compulsory ownership of mini-radios which would transmit private commercials.
    Nationalists wanted the general loudspeakers system, as it would be expected from such an extremist totalitarian platform, while Conservatives defended the possibility of increasing the private commercials. The ruling Socialists were against.
    During the debate, Chancellor Louise Boston declared; "we believe in free market, but this doens't mean that citizens have to be transformed into 'consumers'. The actual level of free publicity is the valid one in a democracy, both for official as for private purposes. Brain-washing is not an acceptable practice in a mature, cultivated society like ours."
    Government's bill passed in first lecture, anyway, thanks to the Congress of Deputies. The vote in the Senate gave out a draw result, with the Speaker abstaining and therefore producing an official 'abstain' result for the Senate as a Chamber.

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    Kronstadt, 1575.

    Debate in Parliament over different systems of financiation in the pharmaceutical industry has resulted in the approval of a Government's proposal creating a general public subsidies system for the entire sector.

    Conservatives were oposed, as this would mean the raise of the tax rate. Conservative leader affirmed: "it is not up to the State to mingle in private economic ventures and pharmaceutical industry should stay in the private field and follow the market law".

    On the other hand, Socialists were adamantly against such a "laissez-faire" policiy in a sensitive field like medicaments. Chancellor Mrs. Louise Boston answered: "we are speaking of a market sector from which depends directly the health and the lives of our citizens. I refuse to accept that access to medicine and drugs could depend on the bank account of the person in need of them. Our society is a modern, civilized, compassive one, we are not wild animals under the law of the jungle".

    First lecture in Congress of Deputies gave out the surprise of the Government's proposal being clearly rejected. The Chancellor warned that if this would be the final result, she would resign from her post and provoke the disolution of Parliament and calling of an anticipated election. The Senate accepted the Government's bill, therefore sending it back to the Congress for a second lecture. This time the bill was adopted by absolute majority.

    Economists are concerned about the effect that the tax raise will have on Sildavian economy. But as Chancellor Boston put it, "there are things whit which I don't fiddle, no matter the consequences, and one of them is equality concerning health and sickness".

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    Faeriedale (Anglia, Britania), 1576.

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    Kronstadt, 1576.

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    Kronstadt, 1577.

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    Kronstadt, 1577.

    Conservative and Liberal parties of Sildavia have applied to join the EPP-ED and ELP, respectively. Conservatives have designated Mr. Michael Boston-?sterreich as their representative in the European Party, while Liberals have appointed Mr. Nicolaso Bergamo as permanent representative in the European Liberal Party.

    Socialists, who now are ruling the country under the Chancellorship of HIE Louise Boston-?sterreich -leader of a Socialist-Monarchic coalition-, have asked for the creation of a Party of the European Socialists. They have appointed Mr. Richard Berlin, Imperial Secretary of Social Affairs, as their representative in the future European group.

    In all cases, it has been clear that the application concerns only the respective party, because Sildavia, as a Nation, doesn't have any concrete political adscription.

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      Kronstadt, 1577.

    Sildavia's Imperial Household informs that His Majesty **King Ludwig IV of Bavaria **has invited the Emperor and Empress consort to an official visit to the Kingdom of Unified Bavaria, who will take place on next 25thAug (an.1578 in Sildavian calendar), anniversary of the birthday of legendary King Ludwig II of Bavaria, "der M?rchenk?nig", great protector of Wagner and inspirator of masterpieces such as the castles of Neuschwanstein, Herrenchiemsee and Linderhof, or the Opera theater of Bayreuth.

    Emperor Jorge's III extreme sympathy for the present Bavarian King, Ludwig IV, as well as his admiration for his predecessor Ludwig II, have joined His Government's agreement and interest in creating a closer bond between Bavaria and Sildavia. The Emperor and Empress have decided to take along in their trip his grandson the Prince of Sildavia, Jorge de Kronstadt e Iberia, second in the line of succession after his father the Prince of Kronstadt, who is now 17 years old and will reach 18 short before the State visit. Although Prince Jorge will start shortly before the trip his college years in Las Torres University, a special arrangement has been already made so that he may follow his studies and take part in the voyage. Their Majesties and His Imperial Highness will be escorted by the Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Archduke Alberto de Kronstadt y Kronstadt, who will held concrete political discussions with his counterpart in the Bavarian Government. He is said to have received special instructions on creating the best possible atmosphere between both Nations. Chancellor Louise Boston-?sterreich is openly very keen on increasing relations, trade and alliances with Bavaria at top level.

    The Secretary of the Imperial Household, Mr. Enrico Italia, has been in contact with Mr. Tristen Lohengrin, private secretary of His Bavarian Majesty, to arrange details and agenda of the State visit. According to our correspondents, the Sildavian delegation will take off from Kronstadt Air Force Base in a special flight of the Sildavian Air Force on Sunday 24th Aug. in the evening (GMT). When the Sildavian plane will enter in Bavarian air space, a full flight of His Bavarian Majesty's Own Squadron shall join up with the Imperial flight and escort the Sildavians to Starnberg Air Service Base. From the air base the delegation shall travel to Schloss Berg, where they will be received by His Majesty Ludwig IV of Bavaria, His Royal Highness the Prince Consort Jakob of Hesse and other members of the Bavarian Royal Family.

    On Aug 25th a Remembrance service will be held at the Ludwig II memorial to commemorate the King's date of birth in year 1845 (era vulg.). After the service, the agenda is open so that the Imperial Household may enjoy a peaceful holiday and establish personal bonds of friendship with their Bavarian hosts. His Majesty King Ludwig IV and His Royal Highness have announced that they will throw a small celebration for the Prince of Sildavia's 18th birthday, a perspective that delights the Sildavian Prince.

    The question that is mostly heard among Sildavian social chronicles is: perhaps will Prince Jorge find a Bavarian Princess to unite the House of Kronstadt with the House of Wittelsbach ? The Imperial Household maintains an official and protocolary silence on the question? but everybody with "inner-circle" knowledge assures that nothing could make Emperor Jorge III and Empress Beatriz happier.

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    Kronstadt, 1577.

    Private airline companies SildavAir, from Sildavia, and Asonon Airways, from the Republic of Asonon, have reached an agreement to establish regular flights between both Nations' capitals, Kronstadt and Redon.

    The move was initiated through a public call from Asonon Airways, which was answered by SildavAir with the backup of Sildavian Government. The Imperial Secretary of Treasury has made clear that no public funds will allotted to any of the companies, so that they may compete in a free market.


    **- Sildavia supports Bavaria's request on Regional Elections.

    • Government disposed to help Asonon in anti-terror measures, but demands more information
    • Sildavian beaches remain of public property. Plan of Public Financing for its maintenance adopted.
    • Republican and Monarchic parties announce their retirement from political struggle.**
      Kronstadt, 1577.

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    Kronstadt, 1578.

    Entering the year 1578 (Sildavian calendar), a new generation's first-borns have reached college age. Access to Las Torres University depends on the average marks obtained during basic and high school, and it must be said that this generation has reached a very good result.

    The Prince of Sildavia, Jorge de Kronstadt e Iberia, only child of the Prince of Kronstadt (Heir of the Imperial Crown), 18 years old, has entered Las Torres University to follow the curriculum of a major in Political Science. He has joined, together with his cousin the Archduke Jorge de Kronstadt y Latinia (who will be following a major in History), the Colegio Mayor Enrique I. His studying period will be briefly altered by the State visit that he will do, together with his grandparents Emperor Jorge and Empress Beatriz, to the Kingdom of Bavaria. In any case, his academic tutor has assured that he will receive private lectures even during his stay in Bavaria.

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    Kronstadt, 1578.

    Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress consort, as well as their grandson the Prince of Sildavia, have leaved the country on a special flight which took off from Kronstadt-Empress Beatriz International airport only some minutes ago.

    The Imperial couple is accompanied by several dignataries, officials and staff. Among them, the Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs, His Imperial Highness Archduke Alberto de Kronstadt, and Enrico Italia, Secretary of the Imperial Household.

    The flight is taking place in the Imperial Air Force Airbus380 'Flying Unicorn'.

    During His Imperial Majesty's absence of the national territory, the ordinary internal functions of the Crown will be held by His Gracious Imperial Highness the Prince of Kronstadt, Heir of the Throne.

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    The 'Flying Unicorn' takes off from Kronstadt-Empress Beatriz International Airport

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    Munich (Bavaria), 1578.

    As the Imperial Air Force 380 'Flying Unicorn' takes off from the Bavarian airport, press correspondents are transmitting the same message: "the visit has been a success".

    The Sildavian delegation has refused any official declaration until their arrival in Sildavia, out of respect to their Bavarian hosts. Anyway. the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, His Imperial Highness Archduke Alberto de Kronstadt, looked out very optimistic during the official ceremony which closed the visit.

    The "Flying Unicorn" is expected in Kronstadt-Empress Beatriz International Airport early on Wednesday 27th August (Era Vulgaris). Their Imperial Majesties Emperor Jorge, Empress consort Beatriz, Their grandson the Prince of Sildavia and high dignataries will be received by the Heir to the Throne Prince Jorge -Regent during his father's absence of the national territory- and the Chancellor, Mrs. Louise Boston-?sterreich.

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    Kronstadt, 1578.

    His Imperial Majesty Jorge III has created Marquis of Vermont, with category of Imperial Nobility, his first Chancellor Julius Vermont.

    Former Chancellor Vermont was Jorge III's first Head of the Executive in year 1544, and he was the leader of a conservative-liberal coalition until 1549.

    One of the few unrestricted areas of competence of Sildavian Monarchs are the ennoblement and the award of decorations. But according also to Sildavian Constitution, any act of the Crown -even if it reveals only from the Sovereign's will- must be endorsed by a civil authority. In this case the endorsement has been given by the President of the Imperial Supreme Court.

    Julius Vermont becomes His Grace of the Mark Julius 1 of Vermont. His condition as Imperial Nobleman gives him a permanent seat as Senator in the High Chamber. Marquis Vermont is a conservative, and he is married to the present Chancellor, socialist Louise Boston-?sterreich. This situation is well known in Sildavia, where politics are usually lived on very civilized ways and don't create family divisions. Her husband's ennoblement makes her His Grace consort Louise of Boston and ?sterreich.

    The Mark of Vermont brings with it the inalienable and tax-free property of Villa-Vermont, in the district of North-America (Federate Kingdom of Colonias), where the new Marquis comes from.

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    Kronstadt, 1578.

    "Their Imperial Majesties Jorge III and Empress Beatriz, as well as Their Imperial Hignesses the Prince of Kronstadt and Princess Elena, communicate with joy and satisfaction the engagement of the Prince of Sildavia, Jorge de Kronstadt e Iberia, only son of the Princes of Krondtadt and second in the line of succession, to Princess Elizabeth Victoria von Wittelsbach, daughter of the King Ludwig IV of Unified Bavaria and His Royal Highness Prince consort Jakob of Hesse".

    biggrin.gif So reads the note released today by the Imperial Household in Kronschloss, the official Seat of Sildavia's Crown, confirming the rumors which were already running all over the Nation.

    Prince Jorge and Princess Elizabeth met during the recent State visit to Bavaria and their relationship is based on personal love and mutual estimation, although for once the 'raisons du coeur' have joined the 'raison d'Etat'. The Sildavian Imperial Family and the Sildavian Government have backed up this alliance between the two dynasties and countries.

    According to the Constitution, all persons in the line of succession may not engage or marry against the decision of the Parliament and of the Monarch. In cases such as the direct line of succession -in which Prince Jorge is- a vote takes place in the Chambers. The result gave out an unprecedented unanimity in the Congress of Deputies, and 12 votes in favor for 3 against and one abstention in the Senate. The minority against is composed of strong nationalists, who would have preferred a Sildavian fianc?e for the Prince. But nobody is really against the Bavarian Princess.

    Prince Jorge is following his studies of Political Science in Las Torres University. He will end his studies and reach Sildavian majority at 22, in year 1582 (Sildavian calendar; 21 Sept. Era vulg.). He will be able to marry at this moment.
    King Ludwig IV of Bavaria has planned that Princess Elizabeth could move to Las Torres University to end her studies there, so that she will have a better preparation and knowledge of her future country.

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    Kronstadt, 1578.

    HIE Chancellor Louise of Boston and ?sterreich has announced the concrete results of the Imperial State visit to the Kingdom of Unified Bavaria, which took place earlier this year. The Head of the political discussions was, on the Sildavian side, the Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Archduke Alberto de Kronstadt.

    The Chancellor has resumed the results as follows:

    • Establishment of permanent diplomatic relations and building of the respective Embassy in each capital city.

    • Agreement on cooperation and mutual assistance: each Nation will maintain -as a matter of course- its independent policies and legislations, but in international affairs, both parties will make mutual consultations and exchange information before involving themselves in any major event or alliance. These consultations or exchange of information don't limit the autonomy of each party to act according to its respective interests, but may help to clarify intentions and coordinate perspectives between Bavaria and Sildavia. Trade agreements with third parties are excluded of this procedure, both Nations being free to develop them as it pleases.

    • Incrementation of trade in all possible areas between both Nations. Free establishment of shipping and airlines services between both countries.

    • Cultural and education exchanges will be fostered and developed within the two Nations. Students of both Nations may follow academic curricula in each other one and their diploms will be mutually recognized. Both Governments will encourage the exchange of news, cultural activities and events, travels and tourism -specially oriented to the young people who will form the opinion in a next future.

    • Formal compromise of non-aggression between Bavaria and Sildavia, and formal compromise of help and assistance in case of an unprovoked attack to one of our Nations.

    Chancellor Boston-?sterreich added "I want not to include the engagement of the Prince of Sildavia to the Bavarian Princess Elizabeth within the political agreements. This is something that trascends party politics and it is primarily a matter of personal happiness for the young couple. But we can't forget that they are going to symbolize and represent, one day, the entire Empire of Sildavia. The fact that a member of the Bavarian Royal Family will one day be our Empress consort, and if fate is favorable, mother of the descendants of our Imperial Family line, makes the event a major one in our national history. As Head of the Executive I declare my personal as well public satisfaction for this engagement, and I transmit the young couple and their Families the most warm congratulations of the Government I lead".

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    Kronstadt, 1578.

    Following the agreements reached between the Unified Kingdom of Bavaria and the Empire of Sildavialand, the new Bavarian Embassy has been built and offered to the Kingdom by Sildavia.

    "Villa Bavaria" occupies a centric spot in Kronstadt, near the Government's seat (the Casa-Blanca), the Imperial Palace (Kronschloss) and the residence of the Imperial Family (Jorgenschloss).

    "Villa Bavaria" has been built at the corner of Emperor avenue and Enrique I avenue. Its grounds have been declared extraterritorial. Therefore, legally it forms part of the Kingdom of Bavaria.

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    Kronstadt, 1579.

    With arrival of year 1579 in the Sildavian calendar, new General Elections have put an end to the 7th Legislature, which was elected in year 1574.

    The Socialist Party, member of the Party of the European Socialists, has won a clear victory with 51,9% of the vote. Other parties which have obtained seats have been the Liberal with 23,9% of the vote, the Conservative with 17,8%, and the Nationalist with 6,4% of the vote.

    Chancellor Louise Boston-?sterreich has therefore renewed her mandate, once the majority of the Congress of Deputies have officially invested her as the preferred candidate to lead the Executive. The Emperor has confirmed this choice -as the Constitution forces Him to do.

    The previous Government was formed by a coalition of Socialists and Monarchists, but Republican and Monarchic Party had already announced that they retire from electoral contests. The Government is now "one-coloured".

    Although the victory has been clear at the urns, the result in seats let the Government with the minimal possible majority, 101 seats of the Congress of 200. It is in minority in the Senate, although the Socialists form the largest group. The reason for this differences is Sildavian electoral system, which is based on a corrected proportionality and representation through constituencies. Socialist victory has been overwhelming in most counties of Iberia and Latinia Federate Kingdoms, but Liberals have won in Germania, Colonias and Kronstadt.

    When the Chancellor leaved the Imperial residence of Jorgenschloss after receiving the Crown's confirmation of her new mandate, she gave her motto for the new legislature: "Continuity", she stated laconically. "In the last five years, we have had good results in all aspects of the social and economic fields, and the people have renewed their confidence in our project".

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    Kronstadt, 1579.

    Inspite of the strong conservative opposition, the Socialist Government of Mrs. Louise Boston-?sterreich has won the parliamentary debate on its bill over six fully paid months of maternity leave. The bill passed only in second lecture by the Congress of Deputies, at is had been rejected by the Senate.

    Conservatives were opposed because, they say, "this will put Sildavia back, competitively speaking, in respect of other Nations with lesser social rights legislation". But the Secretary of Social Affairs retorted: "Sildavia's economy is not a Golden Baal to whom we must sacrifice our children, our families and the happiness of the common man and woman. Babies cared by their mothers during their first six months of life become later more balanced adults. It is scientifically proven. This will give us a higher productivity in the long run, and what is more important, a happier society where to live in. We believe that this is the main goal of a government: the people's happiness based on a balanced, humanitary and free society."

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