Sildavia (sildavialand In Ns)

  • Greetings, neighbours, friends-and-allies-to-be (we hope), perhaps some daring foe...(we are usually peaceful and prefer trade and diplomacy to other more brutal, direct ways of confrontation).

    Sildavia, its Emperor, its Government and its people(s) -in plural, because it is a nations' Nation- greets you all warmly and look forward to a future of good relations and inter-relations.

    And now, OOC, I'll give some explanations how things function in Sildavia, as well as in its tiny satellite the Principality of Setia (Setia-land in NS).

    I created this Nation(s) several years ago. Only last May did I put Sildavia (under Sildavialand) on the tracks of NationStates (Setia-land only last week), although they exist since something like 1998 or 1999, and theit evolution has followed certain common guidelines.

    I use mainly a self-made, simple -but very variated and always growing- rutine in qbasic programmation, so that most different aspects of what's going on is controled by the randoms in the rutine: persons in government and society, their characters, their whereabouts, lifespan, accidents, sexual orientation, political ideas, and a long etc... is decided not by me, the guy in charge of Sildavia's Archives, but by the software. The same apllies for elections, votes in Parliament or decisions of courts of justice, etc... although in the random there is always a correction factor accordingly with what would be "logic" in the real world. That is, the randoms factors used for each element are not purely capricious, but try to follow the logic of things.

    Then, I use Sims 2 (up to "Open for business" EP) to give a 'physical outcome' to the things decided by the qbasic rutine. It is not that I follow Sims 2 game rules, because I have the entire grame modded and 'under control'. As I say, it only gives to me the physical -well, "virtually physical"- expression of people, genetic inheritance, places for dwelling, ruling, having fun or for ceremony, etc... Sometimes Sims 2 gives me a "surprise", when something completely accidental happens -this was the case of the Terrorist Attack in year 1568-, but in this case the qbasic rutine 'decides' the main guidelines of what is going on (accident? terrorist attack? in this case, by whom? will the actors be caught? etc....).

    Although I've seen the wonderful map of the Region European Union, I have requested the Founder about maintaining my own Nation's map. It is not yet published in Sildavia's web, but I hope it will be soon. This map does exist in sketches and in partial rough designs since years -in real time- ago, and it includes natural resources of all kinds and sometimes public works which have been already done. I would prefer to maintain Sildavia's map (we are in a big island, with a smaller secondary island for the Kingdom of Colonias; Setia or Setia-land is a tiny Principality in the middle of Sildavia's main island.) For the most perfectionists among you, I would ask you to think of our country as being part of the European Union, but somewhere in "Outre-mer" (Overseas), like it is the case for several parts of the 'real' EU (Atlantic islands of Canaries, A?ores and Madeira, Caribbean French departments, La R?union in the Indian Ocean, French Guayane, etc...). The main difference is, of course, that we are INDEPENDENT, and not somebody's overseas territories.

    Best regards

    Sildavia has its own website, which is still growing. It is at Sildavia,

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