Asonon Assistance.

  • I am requesting all the military help we can get from other EU nations. We are currently at war with two terrorist groups, G.V.D and Baseplate, and I do not think we can hold them off forever with our small defence force. Last night, the town of Bluerove was stormed by terrorists, leaving many dead and wounded. I ask all EU nations for help in this dire time to combat these terrorists before it is too late. Our Vice-President, John Newman, was going into Africa for a PR tour. Instead, he was caputured by Baseplate and shot. Will you tolerate this? I do not care about your nation's background or the size of your military, all I ask for is help against these terrorists. Every branch of Asonon Armed Forces minus the Marine Infantry are stationed on high alert, and they're in Asonon. Tanks patrol the border, and soldiers are patrolling inside the country. The locations of the terrorist groups are;
    G.V.D: South America.
    Baseplate: South Pole.

    Please send all the help you can spare. I want this problem elimanted before it turns into a serious EU problem. These terrorists are suspected to have nuclear weapons, and only recently did we avoid a nuclear crisis. Once again, all the help you can spare to help us, all EU nations. Protect us and yourselves. Protect freedom.

    _Commander of Asonon Armed Forces, _
    Jeremy Taylor.

    _President of Asonon, _
    Sarah Cooper.

  • from: Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs
    to: Ministery of Foreign Affairs, Asonon
    item: terrorist attacks

    Dear friends,

    Sildavia's Government has always been against terror tactics and terrorist movements. To involve our forces in action in foreign operation theatre is a major question, and when it involves terrorist activities, it is in our opinion much better to deploy a general strategy of punctually located actions together with intelligency, diplomatic and social policy measures. We think that anyway there are many other ways of helping you against the menace your Nation is suffering.

    But we need more background information from your part about these terror activities. Who is behind them, what is or are their goals, which means do they have? Where did they found nuclear weapons? Do they have known support from other EU or extra-regional Nations?

    Thank you in advance for your answer. In the meantime, I assure you of the testimony of my highest consideration,

    HIH Alberto de Kronstadt y Kronstadt, Archduke Imp., Secr.of Foreign Affairs

  • To: Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Sildavialand.
    From: Ministery of Foreign Affairs, Asonon.

    We believe that George Roberts is behind Baseplate. He is a billionaire, who wanted better human rights in the third world. He vanished in 2001, and we suspect he raised an army and killed arms dealers with nucclear weapons . Their goals are simple; to destroy all of the rich world. He is allied with the G.V.D, who are led by Roberto Cardlo, a former soldier in the Asonon Navy. His goals are to show the 'true colours of humanity' by detonating weapons of mass destruction in all nation, turning humanity into a dog eats dog world. He currently has none of these weapons, as far as we know. They both will do anything to achieve their goals.
    I believe there is somebody in the background, acting as the kingpin. I believe also that we angered them by destroying Islamic terrorist group 'The True'. The ARSAS is searching for Mohhamed Abkhalin, the arms dealer to both of these terrorist groups. I hope you can help us, friend. It does not appear that other EU nations want to help this crisis, and I hope Sildavialand proves me wrong.

  • To: Other EU nations.
    From: Asonon President.

    Reports of civil unrest are coming from the south. Many are already dead and there is a small army advancing towards Redon. They are thought to be citizens. This means a civil war has broke out in Asonon. With terrorists in the South Pole, terroists in South America and civil war breaking out, I declare war on the G.V.D, Baseplate and what we call 'Asonon Civil Warers'. Our country is slowly losing this battle. We cannot defend ourselves against two huge terrorist networks and Civil Warers. Nothing like this has ever happened. In response to this, Operation First Blood has been started by Commander Taylor to combat this. It will begin tomorrow. No diplomatic means can help now. This is an all out war. Asonon's Great War. All nations which can spare any servicemen and woman please just send them into either South America, thhe South Pole or Southern Asonon. It seems anywhere with 'South' in it is a curse word. Our military cannot hold these terrorists and Civil Warers off. We are begging for assistance before Asonon is gone.
    All military personal are currently in Asonon, defending the nation against terrorists and civil warers. I hope you can spare us from death.

    _President of Asonon, _
    Sarah Cooper.

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