The Kingdom Of Heranland

  • Introduction:
    Capital City: Newbury.
    Other notable cities: Westchester City, Aslington, Clapton, New Edinburgh.
    The Kingdom of Heranland is a tiny, pleasant nation, remarkable for its compulsory military service. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, intelligent population of 5 million are known throughout the region for their efficiency and work ethic, as well as their general suspicion of leisure.
    The large government juggles the competing demands of Law & Order, Social Welfare, and Healthcare. The average income tax rate is 23%. A small but healthy private sector is dominated by the Soda Sales industry.
    Crime is moderate. Heranland's national animal is the Huskey Dog and its currency is the Euro.
    Protesant Christanity: 75%.
    Catholic Christainity: 10%.
    Orthodox Christainity: 5%.
    Sunni Islam: 4%.
    Shi'a Islam: 4%.
    Buddhist: 1%.
    Other: 0%.

    Angleteric: 30%.
    Subcontinent Asian: 10%.
    Anglataarjan: 10%.
    Celtic : 20%.
    Oriental Asian : 10%.
    Afro-Angleteric: 20%.
    Other: 0%.
    1-12: 20%.
    13-18: 40%.
    19-40: 20%.
    40-65: 10%.
    66-115: 15%.

    The Kingdom of Heranland started out as a Colony of the British Empire in 1880. The people inhabting there, the Native Heranlanders, were generally a happy people, until the Empire moved in and started slaughtering them. A small batch of Native Heranlanders named "Native Heranlanders True Army", or NHTA. They quickly grew and revolted violently. Their leader was Micheal Taylor. After 20 years of civil war, the Heranlanders were given independence. They established a Royal Family, descendants of Taylor, and started a democratic government. The only democratic government they knew of was the British Government, so they copied that. They set on a massive rebuilding process, which made their homeland a progressive nation. During the First World War, they joined the Allies, but remained neutral of the British. Many died, along with Prince Jacob Taylor, but they pulled through. The same happened in World War Two, but after World War Two, they cut off any relations with Britain, but remained allies with the United States of America and kept a small alliance with the USSR. The Heranlanders built their nation upwards, and became a good nation. They assisted in the Iraq War but the military is undergoing extreme refurbishment, after the Muckta Tragedy. Currently, the country is going strongly, and there is debate over military issues.

    Head of State: The King and Queen head the state. They can reject a new law without any arguements, though they usaully just let it in. They have small power, but the real leader is the Prime Minister. The current King and Quuen is King Alexander Taylor and Queen Sarah Taylor (formerly Sarah Carter.)

    Head of Government:
    The Prime Minister heads the government. He can create new laws, but must have the majority of the MPs agree with him. He can deny new laws, make news laws, organize a debate, but everything minus the debate requires a majority of votes. He has a host of other powers as well. The current Prime Minister is Anthony Johnston.


    A general election is held every year. All subjects of Heranland vote for who they believe will be good rulers of the country. It is divided into seats in The House of Government; the leader of the party with the most seats becomes PM.
    The Parties:
    The Conservatives (current power),
    The New Labour Party,
    The Liberal Democrats,
    The Socialist Workers Party,
    The Heranland Nationalist Party,
    The Truth Party,
    The Democratic Socialists Party,
    The Socialist Nationlist Party,

    House of Government:
    The House of Government is the debate house where debates between the government are hosted. It was built back in 1905. There is one speaker and two deputies.

    In media, the favoured newspaper is the Newbury Times. It is one of the best papers in Heranland, giving you news on the lastest politics, buisness, stock market, techonlogy and ect. Celebrities haven't been mentioned since 1999. The favoured television network is Heranland Television Network (HTN).Both are state-funded, but free specch applies. Currently, they are looking at ways to open up to the wider world. Compietors are The Westchester Chronicle, The Aslington Telegraph, The New Edinburgh Daily. The HTN compietors is Heranland Television Channels, Heranland Network Television and Heranland Television.

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