The Newbury Times.

  • The Newbury Times. 26/8/08


    Reporter Sarah Clarke.

    One of the topics recently being discussed in parliament is the debate over military spending. On one hand, you have Commander Joseph Jenkins. He believes that the Royal Airforce must toughen up, to strengthen air defenses. On the other hand, you have Commander David Alsworth. He believes in a massive recruitment in Infantry. Recently, however, Commander Jason Carter believes that all forces should recieve a bit of the money; this would leave all forces 'slightly powerless', claims Commander Jenkins.
    "If all forces recieve a cut, then they will all be worthless." he claimed in the Defense Department meeting. He was met with a provoking response from Commander Carter.
    "Yes, but if you have good planes, nobody will defend them from artillery. And too much infantry just means they can be slaughtered by machine guns."
    "Just keep them marching, they're run out of bullets." laughed Commander Alsworth.
    The wider government haven't commented, though a statement is expected to be made sooner or later. A decision must be made by the tenth of September. Currently, the Navial Infantry, KHMC, are doing well with their recruitment process. Thus, nobody will raise an issue for Kingdom of Heranland Marine Corp. The Commanders, oddly enough, all served in the branch of military which they believe should be invested in. This raises public eyes frowning upon them, and the KHMS are hinting at making this a issue for the Prime Minister to decide.

  • The Newbury Times. 27/8/08


    Sarah Clarke.

    Prime Minister Anthony Johnson ordered a debate to held in The House of Government tomorrow to resolve the issue on military spending, which has became an issue recently.
    "I wish for the debate to be held in The House of Government today," said Johnson. "To resolve the issue of military spending, because we have to turn our atteention to more important issues, like terrorism."
    The debate will be held 28/8/08 at 2:00pm to 4:00pm, where a decision must be made. As you know, the arguement is between three commanders over this. However, they cannot agree with each other. The Department of Defense has issued an statement today.
    "We agree completely with Prime Minister Anthony Johnson, and we hope this issue will be resolved so our Royal Heranland Military can begin to train again in our gruelling system. We are still investigating the causes of the Muckta Tragedy, where virtually all of our military was K.I.A. Our thoughts are with the familes and friends of the soldiers who died, but we hope the subjects of Heranland can come to agree our former great military can achieve it's former power again." said the Department of Defense's Supreme Commander, Commander George Clarkson.
    It is expected that all 350 MPs will attend the debate at The House of Government tomorrow, minus Patrick Sullivan, who is recovering from the operation on his brain tumor, which went smoothly thanks to the top neurosurgeons performing the operations. He will return back to parliament on 1/1/09, doctors predict.
    After this week's debate, a debate on the enviroment will be held, to resolve the issue of the massive amount of oil beneth Heranland's surface, and should we use it along with natural resources, which currenly powers 100% of the nation. Both debates will broadcasted live on HTN, along with Prime Minister's Question and the King and Queen's time on the LMS Eden.

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