The United States Of Selenon.

  • Full name: The United States of Selenon.
    Short name: Selenon.
    Capital: Newminister.
    Notable Cities: Denchester, Northminister, New Boston.
    Population: 5,000,000.

    Ethnic Population:
    White, British: 10%.
    White, Irish:10%.
    White, American: 45%.
    Black, African: 20%.
    Black, African-American: 15%.
    Other: 0%.

    Religous Population:
    Roman Catholic Christanity: 80%.
    Protesent Christanity: 10%.
    Orthodox Christanity: 5%.
    Sunni Islam: 2%.
    Shai Islam: 2%.
    Hindu: 0%.
    Buddhist: 0%.
    Other: 1%.

    Intelligant Population:
    120+: 90%.
    -120: 10%.

    The United States of Selenon began offically in May 20th 1940. It was a large group of Americans, Brits and Irishmen who disagreed with The Second World War, and took a large patch of newly discovered land with them. They established a stable country with population of 1,000,000. After establishing themselves, they set up a government like that of the US'. They remained neutral up until 2001, when George Bush declared war on terrorism and the nations that harbour them. They joined in with this, but left in 2006 as of overwelming public votes againest the troops in Iraq. Currently, Selenon is a stable country with 100 governers. There is a large amount of unused oil, as Selenon has decided to use only natural and renewable energy resources.


    Head of State: President Alexander James.
    Vice Head of State: Vice President Sarah Carter.

    Major Government Figures:
    Foreign Affairs Secretary: Daniel Sullivan.
    Internal Affairs Secretary: Lilly Smith.
    Education Secretary: Patrick Boyd.
    Industry Secretary: Patrick Williams.
    Enviroment Secretary: Susan Warner.
    Immagration Secretary: Malcolm Smith.

    House of Selenon:
    The house of debate in Selenon since 1950. Much like the UK's House of Commons. One speaker and two deputies.

    Political Parties:
    Selenon Democrats.
    Selenon Republicans.
    Selenon Socialists.
    Selenon Nationlists.
    Selenon Independence.

    Education & Health:
    Education is free always and compulsory. All nchildren begin school at 3, going to the nearest nursery school. They enter primary/prep school at 5, and begin sports at 5 as well. The secondary school age is 12. Leaving school age is 18, then generally going to university for 2-4 years.
    Healthcare is free thanks to The Selenon National Health Service (SNHS). The patient care is magnificent, and only 2.71% of people recieving operations die.

    The national news agency is Selenon News International, which produces The Selenon Times and The Selenon News Channel (SNC).

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