The New Edinburgh Times.

  • The New Edinburgh Times.

    Taxes to be lowered.
    Reporter Anthony Wastson.

    Earlier today the government stated that they were going to try to lower taxes, so that the population's private wealth will increase.
    "We are decreasing taxes for the good of citizens," said President Alexander James. "There really isn't another reason."
    Currently, taxes are at 23%. The government wants it down to 20%, but still have our economy increasing. It is thought that this is a good idea, but if it fails then taxes will rise up to 40% and bear a grip on the nation's population. However, a government spokesman claimed that 'this will not happen' due to 'the increasing amount of natural gas we ship out'. It is a well known fact that Selenon has large natural gas reserves and oil reserves. The oil is never used, but the natural gas is powering half of the nation, which in an STAT survey made Selenon the greenest rich nation in the world. The tax lowering has struck well with citizens of Selenon, as the average person knows. In part with this, natural gas trading will have to be uppered from 10% to foreign nations to 15% to foreign nation, which will not make much of a difference to the daily lives of citizens. Economists and several capitalists are condemning this news with as much hate as they condemned Selenon not using the oil beneath it's surface for the good of the economy.
    "The economy would rival that of the USSR's if we used that oil!" argured Stenfield Oil Company chairman, Robert Newford.
    After President Alexander James was elected back in 2005, he instantly continued where Republican Owen Calford had left off; improving the enviroment, reducing the use of fossil fuels and looking after the enviroment. Thankfully, Alexander James was formerly chairmen of World Natural Energy Group before he entered politics, which has left him, and the nation, zerocarbon for years' to come.

  • The New Edinburgh Times.

    Buisnesses expanding abroad.
    Racheal Newman.

    Enjay's Coffee, Waterfront Resturant and Sullivan Publishing Inc are expanding abroad today, reports on each buisnesses website confirm. Along with this news, New Edinburgh International Airport has opened it's doors to aircraft companies and buisnesses across The EU, inviting them to recieve a terminal or store in the airport.
    "With the opening of New Edinburgh International Airport, it means that small and large buisnesses alike will profit largely. We will establish regular flights with companies from abroad and Selenon's premier aircraft company, JetSel, will get an extra place to fly to." said a spokesman.
    So far, nobody has shown any interest, but this will not last long. Enjay's Coffee and Waterfront Resturant have each got a store space in New Edinburgh International, which will approximately be finished on Hallowen. For Sullivan Publishing, they have expanded abroad to, and are asking other nations to recieve it's publishing, like Terracota. Terracota are requesting a store in New Edinburgh International, so they can awaken foreigners to their buisness and assist Sullivan Publishing as the sequel to 2012 is starting to be rumored in progress by author Susan Mitchell. It is expected that several other buisnesses like Bluebird will expand abroad. This will also profit the economy, thankfully, so that whenever armed forces development begins we will have an excellant military soon after development. However, protesters are demanding for the armed forces development to be stopped entirely, which is falling on deaf ears.

    "NO MORE BOMBS," chant the protestors outside Parliament House, in a repetitious and increasingly annoying appeal. Spokesperson Roxanne Love, speaking through a feedback-afflicted microphone, says, "Selenon needs fewer weapons, not more! Make the world a safer place! Disarm now!"
    Either way, it is predicted that many buisnesses will follow in the footsteps set by Enjay's Coffee, Waterfront resturant and Sullivan Publishing Inc, which will raise the economy and the military budget.

    OOC: Oh crap! I never realised Heranland had same capital. Changed it to Newminister. This newspaper never happened.

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