• JetSel is the leading aircraft company in Selenon, transporting the citizens of Selenon across their nation. Founded in 1980 by William Caper, he used his billions to build the only airplane used by JetSel; JSA12. It's the largest aircraft in the world, which 320 people can jump aboard and enjoy first class flying. It's more safe than the average aircraft and more popular than your average aircraft. Today, JetSel is worth one billion euros and it's profits is 27 million euros per year.

    Company Name: JetSel Aircraft Company.
    Slogan: "Faith in aircraft."
    Hubs: Newminister City Airport.
    Focus Cities:
    New Boston City Airport.
    Denchester City Airport.
    75%: Government.
    15%: William Caper.
    10%: Private Investors.
    10-20 New Street, Newminister.

    Newminister City-New Boston City.
    New Boston City-Newminister City.
    Newminister City-Denchester City.
    New Boston City-Denchester City.
    Denchester City-New Boston City.
    Denchester City-Newminister City.
    Newminister City-Jehen City.
    Jehen City-Newminister City.
    New Boston City-Jehen City.
    Denchester City-Jehen City.
    Jehen City-Newminister City.
    Jehen City-New Boston City.
    Jehen City-Denchester City.

    The Offer:
    JetSel has decided to expand abroad for nothing. We wish to transport foreign citizens around the EU for nothing execpt the money they pay.
    Nation Name:
    Airport(s) Name:

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    Nation Name: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    Airport(s) Name: Sheremetyevo-2
    Route(s): Moscow-Newminster

  • from: Imperial Secretary of Treasury (incumbent for Commerce)
    to: Government of the United States of Selenon
    object: airlines agreement

    Dear Sirs,

    the Government of Sildavialand is acting on behalf of our Nation's private airlines, SildavAir, contacting you to establish an agreement of a free regular air service between our two countries. The service should serve the traject Kronstadt-Empress Beatriz International Airport - NewMinister City Airport, with two stops, one at Teutoburg International Airport (Sildavia) and another one in your second major city's airport. Teutoburg is the second largest city in Sildavia, and Kronstadt being the political capital, Teutoburg is the Empire's financial and banking center.

    The service should be open to flights of both companies, JetSel and SildavAir, at a rythm of one flight per day (real-time-counting) for each company in both senses. Timetables will be fixed by the companies themselves according to their convenience.

    We must insist on the fact that SildavAir is a 100% private company which doesn't receive public funds. Therefore we expect JetSel to be also independent from any public financing, so that the concurrence may be fair. The entire international fleet of SildavAir is formed by different types of Airbus planes. SildavAir has already international regular services with two EU Nations, the Kingdom of Unified Bavaria and the Republic of Asonon.

    If you agree to these proposal, please tell us and we'll instruct SildavAir on our side that they may establish the aforementioned service immediately. JetSel will receive the green light from you, we presume.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sec TesoSoc, Imp.Secretary of Treasury

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