The Republic Of Heleland.

  • The Republic of Heleland.
    National Flag: user posted image
    **Capital: ** Carlagrad.
    Motto: "The Lord we trust."
    Government Style: Conserative Democracry.
    Population: 5,000,000.
    Primary Language: Russian.
    Secondary Language: english

    Racial Breakdown:
    Eastern European: 90%.
    American: 5%.
    British: 2%.
    Celtic: 3%.

    Religous Breakdown:
    Catholic Christanity: 98%.
    Protesent Christainity: 1%.
    Orthodox Christainity: 1%.

    Brief History:
    Heleland was offically started in 1990 after the end of The Cold War, and it started by a large group of Russians looking for a frsh start. They built a democratic government, welcomed the West and The United Nations. They quickly built a rich nation, thanks to massive supplies of oil. They remained defiant of communism to this day.

    Head of State: President Mikheal Ivanovich.
    Head of Government: prime Minister Vladimir Sarshavich.

    Major Government Figures:
    Foreign Minister: Anne Larlonvich.
    Defence Minister: Aleksandr Demedev.
    Internal Minister: Afanisa Meredev.
    Education Minister: Aleksei Nealnovich.
    Health Minister: Andrey Carlaoernovich.
    Industry Minister: Niko Demvich
    Environment Minister: Pavel Nedvev.

    House of Topic:
    The House of Topic is the house in which government debates over new laws and other issues. It was built in 1992, along with The Houses of Government in Carlagrad. There are two speakers and two deputies.

    Newspapers: The Carlagrad Pravda.
    Television: Heleland National Television.

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