The Constitutional Monarchy Of Rellenen

  • The Constitutional Monarchy of Rellenen.
    Population: 5,000,000.
    Capital: Verifa.
    Landmarks: Verifa Government Headquarters, Verifa Square, Sarah's Dock.
    Primary Religon: Catholic Christanity (60% as of 2007).
    Primary Newspaper: Verifa Guardian.
    Primary Television Network: Rellenon Television (RT).
    Primary Magazine: Newsday.
    Primary Book Publishing Company: Rellenen Books.
    Primary Airplane Company: Rellenen Airplane.
    Military: Rellenen Defence Force (VDF).

    Head of State: King & Queen.
    The King and Queen of Rellenen are for a ceramonial purpose only. They make speeches yearly on the country, and can decline new laws from being passed by government. The cuurent king is King Aston Hightman III. The current Queen is Queen Lalaith Hightman I.

    Head of Government: Prime Minister.
    The Prime Minister controls the government of the country, and has many powers. The current Prime Minister is Brita Asting.

    Political Parties:
    The Democratic Labour Party (current power).
    The Socialiast People Party.
    The Democratic Earners Party.
    The Communist Alliance Party.
    The Global Party.
    The Green Party.

    The Debate Chamber.
    The debate Chamber is where the different parties meet to debate issues. Each party has seats, depending on their votes' tally in the last election. There is one speaker.

    Government Figures:
    Foreign Minister Asera Toplan.
    Internal Minister Herry Newlane.
    Defense Minister Eire Jehran.
    Education Minister Aston Cemmen.
    Enviroment Minister Saroa Ninlingten.

    Brief History:
    Rellenen was offically a nation back in 111BC. The nation had a King & Queen at the top, with several Governers in charge of large areas. They adopted democracry, and were never conquered by any empire or nation. In 1900, the first thing notable happened; The nation established an government system which runs to this day. The government destroyed child labour, inequality and racism quickly, and the people stopped the Royals ruling supreme, meaning the start of The Constitutional Monarchy of Rellenen. During all wars the nation remained neutral, which profited it greatly. The nation never enters wars as long as they remain safe.

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