The Commonwealth Of Ucbe.

  • Nation Name: The Commonweealth of United Colonies of the former British Empire.
    Short Name: The UCBE.
    National Motto: "Four colonies, united for prosperity. "
    National Capital: New London.
    National Newspaper: UCBE Times.
    National Television Network: UCBE Television.

    The UCBE are four islands near each other who united as one to form The Commonwealth of UCBE, after the fall of The British Empire. They built a government similar to that of Great Britain, but with no Prime Minister; just a President. The UCBE improved their united colonies fantasticly, but the economy was reasonble, thanks to this mass improvement. The colonies each established that they all have a desolved assembly, giving them control over several issues but not many, as the UCBE government is always last say. Currently, The UCBE is a nation happy with itself, with many elections and the people's vote held dear.

    Head of State: President Jessica Clarkson.
    Vice Head of State: Vice-President Simon Grey.
    Head of North Island Assembly: NIA George Wallace.
    Head of East Island Assembly: EIA Robert Clarke.
    Head of South Island Assemby: SIA Ashley Thompson.
    Head of West Island Assembly: Christopher Newton.

    Political Parties (in all islands and government):
    The Labour Party.
    The Conservative Party.
    The Liberal Democrats Party.

    House of Commons:
    The debate house of the government, designed like that of The British House of Commons.

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