• The Republic of Rescland.


    The Republic of Rescland is a tiny, pleasant nation, renowned for its compulsory military service. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, intelligent population of 6 million are known throughout the region for their efficiency and work ethic, as well as their general suspicion of leisure.

    The large government juggles the competing demands of Law & Order, Social Welfare, and Healthcare. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 20%. A healthy private sector is led by the Furniture Restoration, Basket Weaving, and Beef-Based Agriculture industries.

    Voting is voluntary and corporations donate huge sums of money to favored politicians. Crime is moderate. Rescland's national animal is the Dove and its currency is the Rescland National.

    Basic Facts:
    Capital: Halen City.
    Motto: "For God and Freedom.
    Anthem: 'The Rescland Free."
    Government Style: Conservative Democracy.
    Founded: 1890.
    Primary Religon: Catholic Christanity (80%).
    Primary Ethnicity: White, Angletic (56%).
    Currency: rescland National.
    Animal: Dove.

    Brief History:
    Rescland begun in 1890 by an enormous group of American, English, Irish, Scottish, French, German, Spanish and Russian immagrants who wanted to establish an free country where all races are welcome. They built a strong nation quickly, and many people were starting to advance to first-class from their previous working-class in their home nation. During WWI, Rescland remained neutral, keeping a wary eye for invaders. The same happened during WWII. The economy had a massive boom in 1950 thanks to Furniture Restoration, which is the leader of the private sector to this day. During The Cold War, Vietnam War and all wars the country maintained a strict neutral policy. They remain neutral in The War on Terror. During 2006, The economy suffered a slight dip followed by a huge rise.


    Head of State: President Johnathen Peterson.
    Vice Head of State: Vice-President Sarah Jenkins.

    Governmet Figures:

    Foreign Affairs Secretary: Pavel Croavich.
    Internal Affairs Secretary: John Smith.
    Education Secretary: Roland Nusseldorf.
    Health Secretary: Jose Puyol.
    Crime Secretary: Aimee Briggate.
    Defense Secretary: Angus McDonald.
    Enviroment Secretary: Daniel Brady.
    Rights Secretary: Anne Lolanavich.
    Travel Secretary: Patrick Clarkson.



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