The Republic Of Sarcanen.

  • The Republic of Sarcanen

    Flag: user posted image
    Motto: " We Stand Together."
    Capital City: Abkha.
    Animal: Sarcan Kingfisher.
    Currrency: Sarcanen Dollar.
    Climate: Desert & Rainforest.
    National Anthem: Sarcanen United Freedom.
    Language: Sarcan.
    New Agency: NewsSarcan 24-7.
    TV Network: SarcanTV.
    Airlineer: Sarcan Airgate.

    Racial Breakdown:
    Arabic: 95%.
    Western European: 2.5%.
    Eastern European: 1%.
    Asian: 1.5%.

    Religous Breakdown:
    Sarcan Islam: 95%.
    Catholic Christainity: 3.5.
    Other: 1.5%.


    Head of State: President Asif bin Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Fulani (Asif Al-Fulani).
    Vice Head of State: Vice-President Fahimi bin Ahmed bin Fahim Hassini. (Fahimi Hassini).

    Government Secretaries:

    Foreign Affairs: Ahmed bin Mohhamed bin Asif Al-Afrati (Ahmed Al-Frati).
    Internal Affairs: Aamina bin Asaim bin Umer Al-Abbud (Aamina Al-Abbud).
    Defence: Sabri bin Faham bin Asif Hussien (Sabri Hussien).
    **Education: ** Zamir bin Asif bin Sabri Al-Aziz (Zamir Al-Aziz.)
    Health: Manel bin Asaim bin Umer Al-Abbud (Manel Al-Abbud).
    Crime: Asif bin Zamir bin Umer Al-Caralti (asif Al-Caralti).
    Culture: Umer bin Asif bin Umer Abkhalin (Umer Abkhalin).
    Buisness: Asif bin Zamir bin Mohhamed Al-Khalin (Asif Al-Khalin).

    Sport is literally part of Sarcan culture. SarcanTV broadcasts The Bank of s
    Sarcan Football League and SarcanTV Rugby League, which accounts for 25% of yearly profits.


    Uniform: Black.


    Assault rifle: AK-47.
    Pistol: Desert Eagle.
    Sniper Rifle: R700.
    Shotgun: M1014.
    SMG: AK-47u.
    LMG: RPD.
    MG: .50cal.
    RPG: RPG-7.
    Tanks: M1A1 Abrams.

    **Sarcanen Infantry: **
    The Sarcanen Infantry are all trained to perfection. The SpecOps, The Brotherhood, are feared by all, thanks to their confirmation that they break international law to complete their mission.

    Sarcanen Navy:
    The Navy of Sarcanen is small compared to The Infantry. The only difference between it and the average navy is that in ceramonial occasions they don't wear white & blue; instead, black.

    Sercanen Airforce:
    The Airforce is like the navy. They patrol the skies daily and at all times.

    National Anthem:
    _United by God's will,
    We stand victorious,
    Over all of evil!

    Sarcanen, our great country,
    Sarcanen, our haven,
    We united for the will of God!

    Do not fall, as we will help you,
    Through war and peace!

    Our allie-s will remain strong, beside us.
    Binded by freedom and the will of God,
    We stand united for the forces of God!

    Sarcanen, our great country,
    Sarcanen, our haven,
    We united for the will of God!

    Remain victorious, for all of eternity!
    United by God and his will!
    We are true and holy, neverending.

    Sarcanen, our great country,
    Sarcanen, our haven,
    We united for the will of God! _

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