Operation Benziri.


    Aliyah Benziri, guard of President Al-Fulani, has been secretly notorious for her 30 assassintions of terrorists, arms dealers and traitors. She is still an active assassin, and as news of Public Enemy #1, Khaled Hassam, in Sarcanen's rainforests, she was instantly sent out to hunt and kill him, using all the help and means required.

    Lion Rainforest, Sarcanen.

    Aliyah Benziri ran silently through the rainforest. Nothing could be heard execpt the general noises of an rainforest, not including the dead silent tigers of the Lion Rainforest, Black Tigeresses. Aliyah was carrying an AK-47, Desert Eagle, R700, RPG, 12 frag & smoke grenades and an long, thin sword. She slowered her pace, as she heard a near silent rustling in the bushes, coming from behind her. She turned around and saw the black fur of the endangered Black Tigeress. She grabbed her long sword and instantly threw it at the Black Tigeress.
    She had hit the tiger on the head, silently.
    "Good." she thought.
    She pulled her sword out of the tiger's skull, then threw it down.
    "Hardly need it." she thought.

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  • 0500.
    Lion Rainforest, Sarcanen.

    Aliyah was hiding up one of the tallest trees inh the rainforest. She was resting on a strong, wide branch, aiming at a patrolling terrorist's head, using her R700. He was walking calmly. He tripped at the moment Aliyah pulled the trigger. He heard it and looked around him. Aliyah got him just ihn time before he shouted out.
    "Got to work on that." Aliyah said to herself.

  • 1100.
    Lion Rainforest.

    Aliyah was walking slowly among one of the tallest trees, with the terrorist camp in view. After one hour of walking, she saw Khaled Hassam, her target.
    "Got you now, you son of a b*itch." she thought, aiming through her R700.
    He was shaking hands with another Arabic man, as he was offered a large, metal, case. He accepted it.
    Hassam fell down, blood bursting out of forehead. The other terrorists took cover, as Aliyah felt a surge of adrenaline and started shooting them, one by one.
    Nobody was alive.
    Base 7, this is Delta Four. Requesting pick-up, mission complete." she said into her headset.
    "Good job, comrade." replied Base 7.

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