• United Kingdom of Austria and Czechoslovakia

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    Motto: "Gott erhalte den Kaiser"
    Capital City: Wien
    Currrency: Krone
    National Anthem: "Gott erhalte, Gott besch?tze / Unsern Kaiser, unser Land!" ("God preserve, God protect / Our Emperor, our country!").
    Language: German, Czech, Slovakian

    German: 50%.
    Czech: 30%
    Slovakian: 15%.
    Others: 5%

    Roman Catholic: 65%.
    Protestant: 30%.
    Others: 5%.

    Head of State: Kaiser Otto von Habsburg
    Head of Government: Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer

    Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ursula Plassnik
    Minister of Internal Affairs: Maria Fekter
    Minister of War: Norbert Darabos
    Minister of Education, Art, and Culture: Claudia Schmied
    Minister of Economics: Martin Bartenstein
    Minister of Finance: Wilhelm Molterer
    Minister of Agriculture and Environment: Josef Pr?ll

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