The Arabic Federation.

  • The Arabic Federation.

    Flag: user posted image
    National Motto: "Under freedom and union."
    National Currency: Euro.
    National Animal: Arabic Tiger.
    Capital: Begeodad.

    The Arabic Federation is a nation with little history. Founded in 1970 by a group of radical and democrat Muslims who proposed a new religon; Equal Islam, who supports that woman should have the same rights of men. This attracted many Arabs, and the government was set up The United States of America, along with the constituion and economy. They regualarly assist America in it's tasks.

    Head of State: President Hassam Bin Hassam.
    Vice Head of State: Vice-President Yasmin Abhkar.

    Higher Chamber: The Govenment Chamber.
    Lower Chamber: Members of Federation Government (MFGs) Chamber.

    The Democrats.
    The Socialists.

    Current Power:
    The Democrats.

    General Elections:
    1. General elections take place every 4 years.
    2. The parties begin their campaigns, launching four canditates, and civillan members of their party can vote for the canditates they most agree with.
    3. The results of the campaigns are counted, and the winner is annouced.
    4. The one canditie left from each party campaign for them to get elected in November.
    5. Results counted and winner annouced.
    6. The winner and his party become the primary government figures.

    Next General Elections: 2010.

    Newspapers: The Begodad Times.
    Television Networks: Arabic Federation Television (AFT).

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