European Defence Force.

  • My fellow nations, it appears no neutral defense force has been created in The European Union. This will assist the furtherment of peace between nations and, if war breaks out between two nations, they will peacekeep the borders. If a terrorist organization declares war on an European Union nation , however, they will fight againest the terrorists. Thus, this will ensure that only a limited amount of conflicts will break out.

    How do we create the EDF?
    1. Station an headquarters in Europolis.
    2. All nations must assist in funding.
    3. An elected EDF management must be adopted.
    4. Mass recruitment in all EU nations.
    5. EDF forces stationed in most dangerous areas.

  • Sildavia refuses categorically the creation of such a force. If anyway some other countries wish to create it, Sildavia will not take place in it.

  • Nations should not vote in this. Proposals must be debated, under the Constitution, for 72 hours before being put forward for vote. Therefore, whilst Saperito cannot be held to account for what we presume to be an honest mistake, this vote is illegal under the Constitution and must be halted.

    However, the debate may take place and I believe that there is a neutral defense force in the form of the Security Council which, as part of the agreement, is bound to protect all nations of the European Union.

  • Admin

    This proposal is unconstitutional in the first place.

  • The Federal Republic of Vithuania cannot at this time support the creation of such a force.

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