• Two days ago and yesterday the Harrigin Special Air Service and gurrelia army the People's Protection Army launched a combined assault on the town of Bluenight, which was captured by anarchistic guerrila organization Freedom's Army. The HSAS soldiers were supposed to snipe on a hill one and a half miles from Bluenight. It was discovered by PPA intelligence that a squad of Aesop Rockian Special Forces soldiers were on the area on a highly classified mission which even we do not know it's purpose. One of the soldiers, Corparel Jane Lauren Smith, friendly fired at one of the Aesop Rockian soldiers, kiling him. She escaped to an unknown area. Two Aesop Rockian soldiers disappeared, with two left alive. Private James Robert Delingpole shot the two soldiers, before being assaulted by Captain James Michael Clarke. The third soldier, Private George Johnston, attempted to treat the wounded soldiers, but failed. A squad of Harrigin Military Medical Service was called, and with lack of vechiles they chose a civillan truck. They transported the soldiers to a LAAV and from there to Newforge Hospital. The wounded soldiers from Aesop Rocks, Litenuant Samuel Nelsons and Sergeant. Ewan Martins, were violently questioned by Captain Clarke, and are now in Newforge Hospital with severe injuries. Private Delingpole is in the same condition. Private Johnston was also assaulted by Captain Clarke and is in the same condition. Captain Clarke is being trialed at The Supreme Court of Justice for assault. We are willing to begin talks with Aesop Rocks to release their soldiers and have the dead soldier also transported from The Wing of Allied Soldiers at Newforge to Aesop Rockls. Talks will begin in Europolis, and we will send Foreign Affairs Chairman Harry Downes to chair discussions.


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