Republic Of United Harrland

  • Republic of Untied Harrland.

    Capital: Alexander City.
    Population: 5,000,000.
    Noun: United Harrlander.
    Adjective: United Harrlandish.
    Newspaper: The United Harrland Times.
    Television Network: United Harrland Television (UHTV).
    Economy: Fair.
    Civil Rights: Below Average.
    Political Freedoms: Superb.

    Founded in 1600 by the British Empire, the British colonised it and brought civilisation to the land. It remained a peaceful nation until World War I, in which over half the population was killed. The Brityish decided to do away with Harrland, and gave it independence. Just as soon as the country was stable, Nazi Germany destroyeed it to the point the only people who could fight were 12-year-old boys. Thecountry was in ruin, but America and the Soviet Union combined forces to free Harrland from the Nazis, and it worked. With the population at a few thousand thanks to Nazi Germany's disgusting attacks on it, America and the Soviet Union repopulated it with their own citizens in 1944. They recieved funding from both nations to establish a fair economy and a large government.
    During the Cold War, Harrland was destroyed by Russia in 1950. The same situation which the Nazis had brought in was brought about again, and it remained in 'living hell' until 1990, when the Soviet Union broke up. They refused CIS membership and instead, made an alliance with Britain, America, France, Spain, Germany and Sweden to repopulate the nation. It was quiick and very soon the country was back to normal, with young people populating the nation.


    Head of State: President Ashley Johnson.
    Vice Head of State: Vice-President Harry Shepard.
    Party: The Democratic Party.

    Foreign Chairman: Nikolai Sarkozy.
    Internal Chairman: Fernando Alonso.
    Health & Education Chairwoman: Jane Williams.
    Justice Chairman: Tony Langford.
    Energy Chairwoman: Sarah Smith.
    Economic Chairmain: Oleg Mussel.
    Defense Chairwoman: Susan Anderson.
    Enviroment Chairwoman: John Longman.

    The Democratic Party.
    The Liberalism Party.
    The Socialism Party.
    The Nationlist Party.

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