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    Ian Rael am Verde rose to address the council.

    "Greetings, Rt Hon members of the European Council. My name is Ian Rael and I have been newly appointed to represent the Duxburian Union, which has restored its delegation to this chamber.

    Given the recent problems with maintaining a functional government, I believe that we, the European Council, must take the initiative. Before the Commission was established in its current form, the legislature was fully capable of creating solutions for our many issues and striking compromises. Is the executive branch actually necessary? If members of the council simply work together and tackle problems like taxation and defense forces, we need only the premier commissioner to sign the bills. No executive body is necessary, that includes the Security Council. The Court, however, is important to hold every bill to the standards of the Constitution. We need to be able to fill the Court. Now granted this is just a suggestion, in a perfect world we could fill the Commission and Court, but right now, little is getting done. I feel that the Council must step up and take the initiative in moving our great region forward."

  • I would agree with the assessment of the gentleman from the Duxburian Union. Indeed the executive branch is bloated with unnecessary bureaucracy which can easily be trimmed. This would of course require a constitutional amendment, but I do not think it unreasonable to believe that ample support may be garnered.

    As for the courts, perhaps an extension of terms and/or term limits may help the Judiciary? Decision-making in the Court has in the past been hindered by the briefness of terms and limits on these terms, hence the present situation of a government with no Judicial Branch. Since Justices are in theory nonpolitical, I do not feel that an extension of terms or removal of term limits would corrupt the Justice system; on the contrary it would allow Justices to make decisions based upon the law, not just the concerns of the upcoming election.

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    The GroBdeutscher representation agrees with the Duxburian representative too. The Council should overtake the functions of the executive branch of the European Government. We also agree with the Luxemburguese proposal of extending terms or term limits for members of the Court.

  • Aesop Rocks, in essence, agrees with this idea - functional Governing seems problematic at our level. However, we do have an issue with the certain administrative problems such as recruitment. How, under a lack of government, shall such tasks be carried out? How will a EDF function and who will lead it? How will the economic areas be dealt with?

    Aesop Rocks once again re-iterates the idea of a Second House whose members are made up of EU Political Party representatives, thereby separating national and supranational interests.

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    The Duxburian Union would only support party representatives in the Council if they do not have the power to vote, or do have the normal abilities of representatives except with only one vote per party. Supranational interests sometimes conflict with national ones, and this is a union of nations. National interests may be subject to compromise and deliberation, but having political parties here would dilute national power. Furthermore, EU political parties are highly undemocratic - most party representatives only represent the views of part of their respective countries. In order to prevent tyranny by majority, there would have to be some way for the current Council to check the proposed second house.

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