Plsbc Breaking News: Election Results

  • New Constitution Approved
    Voters have approved by referendum the new constitution for Peace-Loving States that was put forward by the interim government. Final results show that 85 per cent of voters supported the document. This approval will allow the constitution to take effect upon immediately and for a government to be seated according to the election simultaneously held on a separate question of who should enter Parliament under the constitution if it is approved. This election took place using the addititional member system (AMS).

    Centre-Right AUL Election Victory
    The centre-right Alliance for Unity and Liberty has won a majority of seats and will form the next government. The AUL will hold 56 per cent of the seats in Parliament while the centre-left Liberal and Social Democratic Union (LSDU) will form the official opposition with 37 per cent of the seats. Nicolai Hamilton, as Prime Minister for the AUL, will have the honour of appointing the President of Peace-Loving States for a five-year term. Under the terms of the constitution, the powers of the President will, however, be almost purely ceremonial. Jacques Rabinowitz, leader of the LSDU, is now Leader of the Opposition and will act as representative of the LSDU to the European Liberal Party.

    Who's Who in Government Now
    Nicolai Hamilton: Prime Minister of the Union of Peace-Loving States, Leader of the AUL, and Representative of the AUL to the European People's Party-European Democrats
    Roberta Hoyne: Minister of Foreign and European Affairs
    Claire Delgado: Representative of the Government to the European Union
    Richard Sharp: Minister of Education
    Linda Hart: Minister of Health
    Eric Jacobson: Minister of Social Affairs
    Lucinda Navarra: Minister of National Security
    Robert Vallison: Minister of Justice
    Francesca Burbon: Minister of Finance
    Fernando Lasalle: Minister of Transport
    Daniela Garcia: Minister of the Environment
    Paulina Hackney: Minister of Human Services

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