The Empire Of Diekatze United

  • Hello everybody. My country is the empire of Diekatze united and his colony, the colony of woseman.

    National currency: The gulden
    Animal: ga door adelaar *(go ahead eagle)

    In the empire of diekatze united, money is the only thing we care about. The people dont like taxes, and corporations are in charge. Nobody had to pay taxes, but they have consume as much as possible. People who dont buy enough get robbed by the government and they have to buy everything over again.

    The primary language is dutch. The capital city is Omnistad. We have Civil rights and political freedoms, but not too much.

    The empire of diekatze united is working together with The Holy Empire of Roman Italy1989. both countries have the same currency and animal. We are also working together with industrial cooperation.

    Colony of Woseman is a colony of diekatze united

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