The Peoples republic of the Soviet Comintern

  • The Peoples Republic is an environmentally lush, democratic-socialst republic, that expands from the Post river, to the Atlantic Ocean. It is an organized collection of about 13 small-nations, into a government with a 3-chamber governmeent:

    The legislator is made out of a mild power holding position Congress, that implements laws on the bueracracys, and produce legislation. The Congress membership is roughly 300 people, voted in based on the population of each state. The Congress is Headed by a Premier (nominated by Chancellor, approved by Congress), whom resides over the debates in Congress, and casts the tie breaking vote.
    The second Branch of the Legislation is the powerful Senate, that votes upon laws and determines the taxes, and the wording of laws. The Senate consists of 50 members (2 from each state) and is headed by a Chancellor whom is voted in by the popular party and/or coalition government in charge.

    Currently, the Congress is split 39% Social-Democrat, 33% Communist, and 20% Conservative, with the rest independent partys. The Congress Premier is a Jengo Rubin.
    The Senate seats are split to 25 Communist, 15 Social Democrats and 10 Conservative seats. (in the upcoming elections however, 1,000,000 new voters will be added to the pot due to increased territories, ergo the Senate is likely to be stirredup quite a bit.) The Senate is headed by the Supreme Chancellor Rousseau, serving his 2nd term, and up for re-election this may.

    Currently, the Supreme Court is headed by 9 members. The Chief Justice is a Cassandra Days, a liberal-defense lawyer from Paris. The Court is 2 Communist, 7 Social-democrats, 2 Conservatives. The end-Chair in the Supreme Court is held by a Chancellor/Justice Rousseau. He was nominated because when the Court was established in 2005, the Senate and the Congress were to make 3 nominations (based on branch population), and the Chancellor was alloted 3 nominations. The Senate Social-democrats nominated Rousseau as an agreement with the Communist party(whom nominated 2 members) to nominate more moderate canidates.
    Justices serve for life. Justices are nominated by the current Chancellor in the event of a vacancy, which must be approved by the Revolutionary council.

    [SIZE=7]The Revolutionary Council: the peoples mechanism

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