Cordena | Factbook

  • Repubic of Cordena.

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    Flag of the Republic of Cordena.

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    Coat of Arms of the Republic of Cordena.

    Offical: Republic of Cordena.
    Common/Legal: Cordena.
    Local Term: Cordena.

    1. General Infomation.
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    Note: Blue colour on the far left are the breakaway Republics of Arestobol & Kostifa.
    Map of the Republic of Cordena.

    Political Organization.
    Capital: Josefgrad.
    Main Cities: Fordagrad, Miacof, Thoragrad, Sheagrad, Moscen, Johnsburg.
    Motto: "God, Country, Freedom."
    Population: 8 million.

    Government Organization: Semi-presidental Republic.
    President: Vladimir Ivanovich.
    Prime Minister: Dmitry Josefovich.
    Cordena Council Speaker: Alonya Gorbachov.
    Cordena Judicracy Supreme Judge: Mikhail Petrovich.

    Foreign Affairs Minister: Elena Golovoko.
    Defence Minister: Kristof Mikhailovich.
    Healthcare Minister: Vittoria Pavelovich.
    Education Minister: Alexandr Kamarov.
    Justice Minister: Aliyah Novovich.
    Law & Order Minister: Vladimir Dmitrivich.
    Economic Minister: Dmitri Sergeyvich.

    GDP: $85,289,010,040.25.
    GDP per capita: $10,661.13.
    Currency: Cordenan Dollar (CDD).
    Exchange Rate: 1.9467 Cordenan Dollars = $1.
    Uneployment Rate: 7.98%.
    Consumption: $67,193,280,000.00.
    Government Budget: $20,571,942,600.00.
    Government Expenditures: $18,514,748,340.00.
    Goverment Waste: $2,057,194,260.00.
    Exports: $10,188,410,950.25.
    Imports: $10,607,429,250.00.
    Trade Deficit: $419,018,299.75.

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