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    Cordena Broadcasting Company News.

    Cordena Broadcasting Company News, or CBC News, is the multi-million news source for Cordena. Broadcasted 24 hours, 7 days a week on Cordena television, CBC News brings the news from Cordena, Europe and the world to your television, computer or radio.

  • Government suspiscous of Aesop Rocks.
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    Following the terrorist attack on Aesop Rockian capital Moseley, Aesop Rocks claimed that the terrorist organization responible, Purple Tyranny, was hiding among the small communites of the unoccupied land below their nation, and entered that land, bombing settlements. Cordena has became suspiscous of Aesop Rocks, believing that Aesop Rocks may be showing their first sign of becoming imperialist.

    The unoccupied land below Aesop Rocks is, judging from CARCO drilling, rich in natural resources including oil, gold and silver, opening the possibility of the nation 'stealing' resources from the land.

    "We are not confident that the only goal of Aesop Rocks is to destroy terrorism," said Prime Minister Dmitry Josefovich earlier today. "It appears that there is a even chance that they may be showing the first signs of imperialism, or stealing resources."

    "History has shown on numerous occasions that whenever issues like this crop up, an empire is expanding it's territory. Now, the dead in the attack on Moseley was horrible, but there is always a possiblity that they wish to become imperialist."

    Aesop Rocks have begun bombings on the land, which they claim hosts Purple Tyranny. However, Josefovich has annouced his 'displeasure' at this, claiming 'this was not a good action'.

    Cordena Invades Breakaway Kosifa.
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    The Cordenan Government confirmed today that the Cordenan Armed Forces are set to invade the breakaway republic of Kosifa, who have recently been bombing Cordenan towns and cities.

    Kosifa, who have been communist since their declaration of independence in 1985, have been buying masses of military equipment since the 90s, and now it is proved such buying was for a war with Cordena.

    However, as Cordena rushes in, the ultra-modern Cordenan Armed Forces look set to destroy the breakaway region, and unite Cordena again. This comes just after news that Cordenan Oil Company, a nationalized company, have been having record profits of $500 thousand USD per day thanks to buisness with foreign nations.

    Kosifa have made a plea of help to the world, ranting about how the 'Cordenan Polar Bear' will 'rip open Kosifa'. Indeed, that is an impossible claim, as Cordenan Polar Bears are much too peaceful and tame to do so, but the fact remains.

    Cordena's military is approximately 3% of the population, with Kosifan military being 5% of the population. However, Cordena's military is ultra-modern, with the latest equipment and a new stealth bomber, the CPB-10 Lightening, set to become one of the world's best bombers, while Kosifa is a conscript army with equipment from the 90s, leaving a certain Cordenan victory likely.

    Here at CBC News, we will keep you informed on the latest from the Cordena/Kosifa War and other situations from across Cordena and the world.

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