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    Robert Hammersmith, a city financier whose net worth is estimated to exceed 20 billion Euros, was arrested at his penthouse at 6am this morning on charges that he contributed nearly 100 million Euros to the Purple Tyranny terrorist organisation. Mr Hammersmith's office in the City of Pazia was raided this morning within minutes of his arrest. The City of Pazia Police, armed with a search warrant issued the previous day, seized files from the Private Client Wealth Management Division of Hammersmith Capital Management.

    Mr Hammersmith came under suspicion as part of an investigation into the activities of alleged Purple Tyranny members who are currently in police custody on allegations that they plotted to engage in foiled Purple Tyranny attacks on PLS and Belarum and that some were complicit in last month's terrorist attacks on Aesop Rocks. Financial, employment, and tax records indicated that most of the alleged Purple Tyranny operatives were on the Hammersmith Capital Management payroll at the time of their arrest. Even though these alleged operatives had no previous background in financial services and evidently had not been going to the Hammersmith Capital Management offices during normal business hours, they were paid lavish salaries and bonuses.

    Sources from the National Prosecution Service have told PLS Independent Television News that Mr Hammersmith's personal secretary was interviewed last week by the police and provided damning accounts of Mr Hammersmith's communications and personal activities. She told police that Mr Hammersmith's personal diary regularly included travel to known Purple Tyranny bases. She also reported that during the civil war in Derbyshire and Fife Mr Hammersmith transferred more than fifty million Euros to Purple Tyranny sympathisers in Derbyshire for the purpose of creating sleeper cells ready to attack civilian infrastructure.

    One source from the City of Pazia Police indicates that the account of the witness is confirmed by electronic transaction records. Moreover, the City of Pazia police discovered today that Mr Hammersmith has engaged in a series of transactions totalling more than 45 million Euros to the same bank accounts that have been frozen by the Duxburian Union for containing Purple Tyranny money. Another source from the City of Pazia Police indicated that the City of Pazia is believed to be awash with Purple Tyranny money. Although Hammersmith Capital Management is the only known financial institution to have actively supported Purple Tyranny, many others may have turned a blind eye to Purple Tyranny laundering money through them. Further information is also being sought about a suspicious transaction for several million Euros that Mr Hammersmith apparently made to accounts held in Cordena.

    Mr Hammersmith has appeared at the City of Pazia Magistrates' Court this afternoon and entered a plea of not guilty to ten counts of money laundering and three counts of aiding terrorist activities. He was denied bail on the basis that he is unacceptably likely and able to flee PLS before trial. The case has been referred to the Central Pazia Criminal Court for trial.


    Following a trial against alleged Purple Tyranny supporters, all defendants were acquitted. Charges ranged from financing Purple Tyranny with millions of Euros, supporting the Purple Tyranny attacks on Aesop Rocks, and plotting to launch attacks on Peace-Loving States and Belarum. Most of the evidence against the defendants turned out to be inadmissible in the absence of testimony from Aesop Rockian authorities to authenticate financial records and electronic communications as having been sent or received from their country.

    Prosecutors had reported that they had done everything in their power to authenticate all evidence from within Peace-Loving States and seek assistance from Aesop Rocks in helping build a case. Aesop Rockian authorities were provided with all evidence in hope that they would take simple steps to provide authentication, find additional evidence from within Aesop Rocks, and formally request the extradition of the defendants to stand trial in Aesop Rocks. As absolutely none of the expected assistance was provided, prosecutors were denied what would otherwise have been a very strong case.

    Sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates that their diplomatic communications to request co-operation from Aesop Rocks were mostly ignored. One high-ranking diplomatic official said, "They rendered the existence of diplomatic relations between our countries useless when the security of both our countries depended on them helping us. It was as if they wanted these terrorists roaming the streets of Pazia."

    As a result of the acquittals, the defendants now enjoy a presumption of innocence under PLS law. Although the defendants did enjoy such right prior to the verdict in their cases, the acquittal now renders the presumption permanent and irrebuttable in any proceedings. For this reason, it is now impossible for the PLS authorities to extradite the Purple Tyranny defendants to stand trial in Aesop Rocks on the same allegations.

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