Constitutional Committee

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    Ian Rael rose to speak,

    "Greetings, fellow representatives of the European Council. I will be chairing a special committee to revise portions of the EU Constitution. This committee will begin work in 72 hours and meet for as long as it takes to produce acceptable and workable changes to make our government functional. All member nations are welcome to send a representative to sit on this committee. Please announce who will be attending [for planning purposes] and please come with ideas so we can get right to work!"

  • Dieter Wagner will attend on behalf of Stadt Luxemburg.

  • Michael McDowell will be in attendance to represent the Commonwealth of Derbyshire.

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    Angel Spitz will be attending on behalf of Grossdeutsches Reich.

  • Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis will attend on behalf of the Holy Roman Empire

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    Navdeep Khatkar will represent the Grand Marquessate of Angleter.

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    [OOC: I have a trip this weekend, will not have internet. If someone wants to start, feel free to RP for Ian Rael]

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    In many nations of this EU, it is a custom to make a New Year Resolution, that is to say that you will take up a good habit, or cease a bad habit. Well it is my opinion that the collective New Year Resolution of all the lands of this Union to strive together to sort out the perpetual crisis we are in.

    Thus I am beginning the activities of the Constitutional Committee. I, however, will not be conducting the committee but merely opening it. I bring no answers, and one question- There is no upper house to ratify the changes to come from this committee, and so must we hold elections before these changes can be ratified?

    I now open the committee to suggestions and hand over the role of conduting this committee to Ian Rael with my apologies for 'borrowing' it.

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