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    Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport,

    'Corporal Johann Jungen, of the Heer, was at the Brandenburg Airport to take a flight to the spanish pyrenees to spend there his Winter holidays. He had just left Kiel after working there at the Cleansing Operations. He was given 20 free days after he cut his hand with a piece of iron junk that had some dry blood. Doctors made him some blood tests and found nothign, so they decided to give him some free days. At the airport he started to feel really bad, but decided not to end his holiday plans only for a headache. When he boarded the airplane, his health got even worse. While the aircraft was enroute over the Red Sea, he entered the bathroom, where he had a heart attack and died. Some minutes later, he woke again. After twenty minutes, a passenger who was waiting to use the bathroom, went to the flight security attendant[1]'

    -Hi? There is a man who's been at the bathroom for over half an hour and when I call at the door he doesn't respond. I think he's got troubles.

    -Okay, I'll take care of it.

    'The Security attendant went to the bathroom and called at the door'

    -Sir, is there any problem? Sir?

    'After he got no answer, the security officer got his handgun ready and kicked the door. Then, the passenger stood up and bite the officer. The security officer aimed the handgun at the passenger's head and shoot. The flight assistants called the captain, who asked for an emergency landing at Barcelona airport. Meanwhile, a passenger who was a doctor attempted to stop the officer's bleeding. He had a cut at his hand and some of the officer's blood had contact with his cut. The officer died some minutes after landing at Barcelona and arose from the dead. Meanwhile, the doctor continued his christmas holiday trip to Belarum'

    1- In mid-November and after alerts of possible terrorist attacks on airplanes, the GroBdeutscher government ordered airlines to have at least one security officer on every flight.

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    Kremlin, Moscow - Security Council Emergency Summit

    The members of the USSR's Security Council, including most key government and military members, was already underway when Nevskaya walked in, blushing and apologising for being late. Some of the men laughed; others, like Zyuganov, were cool and just ignored her irresponsible behaviour.

    "And now that Comrade Nevskaya has so graciously decided to bless us with her presence, may we get this meeting underway?" the Soviet president asked rhetorically, sparking some chuckling from everyone but the Premier he had just mocked. Irina just frowned and ignored that old coot.

    "I hope there is a good reason I had to wake up at 2 am and come over from the other side of Moscow, Comrade Zyuganov" she replied dissatisfied. "This better be important. What is it now? Belarum collapsed too? Aesop Rocks became communist? Or are we under nuclear attack?"

    She sounded tired and bored but this was all the security council had become about as of lately. The defence minister just glared at her, realizing she was mocking him of all people, but stood up and replied, getting straight to the point.

    "None of these, Comrade Premier. Rather, we have what is suspected to be a terrorist attack in Berlin. By the looks and sounds of it, though, according to both GRU and KGB intel, it reminds more of the nuked-city event..." Pukhov replied.

    The people arched their eyebrows, some quite shocked indeed. KGB chief Alexei Goggol stepped in to speak next.

    "We confirm having lost two of our operatives under suspicious circumstances reminding us of the "Nuked City" incident indeed. What we could have here is another dangerous outbreak... The KGB has managed to gather the list of passengers, destination and original base of the reported aircraft... More or less, I do not think you'll like the results. Comrade Pukhov?"

    The KGB chief gave the defence minister the list of passengers, each one with a relatively short description of what they were about... one or two names had been highlighted.

    Pukhov's eyes widened from terror, like they had never been before. His reaction shocked the rest of the board, who would then see, one by one, what was this about.

    Johann Jungen; Corporal of the Grossdeutscher Heer; Service in Kiel for cleansing operations

    "THIS IS BLASPHEMY! THIS IS MADNESS!" Pukhov exclaimed in shock.

    "But... But Kiel was annihilated by nuclear weapons! The virus could never have possibly survived a nuclear blast!" Zyuganov exclaimed.

    "Comrades, relax a little bit. I just remind you that the nuclear device used to annihilate Kiel was simply a prototype. We possess much stronger nuclear weaponry that can cause significantly greater damage... as well as an astronomically capable space programme for a reason..." the KGB chief interjected.

    Everyone looked at him with surprise when he continued speaking.

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    Bundesnachrichtendienst Office,
    New Reich Chancellery, Berlin

    'Chancellor Mainzer and his military advisor, Commander Gerhardt Fitzner, entered the meeting room. At the room they were many generals and high ranking officers: General Kobler (Heer), General M?eller (Bundesnachrichtendienst), Marshall Schall (Luftwaffe) and Admiral K?enig (Marine). When the Chancellor entered the room, the officers stood up'

    -Sit down, Generals

    'The Chancellor sat on his chair and placed his suitcase on the ground'

    -What's the situation, General M?eller?

    -Sir, we've got a very serious situation. This morning, an army Corporal died in an aircraft en route to Madrid.

    -An what's the problem, General?

    -He didn't stay dead for many time. He died on the bathroom, a security officer went to see what was happening and was attacked by the corporal. He killed the Corporal but was bitten. The aircraft had to perform an emergency landing on Barcelona. The security officer was moved to a Hospital but died there. Minutes later, he revived and attacked the Hospital personnel. The Hospital has been closed and sealed by the Spanish Republican Army. We've got news of other similar incidents in Bastia, Moscow, Madrid, Munich and right here in Berlin.

    -I didn't know we had such a problem. And where is the Berlin outbreak exactly located?

    -It started at the airport about an hour ago and has already expanded to the centre of the city thanks to our magnificent Metro system.

    -The Sony centre has been overrunned, as well as the airport and the Potsdamer Platz. Soldiers have been dispatched to the area and are cleaning the area.

    -Estimated death toll?

    -We've got an estimated death toll of about 3600 people, but that number is expected to rise.

    -What a horrible escenario. Well, I might go back to my office. I hope I will receive news every five minutes. Good evening, Generals.

    'The Chancellor stood up and left the room'

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    Somewhere in Moscow...

    MVD Interior Troops with heavy vehicles and equipment had surrounded and isolated the hospital where KGB and GRU had pointed them towards. Not long earlier, in Sheremetyevo-2, a suspected outbreak had taken place with five people arrested and two more hospitalized in this place; and while the five with the suspected infections had thoroughly gotten executed and those who came into contact with them the past 24 hours summarily arrested as well, the hospitalized seemed ton have gotten out of control.

    Now, a whole hospital seemed to have been overrun... The MVD had evacuated nearby buildings and sent heavily equipped troops with orders to fire at will on whoever was within the suspended zone and did not have a specially-issued KGB pass that had been given exactly for emergencies such as this. It seemed that the clowns at Lubyanka had done something useful for once, a soldier thought.

    "Back off! This area is suspended! An unknown terrorist group has seized it, demanding ransom and using human shields!" the soldier told some bystanders before he forced them leave. Everything at a 500-metre radius from the hospital was being evacuated, with martial law applying in the zone.

    Two Ka-60 helicopters interrupted the unexpected silence of the Soviet capital and unloaded a number of KGB Osnaz and MVD Osnaz troops; special forces who would execute this operation (or rather, everyone within the zone.) With orders for one shot one kill, kill their own comrades if they would receive any wounds at all, and tolerate nothing surviving. Even cockroaches had to die, they had been told, in order for Lenin's revolution to continue unscathed.

    A small squad had even been given demolition equipment to destroy the hospital once the operation was complete and it had been thoroughly checked and cleansed. It was clear the Kremlin was taking no chances with this, and was, in fact, just issuing orders to prohibit all cross-border travel without any exceptions (including the mail services, which would be manually and electronically checked.)

    Fifteen minutes later, the bloodlust began.

    And after an hour, all was over for those infected, suspected to be infected, or merely unlucky enough to be in there regardless of sex, age, race or even rank.

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    Bastia, Belarum
    Cedar Grove General Hospital

    The hospital had been overrun. Dr. Ibanez quickly checked himself in to Cedar Grove on arrival in the nation's capital, and soon became infected with the unknown virus. Without any security protocol to deal with stopping transmission, it spread through the ER and nearly worked its way into the streets. The police arrived on the scene and quickly gunned down a woman who walked out the front entrance and attempted to bite her arresting officer. He soon called for backup.

    As almost as quickly as he picked up his radio, BIO agents descended on the scene. Officer Driggs had never seen anything like it; black vans filled with suits emptied themselves surrounding the hospital. One approached Driggs and spoke.

    "Thank you for contacting us, Officer Driggs."

    "What are you talking about, I didn't even get a word in. And this woman tried to bite me out of nowhere, I didn't have time to think!"

    "The woman is our concern now. You've done your duty. But we have one simple request for you. Get yourself and your partner at least 400 meters away from the scene and start setting up a perimeter."

    The officer was puzzled, but did as he was told. The agent made his way to another, but seemingly non-descript and anonymous, and they began to converse.

    "I need someone to make sure our officer friend doesn't screw up. Make sure we set up a perimeter as well. And call in the CBDC, we're going to have to coordinate with the Army on this."

    "It is as we fear?"

    "I'm afraid so. Chemical and Biological Defense Command is a necessity at this point. They've got the equipment to remain uninfected and they're the only known government agency with a serum for the virus. Let's move."

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    Sony Center, Berlin

    _'It had been two hours since the first infected appeared on the airport. The infection had advanced into the city thanks to the public transport system. The outbreak at the Sony Centre had been so fast. No one could escape. In five minutes, about 3000 policemen had been dispatched at the outside of the centre. They had been given the order of killing everyone. When the infected came out of the complex, the policemen shot at them. Soon, the policemen were outnumbered. The infected, now with 3000 new members, were moving towards the city centre.

    The situation wasn't very different in Alexanderplatz. The infected had also outnumbered and killed many policemen there. Now, the both crowds of living dead were walking towards the New Reich Chancellery'_

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    Office of the Chancellor of the Reich,
    New Reich Chancellery, Berlin

    'The Chancellor was at his office reading the last report of zombie activity he had received half an hour ago when Commander Fitzner opened the door'

    -Sir, we're in troubles! The policemen couldn't stop the infected at Potsdamer Platz and now they're coming right here!

    -Shit! Order the evacuation of the building! Publish a press release asking people to stay at home and barricade themselves. If we try to evacuate the city we will do more harm than good.

    -Okay sir!

    'In less than ten minutes, three AgustaWestland AW139 Helicopters had landed in front of the New Reich Chancellery. Quickly, the entire personnel of the Chancellery boarded those helicopters and three buses that had been taken there for evacuation of other less important personnel. On the first helicopter, Chancellor Mainzer and the officers of the emergency information room were fleeing to Adlerhorst Complex, a secret military base on East Berlin. On the way to Adlerhorst Complex, the chancellor said:'

    -God bless fuckin' General Hudrans(1)...

    1-General Hudrans ordered a doctor to create a deadly virus. His creation was the Zombie virus.

  • _A meeting had suddenly been called by PM Camus, who had decided not to be overly discreet in order for efficiency in this matter. As the men from various sectors of the Aesop Rocks Government arrived, the collective Media gathered, photographing the men who could decide the nations fate. Amongst these journalists was Neil Ronson, who at once recognized at least two of the faces amongst these Men. Already, the news reports coming in from across the Union suggested Gro?deutsches Reich and Belarum were worrying to say the least - reports of so-called Zombies attacking entire cities had subdued the nation into a state of silent shock. As ever, the Soviet Union were keeping quiet about their end of things.

    The representatives of the various factions, both non- and Governmental organisations gathered in the Cabinet Office - the only place large enough to accommodate them all. Present were; Prime Minister Albert Camus; Secretary of State for Defense Alex Michaels; Commander Peter Rackson, Representative of Aesop Rocks Army; a man known only as Agent I, Head of Aesop Rocks Secret Service; Charles, Marcos Insuse and General Drebbin of the Majestic-12, although most of the people present were unaware of who they were; the entire Aesop Rocks Intelligence Command, totaling 9 people - Douglas Martings, Anthony Stanhope, Martha Blakley, Peter Hyde, Jordan Pace, Alice Tarthe, William Manuva, Katherine Carey and Bryn Winters; Sir Alexander Merka, Commander of the Police Force, along with his two immediate juniors, Sarah Vincite and Karl Growsmith; and finally the Prime Minister's Personal Secretary Duncan Fulser. The men positioned themselves around the huge wooden table, the chit-chat dying out as they took their seats and Camus stood to address them._

    Thank you for gathering here at this late hour, I understand you are all busy men. I am sure you are aware of why I have called upon you tonight, but I wish to explain the situation more fully than what the media is telling us. To our knowledge, that is to say, to the knowledge of myself and Alex, a virus has spread across the Union at an alarming rate. Belarum and Gro?deutsches Reich are in chaos, the Soviet Union is handling one situation thought to be virus-related. From the reports we have gathered, including three first hand accounts from reliable Aesop Rockian sources, this so-called 'virus' started in the Reich, although it is possible that it is the same or similar virus which affected our own nation only months ago. As hard as this may be for some of you to accept, it is causing a real-life Zombie situation in which those bitten by the infected re-awake to join their killers. The problem seems to be that shooting them doesn't do a damn thing. Commander Rackson has already organised Aesop Rockian Troops to man the borders to prevent any spread and at this time we do not believe Aesop Rocks has been subject to this virus. All International Flights or other Commercial arrivals are being escorted by the military to ensure the virus does not come in from an inbound flight. At this time, we need to defend ourselves as best we can. We shall announce to the Media that Aesop Rocks is at Security Level 5, alongside imposing a curfew from nightfall until sunrise...However, we can not be certain the virus does not enter our nation. If that does happen, Aesop Rocks needs to ensure we can continue to defend ourselves and our interests. A virus - operative word 'virus.' We have a lot of viruses in our society, from the Flu to the Clap(a smile from some of the people present, a frown from others)[COLOR=blue] and we have cures for these. Our problem lies in the fact that we have samples of this virus, we, that is to say scientists, are aware of their structures and so can determine how to cure them. Without the sample, they have nothing. You know what I am getting at. Charles, General Drebbin, Agents, you need to work together to ensure we can have a sample as soon as possible. I should not need to tell you it needs to be a live sample.

    A glance around the room and Charles knows that he must show respect here, amongst these great pillars of the Government and beyond. His usual sly attitude must be dropped, he must be business-like, a foreign game to him.

    Minister, with your permission, I would like to spearhead this initiative. As you are aware, I have experience in these matters, as well as vast resources. Of course, I shall utilise the even vaster resources of the Secret Service and their Agents.

    **Of course Charles. You would do well to acquaint yourself with the Agents present, they could be of huge help to you. **

    Charles and Camus nodded to one another. Marcos whispered something in Charles' ear to which Charles nodded and gave a glance at Agent I who gave an expressionless nod back. Camus turned his attention to the Intelligence Personnel.

    **We are also in great need of Intelligence. The reports we have coming in are of use but we need verification from more sources of the situations. If Belarum and Gro?deutsches Reich are really in such a terrible state, we need to know exactly how bad it is. We also need to inform the Belarum and Reich Governments that we will do whatever we can to help them. I have it on suggestion from a friend that if we can't kill them, a lack of legs could hinder the Zombies progress, so "why not just mow their legs off with machine guns?" was his suggestion. Perhaps suggest that in a more militaristic fashion to their Governments.

    So to summarise; Martial Law shall be affected by you and your Force immediately Sir Alexander. I want Charles and Co, alongside with our Secret Services to arrange the capture of one of the infected. I want the Intelligence Agency to find out exactly what the hell is going on, and I mean exactly. And I want Alex Michaels to tell them to shoot at the Zombies legs.

    I also have a final suggestion. If we are going to ensure the containment of the virus, we need to organise further with the Reich, Belarum and any other infected nations, including if they are so willing, the Soviet Union. As Aesop Rocks is currently an uninfected area, I am going to invite representatives to a meeting here in 24-48 hours time. I want each of you to have achieved your objectives by that point and to be ready to report to me your findings.

    Do any of you have any questions?**

    Minister for Defense Alex Michaels spoke.

    Minister, what is the plan if, God forbid, Aesop Rocks does become infected?

    **At this moment, our plan is unclear. I wish to co-ordinate with the Military and Police Forces after this meeting in order to establish a firm plan. As you can imagine, we have never encountered a similar situation on such a large scale and so this may take some time. We do however know that should any citizen become infected, orders are to incinerate them. The initial idea is to have Special Force Troops carrying Flame-Throwers instead of their usual weapons, as far as we are aware this idea has not been utilised yet and we can only hope it works. They are being trained as we speak.

    Any more questions?....No? Right then, get to work. And good luck.**

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    Adlerhorst Complex,
    East Berlin, Berlin

    'The helicopters carrying important staff from the Chancellery had just arrived while other helicopters carrying other members of the cabinet had arrived some time before. As soon as they arrived, the Chancellor and his emergency staff were taken to a meeting room at the deepest of Mount Adler, where the Adlerhorst Complex was located. At the room, there were Defence Minister, Karl Rommelien; Wolfgang Schimdt, Minister of the Interior; Wilhelm Fr?gg, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Vizekanzler, Kristian S?nger. Robert entered the room, followed by his Generals and took his chair'

    -Hi all. Well, we'll not waste more time and begin right now. General M?elller?

    -Yes sir. The situation is this. The city centre has been mostly overrun with some resistance focus on the Reichstag and the Friedrichstrasse Bahnhof Station, as well as the Siegess?ule and the Hauptbanhof. You can see it on this map.

    user posted image

    -That doesn't seem really good.

    -That's not the worse. When we released a press estatement asking people to stay at home the situation got even worse, with tens of thousands of people running away from the zombies through Unter den Linden. Many people got trampled by the crowd and the zombies reached them and turned them into zombies as well. By now, some soldiers and policemen are resisting as many time as they can on the Reichstag and the Siegess?ule, and the engineers of the army have blown up some bridges on the small Spree on the western side of the Tiergarten to avoid the zombies' advance to the western of the city. Meanwhile, our troops are resisting at Ernst-Th?lmann-Park, but they are running out of ammo. At the park, we've established an evacuation area with helicopters flying every two minutes with survivors. We've also established an evacuation area at Tempelhof Airport with aircraft leaving every three minutes with survivors. As of now, 35000 people have been lifted out of the danger area.

    -Good job, General. Have we got any information of other outbreaks?

    -We've got news of other outbreaks on the Soviet Union, at a Hospital in Bastia and the one of the Barcelona Hospital.

    -Any new outbreak on our soil?

    -Apart from that one of Munich? No.

    -Okay. Keep me informed of the situation. And prepare a videoconference with Soviet President Zyuganov, Aesop Rockian Prime Minister Camus and Belarian President Burke. And, General Kobler, order the evacuation of the Berlin Naval Station and the Western boroughts of the city.

    -Sir, yes sir!

    -Sir, yes sir!

    'Chancellor Mainzer stood up and abandoned the room'

  • An Open Letter to the Leaders of the European Union

    Aesop Rocks has set up a Safe Zone for all those evacuated from virus-affected areas in Fort Jekyll, an Increased Security Fort. All aircraft carrying uninfected citizens are welcome to land here. All requests to land should be sent to General Trampine who shall be organizing this effort.
    In order to further our Security of Fort Jekyll, we hope that we may co-ordinate with the Intelligence and Military Organisations of those nations infected. For Aesop Rocks, our number one priority is Intelligence and we must ensure shared intelligence to defend ourselves properly.
    The thoughts of Aesop Rocks are with those personally affected by these terrible events.

    Prime Minister A. Camus

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    Operation Air Lift
    * Evacuation of the city of Berlin
    * Isolation of the Infected on the city centre

    Status: Ended

    * 47000 Berliners evacuated (33000 by air, 9000 by train, 5000 by bus)
    * The Infected overran the last Resistance focuses on the Reichstag and the Siegess?ule. Hauptbahnhof and Friedrichstrasse Bahnhof resistance outposts evacuated out of the city. Ernst-Th?lmann-Park safe outpost evacuated.
    * 15000 policemen killed
    * Estimated 65000 infected
    * Infected advance to the eastern boroughs of the city
    * Infected advance to the western boroughs of the city
    * Berlin Naval Station evacuated and sealed
    * Adlerhorst Complex(1) sealed

    1- The Adlerhorst Complex is an underground military complex located inside the Adler Hill, a mountain on Eastern Berlin. It is used as a secret evacuation base for government and military officials.

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    NOTE: This applies to both the Zombie Virus and the Boat-Freedom Mission

    Prime Ministerial Palace,
    New Birmingham,

    Navdeep Khaktar sheepishly returned to New Birmingham at a time when the military was badgering Prime Minister Catt on an almost continuous basis. Catt had made it clear that he was annoyed the day before on the telephone, and Khatkar's face appearing was never a cause for celebration for the Prime Minister. He hoped as Catt walked into the room that he would be heard out before the inevitable rant.

    Oh, bloody hell, not you again!

    Sir, I would appreciate some respect. I have news of the utmost importance to the safety of our nation.

    Oh, go on then Khatkar. What now? Gro?deutsches Reich have a cat stuck in a tree? Murder in Aesop Rocks? Soviet Union broken up?

    No. There is a virus that started in the Reich, in Kiel, it has spread to Berlin, and now there is a hospital in Belarum, the capital there, and in Barcelona the virus has shown up. I think we must take action now. It seems like the virus is spreading by aviation!

    Calm down. What does this virus do?

    Erm, it kind of turns people into zombies and...

    ZOMBIES! Good Lord! Shouldn't this be in the news? Oh, hang on, all that's in the news is the navy wanting access to the sea and a supposed 'constitutional crisis' in these parts. Anyway, we must put troops on our borders.

    And maybe ban all Gro?deutschers, Spaniards, Belarians and anyone from any other country that gets the virus?

    Good. You know, we share borders with Duxburian Union, Tristansland and Neo-Venetia. Put more troops on the border with Neo-Venetia, their government is dormant and they may let virals in, and then it's just a hop over the border...

    What about Tristansland, they're dormant too...

    Does Tristansland have any goddamn naval bases?! NO! Now I'll get the army to do as we say- 50% of the army on the border with Neo-Venetia, the rest evenly spread. And some in the airports just in case.

    Very good. I bid you farewell sir.

    And so Khatkar went back to Europolis astounded at Catt's seeming happiness, Catt relished the prospect of a great crisis to take everyone's mind off the problems at home, and the army awaited the chance to kick some zombie ass with the new flame-throwers. But one man wondered, Neo-Venetia does get in the way a bit, and we could really do with access to the sea...

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    Bastia, Belarum
    Cedar Grove General Hospital

    A perimeter had been established by Chemical and Biological Defense Command of 500 meters around the infected hospital, effectively creating a quarantine zone in the heart of the country. Police were recruited to keep civilian onlookers back, all while the Belarian Intelligence Office kept a close eye on all things happenning in and around the quarantine zone.

    The CBDC and the BIO concocted a cover story for the outbreak of the unknown virus in order to calm those immediately surrounding the area: a smallpox outbreak with the potential to spread out of the hospital and onto the city streets. This kept people at bay.

    Lieutenant Chance rounded up a group of CDBC soldiers, all dressed in full NBC gear in order to prevent transmission of any biological or chemical agents. Chance began giving the orders he was given by members of the Intelligence Office.

    "Listen up, everyone. We're going in with a small contingent of four squads, five men each. Each squad will be given specific directions on which part of the hospital they will search for any uninfected individuals. Now you all know what an infected person looks like, right? I mean they've been spilling out of the windows of Cedar Grove pretty regularly trying to bite people, and we've been effective at putting them down."

    Sgt. Ramirez, a CBDC soldier, interjected.

    "Are there any reports coming in from where this started?"

    "We have reports from Gro?deutsches Reich that it's spilled out into Berlin, and the AR Prime Minister just held a cabinet meeting to deal with any country with infected. We've been able to contain ours, but the Reich hasn't been so lucky. Let's make sure that doesn't happen here. We've got a live radio transmission from inside the hospital that nearly all the medical personnel and patients are holed up on the top floor with the stairs barricaded. We're going to have a transport helicopter land on the roof for them in ten minutes, and they'll be airlifted to a Safe Zone we're setting up outside the city limits for proper processing. It's our responsibility to scour the hospital for any survivors, terminate any infected, and extract ourselves from the hospital. Any more questions?"

    An anonymous soldier spoke.

    "What's going to happen to the hospital after we leave?"

    "I've got word that it's going to be firebombed in order to destroy any remnants of the virus. Let's get moving soldiers, gear up and be ready in fifteen minutes!"

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    Open Letter To The Nations of Gro?deutsches Reich, Belarum, Soviet Union and Spain

    We, the Government of Angleter, are deeply sorry for any loss to any person in the region whose loved one has been affected by the Zombie Virus. We are also sorry for the great inconvenience we are about to cause.

    From 1915 GMT all those who have entered those nations above since the first outbreak in that nation, and also those who have been in contact with such people in the aforementioned timeframe will be denied access to the Grand Marquessate until this problem is dealt with.

    We are also issuing a trade embargo on all products from those four nations until, again, the virus is eradicated in that nation. We would like it if the nations of Duxburian Union, Tristansland and Neo-Venetia will also deny entry to these people. If these nations do not we may have to take further action.

    Thank you all and again we apologise for your inconvenience, but the safety of Angleterics is above all other matters.

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    Office of the Chancellor of the Reich,
    Adlerhorst Complex(link), Adler Hill, Berlin

    'The Chancellor was reading a document about the evacuation operation when Fitzner entered into the room'

    -Fitzner, what happens?

    -Sir, one of the aircraft carrying passengers out of the city crashed on the ground while landing at the Rammstein Air Base. It hit another three aircraft that were landed on the lane.

    -Oh, shit! Any survivors?

    -None. There's been 1200 dead. We suspect that an infected passenger died in the aircraft and attacked the crew. We have diverted the other aircraft to the Wiesbaden Air Base.

    -Good job. Any news about Berlin's situation?

    -Yes. The citizens are resisting as well as they can. We've got news of citizens throwing bottles at the zombies from their homes. Also, the zombies have overrun Museuminsel and our temporary hospital on the national gallery, killing almost everyone.

    -How the hell did they reach Museum Insel!? Didn't the engineers tear down the bridges?

    -Yes, but the zombies threw themselves into the water and reached the other side of the Spree river.

    -Oh, bloody hell. This can't go worse.

    -Hmmm... It's worse. The zombies are approaching. But don't worry, our fortified doors will resist them.

    -I hope you're right, because, if you're not... But, what happens with the helicopter entrance?

    -Don't worry, there is an emergency trapdoor.

    -It's good to know. Well, thank you.

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    Kremlin, Moscow - Security Council Emergency Summit

    "So, Comrade General, what you are basically suggesting is that we annihilate every neighbouring country except Triera using nuclear weapons, and invade that specific one to... protect the Soviet Union from... zombies..." asked Nevskaya rhetorically.

    Everyone had their eyebrows arched, including herself, except for the person who suggested this.

    "Damn straight, Comrade Premier! It is win-win! We get to discard our old nuclear stockpiles free of any costs, deliver a crushing blow to capitalism, and take revenge on the ETO by invading it's most greatest member!" the defence minister, General Pukhov, replied enthusiastically.

    "And what assures us that there will be no outbreaks, Comrade General?" asked the KGB chief, General Goggol.

    "Come on! Stop disbelieving! We will commit nothing short of thousands of old nuclear warheads and at least ten Armies to achieve this! Air Armies too! And the Fleet will seize strategic objectives!" the military representative argued again. He sounded as if...

    "Pardon me for my manners, Comrade General, but do not cum during security council meetings. Any more serious proposals, or matters of discussion even?" asked Nevskaya. Everybody laughed, other than the hot-blooded Soviet General.

    "Well, the MVD has successfully eliminated the... capitalists from Moscow, Comrade Premier" responded the Minister of Internal Affairs (of the MVD in other words), Valentina Balakhonova. "The public is appalled and is demanding we do retributions. To be honest, the climate is perfect for at least a part of Comrade Pukhov's plans."

    "Alright, alright. Lets forget the nuclear weapons... Maybe the fact Belarum seems to be infected will be a bit too much..." conceded the defence minister. "But the troops' morale matches that of the working class'. It is an ideal moment to launch a perfect show of force for the world to behold, by seizing Triera... As much of it as we can would be excessive, so I have a detailed plan in mind regarding how to tear it apart. And I am sure that the Communist Party will be a big winner with the declaration of a People's Democratic Republic there."

    The Council nodded, other than Nevskaya, who had to concede that point. There was nothing she could do to prevent this clash, in the end. "What else is there?" she then asked.

    "I have been contacted to participate in video-conferences about the zombie outbreak... Apparently other governments refuse to acknowledge the fact we have none" Soviet president Zyuganov replied, who was sitting quiet thus far. "I'll attend, and of course make it clear that the USSR is pure and clean... and it will be a good chance to tell those Angleterrans where to stick their embargoes" he frowned.

    The members of the council chuckled. It was a vulgar but swift way of saying that "Angleter cannot embargo the Soviet Union because the Soviet Union has already shut its borders" - and the fact the USSR was said to have a zombie outbreak was appalling. Navskaya would have to make it clear that there were no zombies in the USSR at all; no, that there had never been any zombies in the USSR in the first place.

    The fact MVD handled the hospital outbreak was good, since sending the Chemical Troops, who were responsible for NBC warfare, would have drawn way too much attention.

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    Combat Information Center
    Adlerhorst Komplex, Berlin

    'The CIC was full of officers. The Chancellor entered the CIC and went to the main combat data map'

    -What's this?

    -It's victory

    -What? Could you be more specific?

    -We've launched a Napalm bombing on the city

    -WHAT!? Stop this, NOW! Order those planes to return to base! There's still people on the city!

    -Leutenant, order Blue Arrow to cancel the operation.

    -Why did you do that, General?

    -The infection was spreading too much, Chancellor.

    -You nearly killed a hundred thousand people, General! Are you out of your mind?

    -We can't let it go further, Chancellor!

    -Don't even mind to shout at me again, General. From now, you're ceased as General of the Heer. Get out of my CIC!

    'The angry General left the CIC and went to his room'

    -General M?eller, what's the situation as of now?

    -The infection is spreading towards the Port but we've successfully evacuated the entire area. And, it seems that Adler Hill has been overrun.

    -So... now we're under hundreds of zombies?

    -That's right, sir.


    -Sir, might I suggest a thing? This underground complex at which we are right now has a ventilation system with 2 meter wide vent entrances. A group of zombies could easily break the fence that protects those vents and penetrate into the complex. Why don't we send some special troops to eliminate the zombies on the mountain so we dont' have nothing to worry about?

    -Okay, send those troopers.

    -Too late, we've got reports of zombies on the soldiers' barracks.

    -Generals, order our soldiers to evacuate the barracks. When everyone is out of there, order them to block that section. Then, activate the incinerator system.

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    Notice on the Lifting of Embargoes

    It is standard procedure that after a nation rids itself of the Zombie Virus in its entirety there is an insurance period of 72 hours before the embargo is officially lifted on that nation at midnight. Thus, the following nations are to have their embargoes officially removed are:

    Soviet Union

    That is all. I would like to praise the USSR on its no-nonsense approach to this crisis, and thank them for their patience with us in this period.

    Also I would like to strongly suggest that all nations currently free of the virus should do as we have done to ensure that this does not become such a crisis the region is brought to its knees.

    Thank you all.

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    Federal Office
    Dominion Heights

    Xero Kolaen am Duxburian Union hurried across the West Atrium and pushed open the golden double doors of the Hall of the Sun for the first time in his life. His entrance drew instant stares from the assembly of high-ranking government officials and masters. Xero K, Guardian of the Union, was a figure of myth, having actually been seen before only by the Aelir and the Spymaster. His job was both mysterious and ancient, and about to undergo a serious real life test.

    Avoldran Dehn spoke up, "Now that everyone is here..."

    The officials now turned their attention from the Guardian back to the Aelir.

    **"...I assume you all have been briefed on the regional situation. As ridiculous as it may sound, a zombie outbreak has struck Gro?deutsches Reich, Belarum, possibly the Soviet Union, and threatens to enter other countries. This thing is far too big to be a joke or a misunderstanding. Therefore, we must look to our own security and borders. The zombie virus has not yet occurred in the united dominions nor has an infected person been sighted in this part of the world. However, we must take all necessary precautions to prevent a crisis here. That is why I have summoned Mr. Kolaen here to outline a plan of defense."

    "But first, Jan Allen will present an overall look at our status."**

    Dehn's top advisor rose to speak and tossed a large map onto the table.

    "Alright, so this shows our strong points and weak points, especially areas where the virus might enter the union." Jan pointed, "The northwest and north coastlines are essentially a continuous cliff, we need not worry about them, but there are several places where it breaks, that's where the port cities are. However, they are generally narrow and isolated weak spots. The main concern is Verington Bay and the Golden Coast. That stretch of the coastline is mostly devoid of natural barriers and filled to the brim with resorts, casinos, and dense population centers. There are 14 million people living within the city limits of Verington alone, if penetrated by a horde, evacuation by anything other than aircraft will be nigh on impossible."

    Jan paused and shifted his pointer.

    **"Now in the Far East, Alverex is the only big port to worry about. That place could use some zombies to clear out the filth..." some chuckled at this comment "...but the navy can easily guard that area. Our border with Angleter is sound; our border with Neo-Venetia is not. Neo-Venetia has no organized government and has no way to repel or control an outbreak."

    "In the heart of the country, we have the capital and another huge population concentration along the Kendrovarian and Linden rivers. However, if our coastal defense is sound, a zombie horde should not penetrate into the Kendrovarian highlands. Varia City can act as a fallback point though, as its high location is easily to defend. The rest of the Kendrovarian uplands, like the Laatzenian desert down south, are pretty safe due to sparse population and extremes in temperature. If citizens stay in their panic rooms, the zombies will not survive for long in those environments."

    "Finally, we have a threat on our western border with old Hollentand. That area is chaotic with warlord and drug lord rule. The ELF is known to operate there as well. It is possible that they could purposely contract the virus and start a rampage across the border. Therefore, I believe Warmaster Kol has a military plan for it."**

    Liam Kol rose to speak.

    **"Indeed, I have 4 corps along the border there, III, IV, VII, and IX. I expect the ELF to try something in this time of regional weakness, so we will not permit it. All 4 corps will advance and drive them out of their stronghold neighborhoods. If they get ahold of the virus, or zombify their fighters, we'll have armageddon out there."

    "Now, VI, XI, and XIII are on the Neo-Venetian border and will seal it off. They have no orders or reason to move into the area at this time. XIV is on the Angleteric border. As long as they stay zombie-free, we need not take drastic measures to close that border."

    "The rest of our armies will be concentrated in the big cities to aid the construction of flame barriers and to guard important buildings."**

    Kol waited for an objection, but the politicians didn't even flinch at the thought of sending armies into old Hollentand. He sat back down and Seamaster Adric Selwyn rose next.

    "The Black Tide is, as I speak, being dispatched to guard our ports and waterways. In effect, we are blockading ourselves. All incoming and outgoing boats and ships will be turned away. If they do not comply, warning shots will be fired and radio contact will be attempted. Last resort is opening fire.

    Selwyn continued, "Unfortunately Skymaster Dani'l Nero was unable to attend this meeting. He has been briefed by Duxburian Intelligence and knows to put the Immortal Thunder on full alert and to prepare all bombers for firebombing action if necessary."

    Kol noticed that the politicans winced at that last sentence. Tragic he thought, but it might come to that...

    Xero K now rose and instantly drew everyone's undivided attention.

    **"As you may know, nearly 300 years ago Aelir Eilan created a plan for homeland defense that involved cunning steps to transform this society into one that can seamlessly transition into resistance mode if invaded. Guardians of the past have modified and reshaped the old plan into one that meets the threats of the modern age."

    I have begun to implement the modern plan in this crisis, as zombie attack shares many of the same characteristics as a foreign invasion. Therefore, families will be instructed to take shelter in their panic rooms, assuming that this mandatory provision in the building codes has been enforced..."**

    He threw a dirty look toward the Minister of Civic Affairs, who blushed bright red.

    **"...and all able members of the national militia should have their guns at the ready, upper windows open, and doors barricaded. This might include entire families if all are of age, which will play to our advantage in the cities. Flame barriers will be erected at streets entering each city, with military personnel standing guard with torches, flamethrowers, and machine guns. Finally, bridges will be guarded and ready to be blown at the first sign of trouble."

    "As for our nuclear arsenal..."**

    The room went dead silent at this comment, especially the masters, for they weren't sure how much Xero K knew about that subject and HOW he knew...

    "...some underground silos will be armed and ready. Nothing will be revealed that doesn't need to be, so don't worry, a silo isn't going to be popping up through your backyards any time soon."

    There was some general laughter, but many officials recalled in their minds the urban legend that the central green of Verington University was actually the cover to a missile silo....then there was the one about Challenger Stadium's infield being retractable to reveal a silo...even the Silver Hill Golf Course had odd rumors of a nuclear sort...

    "Alright gentlemen, you've heard the plans," Dehn said. "The country is now in Code Red status, Situation #5. We'll call it Operation Zombie. Now go and may no zombie ever set foot in the United Dominions!"

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    Bastia, Belarum
    The White House

    President Burke sat on the edge of his desk, looking at the major members of his national security team. Sitting around him were his Chief of Staff Darrell Hamden, Chief Counsel James Stossel, the unnamed Director of the Belarian Intelligence Office, Foreign Affairs Minister Gabriel Constant, Defense Minister Patrick Benton, and National Security Adviser Dean Corbin.

    "My agency has just reported total success in containing the area around Cedar Grove. There is no outbreak in the wider city, and the rest of the country has no reported cases of infection", said the BIO Director.

    "That's good news", said President Burke, "but I don't think we're out of trouble yet. We've got infections springing up, and from what I've been hearing through our back channels across the region, there are a lot of countries that think we've got major outbreaks. Darrell, I want you to spread the word that the country is infection free, other than the hospital."

    "Yes Mr. President", said Hamden.

    Just as Hamden spoke, his cell phone rang. He excused himself from the room as the Foreign Affairs Minister spoke.

    **"Mr. President, we now have confirmed reports of widespread infection in the Reich. I'd recommend immediately halting all goods and transit of any kind between our nation and theirs, to stop any potential transmission."

    "Sounds good to me, but we should also offer assistance. Do any nations know that we have a serum to this thing proven effective before the, um...transformation is complete?"

    "I'm not sure, but I can get the word out as quickly as possible."

    "Do it. People are starting to treat this situation like a bad horror film. Defense Minister Benton, how is our military readiness?"

    "We're on high alert, Mr. President. We can have fighters in the air and naval craft in the waters to enforce any blockade from the Reich. We are also poised to bomb any infected targets with reasonable accuracy upon request from any nation."

    "Excellent. I want every nation in the region to know that we have the capability to launch a bombing campaign to any area completely overrun with the infected."**

    "Something else, Mr. President", said the BIO Director, "I have recieved unofficial information concerning the Soviet Union. It seems that they have sufferred an outbreak similar to our own, and have issued a total press blackout and a cover story which states that they've endured attacks from a 'capitalist' terrorist group. Now we all know that General Pukhov, their defense minister, has the faculties of an escaped mental patient. We've been hearing chatter that because they issued this cover story, the Soviet people want retribution."

    "I'm going to put out a press release condemning the attacks of any terrorist group they claim is responsible. We don't have much trade or travel with the USSR, so I think transmission is unlikely."

    The President's Chief of Staff walked back into the room and spoke.

    "Mr. President, I've just received word that Cedar Grove hospital has had all uninfected evacuated. Any infected have been confirmed killed, and the hospital has been firebombed in order to destroy the infection. The quarantine will remain in place for 24 hours, and then will withdraw as per CBDC standard operating procedure."

    Various clapping and hoots went through the President's office before he spoke.

    "That's excellent Darrell. I want the word out that we've effectively eliminated the infection in the Federal Republic, and our primary concern now is of the outbreak in the Gro?deutsches Reich."

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