Angleter Military Operation Announcement

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    Dear Sirs and Madams,

    I would like to announce that the Grand Marquessate of Angleter, purely in the interests of the people of our nation, its nation and the neighbouring nations, has launched a military operation into the failed state of Neo-Venetia.

    Neo-Venetia has not had a functioning government for many years and we feel that we must liberate their people from this anarchical agony. We also feel that they would be unable to cope with an infection of the Zombie Virus, endangering our nation and other local nations who are close to this chaos-ridden basket-case. We do not want to risk an epidemic in Neo-Venetia crossing over into our land and infecting our people.

    We would wish for you not to hamper our liberation process and try to support dangerous, poverty-stricken failed states like Neo-Venetia, or annex them through your own greed. We see no-one who loses from this but the imperialists who want their nation to take over Neo-Venetia.

    Thank you all in advance for your co-operation.

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    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics condemns this aggressive and rogue action by Angleter. We would like to see your military forces withdraw at the highest possible pace, otherwise we cannot guarantee our stance regarding the subject will remain serene and pacifist.

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    The Federal Republic of Belarum feels that there is no need for aggressive counter-action on the part of any state concerning the collapse of several governments in the region. It does not appear to the Federal Republic that the "Angleter Military Operation" is rogue or aggressive, as characterized by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but it understands how such a conclusion could be reached.

    This is why the Federal Republic of Belarum calls upon the region to act concerning not only the failure of the the Neo-Venetian government, but the failure of states across the European Union. The Federal Republic will take measures in the coming days to form a regional coalition of willing states for peacekeeping duties across many states, including the recently collapsed government of Triera, our neighbor to the north. After democratic governments can be set up, the peacekeepers will be redeployed to their home countries.

    It falls upon all of us to act now.

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    The Angleter Military Operation is completely rogue and aggressive, with no signs of the slightest good will in its nature. The terminology used by the Angleter government as well as the sudden nature and complete secrecy regarding the launch of this operation leads us to believe this is an organised scheme with malicious intentions at the expense of the European Union.

    As a result, in addition to the recently declared military mobilisations regarding the Zombie outbreaks abroad, the Soviet Union announces its intention to deploy a carrier strike force in the vicinity of Neo-Venetia to protect the nation's territorial waters and sovereignty. A force of peacekeepers in the form of Soviet Marines will be deployed along the coasts and seize ports to allow for smooth entry of future peace-keeping forces.

    Until the carrier strike force can arrive, the Air Assault Troops will undertake the task of capturing and holding these beachheads and the country's airports, as well as restore order in the vicinity they have under their control. The Soviet Armed Forces will commit a total of 12,500 troops for this operation until the European Union can replace them with an international taskforce.

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    Unfortunately it seems that some nations have suspicions and reservations about this peaceful annexation of Neo-Venetia. Thus I would like to put the case for this operation:

    • Neo-Venetia is a failed state with no government and has been in chaos for years. This annexation brings law and order back to the state and returns it to democracy as various federal subjects of Angleter.
    • Also, given that it is in chaos and has no government, Neo-Venetia's economy has fallen into that of a basket-case. Being part of Angleter, with the 3rd highest GDP per capita of the region, will create a new period of growth unprecedented in Neo-Venetia to drag this failed land out of poverty.
    • As a very poor nation and one without a functioning government, Neo-Venetia seems like the perfect place for a Zombie epidemic. By applying Angleteric foreign policy, we are saving its people from such a disease emerging and scourging the land.
    • Union would also help our economy. Access to Neo-Venetia's ports will make Angleter more of an economic powerhouse than it is now, and that includes its new Neo-Venetian subjects.
    • Saying that we are aggressive because of bringing in the troops is completely wrong. In a failed state we cannot just walk in and place in a government, or try to annex it without an army, the anarchists will simply take hold again.
    • Next, if the Zombie Virus does take hold in an independent failed state of Neo-Venetia, then it is highly likely that the zombies could overpower our troops and infect the smaller Angleter, and that would be disastrous for us too, and also for any other nation bordering or near Neo-Venetia. It is dangerous to us and must be pacified.
      Our sudden nature was because this was as fast as we could organise an invasion after the Zombie Outbreak severely magnified the Neo-Venetian problem. Our secrecy was standard procedure, after all some nations of the Union could get the wrong idea about our motives and launch pre-emptive military campaigns against us, laying waste to Angleter.

    Thus, Soviet Union and any other interested parties, I would like you to re-consider your judgement that this is 'rogue and aggressive' and shows 'no signs...of good will'.

    I do not know why you have had this hostile reaction to our liberation of the Neo-Venetians, is it because Neo-Venetia was up the top of your list for Communising the region? Is it because you support anarchy, poverty, disease and are against democracy? Oh, of course, you are a one-party state. But also is it because you want to stop an upstart nation like Angleter from becoming that bit too powerful, well in that case I am ashamed.

    Neo-Venetia is now part of Angleteric sovereign territory and we wish that you release the airports into Angleteric hands and turn your ships back to the USSR. We have 20,000 men marching on the three airports in Soviet hands and 75,000 men on the coast, concentrated on the ports targeted by the USSR and ready to strike on the held beachheads. I suggest you send your air assault men back immediately.

    And please no pre-emptive nuclear strike threats again, we wouldn't want you to be seen as a rogue and aggressive bully, now would we?

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    These preposterous actions of Angleter can and will be tolerated no longer. First you present yourself at the European Council as the Venetian people's saviour and then, with anti-people policies, you declare an annexation without even consulting the workers and peasants of the country you have just violated the sovereignty of.

    I will make it clear that the USSR is not going to tolerate or recognise this annexation of land, and thus any Angleterran sovereignty over Neo-Venetia.

    Your words, your actions and your admittances reveal the motives behind this act of aggression: imperialism. I call for the European Council, and chiefly Belarum and Aesop Rocks, to not and never stand for and tolerate this situation and actions! In the name and for the sake of the Venetian people, self-determination and people's rights should be the utmost factor here, not expansionist plans that appeal to Angleter's capitalist lobbies!

    None of the Soviet troops will be surrendering to the Angleterran invaders, and will instead continue establishing order in the key locations they are garrisoning until European Union reinforcements will be able to come and replace them. Though they have no orders to fire upon Angleterran troops, they will return fire before asking any and all questions.

    Any attack on Soviet personnel and citizens in the vicinity of Neo-Venetia or elsewhere will constitute a casus belli for the Supreme Council and the Council of Ministers of the U.S.S.R. Capitalist aggressors, you have been warned!

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    Ooh, dear, you forgot to mention the fact that you can blow our nation to smithereens with your thousands of nukes! Better say that next time!

    I say that you are incorrect to call yourself the nation that acts on behalf of the Neo-Venetian people. After all, if you had your way, the people of Neo-Venetia would be left in a squalid, anarchist downward spiral riddled with poverty and disease! We do not stand for this kind of hypocritical garbage!

    Thus let us see what the people think. The Soviet carrier strike force will end its vigil off our coast. The Soviet peacekeeping force will be allowed to stay in Neo-Venetia, and we will accept any more peacekeepers. They will help us with imposing the rule of law on the people of Neo-Venetia before, after 10 days under Angleteric rule, having developed an electoral registration and identification system, a plebiscite will be held under the following question:


    If a yes vote of over 50%, then we shall eject all foreign military presence from Neo-Venetia, if no wins with over 50%, then we shall renounce all claims to Neo-Venetia and remove our military presence, although we shall be allowed access to the harbour of Neo-Venetia to base our navy. The result will be null and void if turnout is lower than 50%.

    I consider any rejection of this proposal a telling sign that the Soviet Union wishes not to end this dispute democratically but by military combat.

    PS: Tell your state-owned, non-free newspaper that we are not a 'so-called' Grand Marquessate, we are one and that's that. We have a monarch- a Grand Marquess. So thus we are a Grand Marquessate. Simple, yes?

    PPS: It's "Angleteric" not "Angleterran". Can the whole USSR get that into their Communist-brainwashed, anti-opportunity heads?

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    Enough with this fearmongering; nobody has spoken of using nuclear weapons so Angleter should cease using this argument to whip up support.

    As of this referendum, we refuse recognising its validity for the simple reason Neo-Venetia is not a part of Angleter in the first place. In addition, any recognised referendum should be given multiple choice, pro-people requirements, and international observation. Your Hunnic hordes, which now occupy this once-free and sovereign country, are no assurance that you will leave the poor Venetian people be, but rather, that you will bully them to submission.

    But, of course, this opinion of ours does not matter; Angleter, dear colleagues, is so determined to annex Neo-Venetia at any and whatever cost, that it offers us a 'play our game or you are bad people we will kill' game!

    Saying 'if you do not like our proposal then you do not like diplomacy but war' is as childish and undiplomatic as Lenin's beard was real.

    This same proposal, dear colleagues, now reveals the true reason Angleter wants to 'save' Neo-Venetia. A navy! Even at a no vote, Angleter still wins and Neo-Venetia is the big, fat loser! This is preposterous.

    And I now ask my Belarian comrade; if this is not opportunism and aggression, let alone lack of goodwill, what is it then?

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    We again refer you to the bullet points I made in my previous speech and ask you again, how can Neo-Venetia be a 'big fat loser'? As to international observation- surely your and anyone else's troops will act as 'international observers'. Multiple choice: is 'yes' and 'no' not multiple choice, which of course is an alien concept to you in the USSR.

    We do have a navy, but it is currently in a rather wide canal system that passes through Neo-Venetia and into the sea. Our designs on naval access are but a minor reason for our invasion. Truth be told, we felt threatened by Neo-Venetia's lack of government and thus lack of ability to protect against a zombie invasion that could easily spread here.

    However we still ask the Soviet Union: HOW DO NEO-VENETIA'S PEOPLE LOSE OUT FROM ANNEXATION BY ANGLETER? I demand an answer as soon as you can think of one! Why does the Soviet Union meet this win-win situation with such massive hostility? It baffles me!

    And finally, by 'pro-people' what on Earth do you mean? Communist? And I believe that the real reason why you oppose our plebiscite proposal is because you know that they will vote for us!

    I address this to all nations- list any ideas you have as to how Angleter annexing Neo-Venetia can impoverish the people in any way. I am sure that the positives at the end will completely outweigh the negatives.

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    But of course; Neo-Venetia has nothing to lose if it becomes annexed, save for its elegance, its self-determination and respect, its system of government, culture, economy, sovereignty, independence, and a bunch of other things that no doubt are completely meaningless for the Grand Marquess.

    At the same time, it is viciously Communist to desire for a better and fairer plebiscite that is not a hundred percent schemed and plotted by the Angleteric corporations and its lackeys, but by this Council and organisation. It is a dreaded thing that those bloody Communists oppose this, oh my, 'win-win situation!'

    Colleagues, Angleter continuously proves before your eyes it is a rogue state that wants to set a dangerous and risky precedent in this Union.

    First and foremost, it plots and launches a surprise attack on a sovereign nation. Secondly, it threatens the heralds of a future European Union mission there with war. Thirdly, it arrogantly perceives itself as the messiah of the Venetian people. Fourthly, it rejects diplomacy and democracy, as well as any and all decency.

    Last, but not least, it tries to deter its critics with meaningless comments along the lines of 'they are Communists' and 'you want to spread Communism.' This government goes as far as equating poll observers with military presence; so deeply rooted is nationalism and authoritarianism in this government's minds.

    And instead of providing arguments and backing up its words, this government accuses the Soviet Union of lacking democracy and freedom.

    Colleagues, members of the European Council, the decision regarding Venetia's future is yours to make.

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    What does Neo-Venetia have to lose?

    SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT: It hasn't got a government.
    ECONOMY: None, probably stems from not having a government.
    RESPECT: Respect as an anarchic basket-case riddled by poverty?
    CULTURE: They'll be allowed to practice their own culture as an ethnic minority in Angleter.
    ELEGANCE: An elegance sadly lost in anarchy and one that can flourish again as a region in Angleter.
    SOVEREIGNTY AND INDEPENDENCE: What meaning has independence when one has not a proper nation?
    SELF-DETERMINATION: So why are you against the referendum?


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    There we go, dear colleagues, once again baffling nonsense.

    Angleter decides that Neo-Venetia has absolutely no government, that it instantly lost its economy, and self-respect is of course something unheard of for anarchies. If I am not mistaken, the Grand Marquess' handbook says that the only people with less self-respect are Communists...

    On to the more serious, challenging declarations however. The people of Venetia, a majority in their land, will suddenly become a minority in their own country; more correctly, they will no longer have a country of their own to begin with!

    And of course, anarchy immediately equals a lack of elegance... Neo-Venetia is but a burnt wasteland, the most real incarnation of Tolkien's Mordor and Mount Doom, with the pesky Angleteric invaders seeing themselves as the Fellowship. What misses is the Bridge of Khazad-Dum, and the EU Balrog to stop them from crossing.

    Instead of helping Venetians re-establish their sovereignty and independence, we are now supposed to condone with these capitalists' imperialistic desires and aspirations and allow them to make Neo-Venetia their new backyard where they can dump corporations, genocides and colonists.

    Let alone the loss of Venetian self-determination, which stems from all the aforementioned, and something even Mr. Khatkar has not managed to try and counter with failure!

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    The Duxburian Union does not feel secure with all this military action so close to our own borders. Foreign military personnel are not welcome within 25 miles of the Duxburian land border with Neo-Venetia or the sea border extending out to international waters. 20% of the Black Tigers are currently stationed in the Dominion of the Far East, of which 3 corps are directly on our border with Neo-Venetia. VI, XI, and XIII will enter the country if necessary to enforce the 25 mile temporary buffer zone. Concerned citizens of Neo-Venetia in contested areas are welcome to take refuge in this zone, which will be lifted once the threat of war between Angleter and the Soviet Union recedes.

    In addition, the army has decided to send VIII and XIX as support. They will arrive in Alverex city in less than 19 hours.

    As our major port city in the Far East, Alverex, is in close proximity to the border, we are also putting the 3rd Fleet and 110th Immortal Thunder air squadron on full alert. Both are permanently stationed at the Alverian Naval Air Station and will be patrolling the border.

    No Duxburian military units have any orders to fire, unless foreign personnel ignore requests to stay clear of the buffer zone. The buffer is for our own protection and to a limited degree that of displaced Neo-Venetian civilians.

    We urge Angleter and the Soviet Union to resolve their dispute diplomatically and freeze all troop movements. War should not be in anyone's best interest, especially that of the Neo-Venetian people.

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    The Federal Republic of Belarum concurs with the Duxburian Union in this matter concerning such rapid troop movement. Nations of the European Union, we must come together in this time of great need.

    The Federal Republic proposes a summit of all functioning nation-states in the European Union to converge on Europolis in order to reach an agreement on the Neo-Venetian matter. We would also like to ask all nations to end the name-calling: it shames me personally that such esteemed nations resort to such petty bickering.

    We place no blame on any nation and would like to state not our neutrality, but our desire to act multilaterally with all nations in the region - including the USSR - to bring a democratic government to the Neo-Venetian people now stunted and wasted by their abject poverty and lack of sovereign government.

    What says the nations of this Council to that?

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    Exactly. Go home, USSR. I am sure Duxburian Union will have been just as worried about a threat of viral infection from the Neo-Venetian 'nation'. Now, everyone knows that when a country is 'in trouble' its currency gets devalued on the world market? Well if Neo-Venetia has been 'in trouble' for years and in such trouble that it has no government, then nw it is obviously in a state of hyperinflation, with no government issuing any more money! The country, if you can call it that, has not enough money for anyone to live that far above the poverty line (very Communist- everyone is poor!) and so tell me now that Neo-Venetia is a thriving economic breadbasket and not a collapsed economic basket-case!

    As to self-determination: I did answer that, I said that the Venetians can self-determine at the proposed plebiscite on 22 December! And as to Venetians being a minority- how are the Lithuanians getting along? And the Latvians, Estonians, Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Kalmyks, Tuvans, Tatars, Kazakhs, Armenians, etc, etc?

    And if Neo-Venetia has a government, name it. Go on, name the Head of State of your independent Neo-Venetia! Surely when you live in such an anarchic basket-case like Neo-Venetia self-respect is slightly less relevant than you make it out to be? And elegance. When a nation descends into complete anarchy, you get various factions warring and arguing and grappling for power at the expense of the people. There is a gap and there are various unsavoury sorts trying to fill it! Elegance and culture and national identity get kicked out the window! Under Angleter, they will be free from these oddballs' rule, free to run themselves to a very high degree, and free to practice their own culture and restore their elegance.

    To Duxburian Union: OK, I agree. No-one within 25 miles of the Duxburian border.

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    The only one who should go home is the repressive, undemocratic, neo-fascist, dangerous, capitalist and imperialistic Angleteric military. The Soviet Union is spearheading a future European Union presence in Neo-Venetia and is in no mood to start firing gunshots; of course, if someone else begins the dance and involves us, we will be more than happy to join and return the favour.

    The Soviet peace-keeping mission will neither be stalled, nor will it be halted.

    For once more, all we hear from Angleter is excuses for their invasion instead of anything but diplomacy. The Soviet referendum stance has been utterly and completely overlooked, deliberately even, in order to further the ambivalent imperialistic desires of the Grand Marquess. We are even being insulted right in our faces!

    I will not even address the matter of 'Communistic' economies being small. The Soviet Union has the largest economy in the European Union, as well as an amazing per-capita income that guarantees absurdly confident standards of living capitalist countries simply cannot afford to match. So I would like my Angleteric colleague to spare me from his bashing rhetoric.

    As of our 'minorities', I would like to kindly remind you each and every one of them has their own independent or autonomous republic, with the former being of equal status to the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. Your misguiding, false propaganda is bound to fail simply because you dare challenge the world's most effective economic and governing system.

    Making Neo-Venetia a dependency of Angleter is voiding any self-determination, which is why the Soviet Union is so adamantly opposed to this absurdity, especially on the terms demanded to be dictated by Angleter!

    Last, but not least, we express our confidence at a peace conference and will attend as well as take into serious account the limitations set by the Duxburian Union as we wish to prove we are no threat but to the malicious and the villains, the same malicious villains who first decide their sovereignty is expanded and then un-expand it by 25 miles.

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    The Duxburian Union believes that economic systems are totally irrelevant and that a moratorium on that aspect of the bickering would help cool verbal tensions. People may thrive under capitalism; people may thrive under communism; people may thrive under anything in between. The DU once maintained a standard of living per capita that no nation in the region has yet matched, a full $4,000 higher than the leader today. Currently in our weakest economic condition ever due to the zombie crisis, we have still managed to maintain the 3rd highest standard of living. Any well-managed economy can succeed.

    The Soviets may mock the buffer zone, but it is no extension of sovereignty. There is no Duxburian presence in Neo-Venetia and no soldier will necessarily have to take so much as a step across the border. The Duxburian Union also guarantees the independence of Neo-Venetia in that zone; they are formally recognized as our legitimate neighbor along the northern border of the Dominion of the Far East.

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    Mr. Kirov, I have but two words for you as to your supposed support for Neo-Venetian cultural independence: Rapproachment and Fusion- official CPSU party doctrine since 1961. I will not listen to hypocritical denounciation of our supposed intent to destroy everything Neo-Venetian about Neo-Venetia!

    As an Autonomous Dominion of Angleter, the Neo-Venetians could speak their own language, practice their own cultures, but experience the political and socio-economic benefits of being part of Angleter! I ask you again, what does Neo-Venetia and its people have to lose?

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    I would like to apologise to my Duxburian colleague for I was never intending to offend your country. The Soviet Union shall respect your dead zone of 25 miles and whole-heartedly welcomes the recognition of Neo-Venetian sovereignty. What I was criticising was Angleter; first they proclaim Neo-Venetia their province, and then they eagerly surrender the sovereignty of the zone you just proclaimed through their actions.

    It would be fortunate to see the Duxburian Armed Forces work besides the Soviet Union's in peace-keeping Neo-Venetia, and the Soviet Navy taskforce dispatched to the region would be honoured to be able and make port calls to refuel and resupply its stocks in Duxburian ports. War is not our intention but our foes', and we will do our utmost to prevent it, with the loss of as little human lives as deemed possible; it is those villainous demonspawn that have another opinion.

    Mr. Khatkar, I do not care at all about your argument. You said it yourself; Rapproachment and Fusion was a policy dating back to the 1960's. I assume that this allows us to bring up arguments about your country based on your actions in the 1920's or even the 19th Century? Of course it does not. If you want to dishonourably throw mud at my nation's face, at least honour us by trying to do it decently and properly.

    I have already told you what Neo-Venetia has to lose. Neo-Venetia is Neo-Venetian, not Angleteric. Angleter has no place there, and the European Council should work in accordance to the Constitution of the European Union, and namely the following clauses:

    1. the Preamble,
    2. Chapter I, Article II, Paragraph 4
    3. Annex III, Article IAll of the aforementioned articles safeguard the sovereignty of the member-states of the European Union, and as such, the sovereignty of such states should be safeguarded and respected not just by the European Union, but also the member-states of the European Union, which unfortunately include Angleter, a violator of those articles and principles alike.

    Dear colleagues, here we have a land-hungry, blue water port-thirsty imperialist government which occupies a sovereign nation with over 100,000 troops and threatens the obliteration of but 8,000 peace-keepers currently dispatched over there with those superior forces; a military force that obviously poses neither threat nor challenge to them in military terms.

    The Soviet Union hereby calls for the Security Council of the European Union, whose members include Belarum and Aesop Rocks and have pledged long ago to help support any European Union member state repel foreign aggression such as this, to decree on this matter. I shall be personally taking this within the halls of the Security Council, seeing the European Council's lack of will to even comment on the situation.

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    Just to clarify for this product of the USSR's inferior, politically motivated, Russifying education system:

    • Angleter proposes that Neo-Venetians decide if they want Neo-Venetia to be Neo-Venetian or Angleteric.
    • We are not threatening to 'obliterate' anyone- Soviet Union's troops are unwanted but safe.This is not 100,000 evil, imperialistic, bloodthirsty soldiers besieging 8,000 poor, vulnerable peacekeepers. This is 100,000 liberating soldiers with but another 150,000 in reserve being bombed by terrorists and knowing that even if they say boo to a supposedly peacekeeping goose they will be bombed to destruction and massacred by millions of 'support troops'!

    Leave Angleter and Neo-Venetia be. I promise on behalf of my nation that if the plebiscite gives a 'no' vote to being part of Angleter, then we shall pull out all but our navy who may dock in the port of Neo-Venetia.

    Also, this is not a European Union member-state being a victim of foreign aggression: Neo-Venetia lost all membership of the European Union upon the government's ceasing to exist. Has Neo-Venetia, since its collapse, sent a delegate to the Council? NO! Has it even acknowledged its being in the EU? NO!

    Finally, could you, Mr. Kirov, a CPSU duckspeaker I'm sure, find the date when Rapproachment and Fusion ceased to be party doctrine? Or are the Chechnyans still having vodka forced down their throat?

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