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    This is a war, and war is supposed to be met with action from this Council. Although the USSR is strongly against war, we would like the Security Council to help us uphold Neo-Venetian sovereignty and convince Angleter to withdraw by all means necessary, preferably non-violent, from Neo-Venetia.

    [ooc] Belarum, as you once posted under the Warzone forum:
    QUOTE (Belarum @ Dec 10 2006, 08:36 PM)

    Aesop Rocks, Belarum, the Soviet Union, and Triera are still members of the SC, and if a regional war breaks out, we are bound to supply our military forces to a regional peacekeeping force in order to stop the conflict.

    That being said, Angleter is god-modding. I had never roleplayed a presence in Neo-Venetia; he claimed I had 3 airports (see the relevant European Council post), I played along for the fun of role-playing (thus my thread under 'Warzone'), but now he goes as far as deciding Neo-Venetia's internal groups, history, and wars (see his latest news post.)

    That last news post of his, which also includes opinion polls for the Neo-Venetian people that show the plurality supports his cause, I can only take as IC propaganda, not IC factuality; he has no right to say what happens in nations other than his own, or with other nations' peoples.

    I think that as Security Council members we need to dispatch peace-keepers until the EU decides whether to send them or not (as per Belarum's post in the EUC) and make sure Angleter withdraws until a decision regarding the future of Neo-Venetia has been made. If we fail on upholding our duties, the Security Council fails as well.

    [edit] I also asked him to get real about his navy. First he has no coast, and then, after he attains one by occupying Neo-Venetia, he somehow has 20-30 aircraft carriers of all types, 30 battleships, blah blah... basically 200-300 ships in total, almost all out of zero. This is sick and blatant power-gaming and god-modding alike and if it is allowed (just like with how he says what happens with other nations' citizens) we set a dangerous precedent for other players to follow. [/edit][/ooc]

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    OOC: I'm sorry I can't be around just as things are taking off, I live in MA, USA which as some may know is experiencing a state of emergency due to ice storms, causing me to have no power. I'm in a place in MA that has it, but it's very unreliable at the moment. I'll try to be on as much as possible.

    If Angleter is god-moding, than we all have an obligation to stop him. That being said, I would like to see the SC deploy a sizeable peacekeeping force in Neo-Venetia.

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    [ooc] Good luck Belarum smile.gif

    The USSR has already committed a motor rifle division, an air assault division and four air assault regiments (25,000 men; in war system terms it is 5 airborne, 3 motor rifle, 1 tank and 1 artillery brigades) plus a carrier strike force (with a supercarrier, a heavy cruiser, two light cruisers, four destroyers, six frigates, five nuclear hunter-killer submarines and two amphibious assault ships) and four transport squadrons (another 800 men with 60 aircraft.) Of them, 7,900 men and 30 aircraft are in Neo-Venetia right now, occupying all major airports from where Security Council members can fly in reinforcements very easily.

    The Soviet naval taskforce will attempt quarantining Angleteric naval presence in Neo-Venetia City and deploy its forces on the transports at a port or gulf where an interim port can be built. That being said, Angleter vastly outnumbers anything I have sent there so in the unlikely event he actually attacks me, I am forced to make a pre-emptive nuclear strike in Neo-Venetia City to knock out his numerically superior fleet.

    (That will be a collection of tactical nukes that should not harm the city proper, just the enemy fleet and its docks.)

    So basically, what we have committed so far, the ones with an asterisk are in Neo-Venetia and those with two are en route:

    Soviet Armed Forces (25.000 with 21 ships and 442 aircraft and helicopters)
    Soviet Ground Forces (12.500 with 30 aircraft and helicopters)

    • 16th Guards Motor Rifle Division (12.500 with 30 aircraft and helicopters)
      161 Guards Motor Rifle Regiment**
      162 Guards Motor Rifle Regiment**
      163 Guards Motor Rifle Regiment
      164 Guards Motor Rifle Regiment
      165 Motor Rifle Regiment**
      161 Guards Tank Regiment**
      161 Artillery Regiment**
      161 Air Defence Regiment**
      161 Tactical Missile Regiment**
      161 Close-Air Support Regiment**
      Soviet Air Assault Troops (12.500)
    • 113th Air Assault Division (7.500)*
      1131 Air Assault Regiment
      1132 Air Assault Regiment
      1133 Air Assault Regiment
      1134 Air Assault Regiment
      1135 Air Assault Regiment
      1136 Air Assault Regiment
    • 1145 Air Assault Regiment (1.250)
    • 1146 Air Assault Regiment (1.250)
    • 1147 Air Assault Regiment (1.250)
    • 1148 Air Assault Regiment (1.250)
      Soviet Air Force (4.000 with 300 aircraft)
    • 1347 Transport Squadron (200, 14 Il-76, 1 Il-78)*
    • 1378 Transport Squadron (200, 14 Il-76, 1 Il-78)*
    • 2310 Transport Squadron (200, 14 Il-76, 1 Il-78)
    • 2391 Transport Squadron (200, 14 Il-76, 1 Il-78)
    • 113 Strategic Bomber Squadron (200, 15 Tu-160)
    • 114 Strategic Bomber Squadron (200, 10 Tu-160, 5 Tu-95)
    • 221 Bomber Squadron (200, 15 Tu-22M3)
    • 222 Bomber Squadron (200, 15 Tu-22M3)
    • 223 Bomber Squadron (200, 15 Tu-95)
    • 224 Bomber Squadron (200, 15 Tu-95)
      Soviet Navy (21 ships with 112 aircraft and helicopters)
    • Carrier Strike Force 'Ulyanovsk'**
      SFS Ulyanovsk (supercarrier, Ulyanovsk-class)
      SFS Andropov (heavy cruiser, Kirov-class)
      SFS Slava (light cruiser, Slava-class)
      SFS Atlant (light cruiser, Slava-class)
      Destroyer, Sovremenny-class (2)
      Destroyer, Udaloy-class (2)
      Frigate, Neustrashimyi-class (6)
      Nuclear-powered attack submarine, Akula-class (2)
      Amphibious assault ship, Ivan Rogov-class (2)
    • 1250 Hunter-Killer Squadron*
      Nuclear-powered attack submarine, Akula-class (3)We need more air cover and ground forces muscle... Some aircraft carriers will do. If it goes bad I suggest dispatching 2-4 carriers each.

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    I can supply greater air coverage in necessary areas in Neo-Venetia, just name what you think would be necessary logistically, I can discuss tactical issues - military and otherwise. Which brings me to my second point:


    It doesn't matter if they're tactical and won't damage anything but Angleteric troops. You're not representing Soviet interests in Angleter: you are there as a representative of the EU Security Council in a peacekeeping role, as I am as well. If they attack you, attack them with conventional forces. I'll be fighting them right alongside you, that much I guarantee.

    AR: Would you be willing to deploy troops?

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    [IC] Aesop Rocks will be willing to deploy as many troops as necessary. We shall be able to deploy 30,000 Airborne within 24 hours, if the Security Council can provide us with a safe drop-zone. We also have a high number of Strategic Bombers of which a proportion, can be stationed at the Airbase the Soviet Union is currently holding. We shall present you with our exact numbers, not including Airborne, within 72 hours. We apologise for the delay, you understand Area 14 is still demanding our attention.

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    We should probably organize our EUSC official stance and our troop delployments before Angleter jumps the gun or goes off the deep end in the Warzone section.

    SU: We seem to be contradicting each other in the Council debate. You seem to be taking a much harder line against them. Perhaps we should try to split the difference so as to put up a more united, multilateral front against any kind of Angleter expansionism?

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    Our rhetoric regarding Angleter is meant to push them and is not quite forcing the Security Council members to comply. That being said, a broader, united front will be much more desirable.

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    Well we both want Angleter out of Neo-Venetia (I think we can all agree that their actions are at best misguided and at worst power-thirsty), so whatever course we take should have that as an end result. Perhaps we should introduce an EUSC declaration signed by all EUSC members that beseaches the Angleter government to remove all military personnel, or at least have them join under the ranks of a region-wide peacekeeping force.

    Perhaps this legislation could also be the one forming a peacekeeping mission.

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    I think this thing needs to be escalated, otherwise we're all going to be tied up in some conflict in a country that technically doesn't exist. I'm going to draft an EUSC mandate for a peacekeeping force, which will also invite all nations in the region to commit resources in the form of either humanitarian aid or military equipment and personnel in order to keep the peace and establish a transitional democratic government.

    I think we should also issue an ultimatum to Angleter, similar to NATO's against Milosevic: if you don't pull out of Neo-Venetia and give up your attempts to seize the NV corridor, we're going to start pounding your military installations with a steady stream of bombings. What does everyone think?

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    So, when can we start planning missile strikes? tongue.gif

    (Wait, did you seriously think USSR would use archaeological evidence like... bombers? Okay... Maybe as missile launchers... Let me rephrase...)

    So, when can we start planning missile strikes?

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    @SU: That's hilarious. rolleyes.gif

    I've drafted up some legislation that the EUSC can issue in the European Council, if anyone has suggestions feel free to reply:


    Members of the European Union,

    Bearing in mind the purpose of the European Union Security Council (currently Aesop Rocks, Belarum, and the Soviet Union), whose primary responsibility is the maintenance of regional peace and security,

    Deeply regretting the anarchic state of the nation of Neo-Venetia, whose people suffer from tremendously from the lack of order, economic activity, and social cohesion which comes from democratic government,

    Further regretting the actions of the Grand Marquessate of Angleter in the sovereign nation of Neo-Venetia, which could be considered misguided at best and intrusive and imperialistic at worst,

    Determined to bring to an end the humanitarian crisis in Neo-Venetia, as well as protect the sovereignty of that nation and provide for the safety and security of their people, hereby:

    1. Mandates creation of an European Union Security Council (EUSC)-led peacekeeping force, which all nations in the European Union are welcome to contribute to in the form of either humanitarian aid or military equipment/personnel;

    2. Further mandates the disarmament of all terrorist groups or factions hostile to a sovereign democratic government in the nation of Neo-Venetia;

    3. Requests the end of all efforts made by the Grand Marquessate of Angleter to occupy or annex any or all Neo-Venetian territory, and the end of all expansionist activities on the part of the Grand Marquessate into Neo-Venetia;

    4. Delineates the authority to the EUSC to take action against any and all Grand Marquessate military personnel in Neo-Venetia should that nation refuse to end its pursuit to annex Neo-Venetia, either in part or in whole;

    5. Encourages both the EUSC and the Grand Marquessate of Angleter to engage in diplomatic talks to both establish a free and independent democratic government in Neo-Venetia and to negotiate a fair resolution to the matter of the Angleter presence in Neo-Venetia.

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    I say, remove the word 'terrorist.' 'Groups or factions' is generic enough to allow us to crush all armed opposition that should not be armed in the first place. In the end, Neo-Venetia should be able to decide who will be armed in it, and not those armed before that.

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    Sure, that sounds good. Aesop Rocks, do you have any input before we go ahead with this declaration?

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    Seems Angleter has an ally that needs to be included in this resolution. Since Angleter and Sindorin are mobilising for war, the Soviet Union will refuse any and all negotiations before Neo-Venetia empties of non-EUSC troops.

    As of the posted mobilisation, it takes place but don't make it sound threatening. It's more due to remind them who have the manpower, as well as assure we do not get nuked.

    I'll post that NV's waters and airspace are getting quarantined by 'EUSC' forces tomorrow if you guys don't disagree.

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    Also, for the record, I am planning to make Sindorin stand down by mobilising across the common border. If it ever goes that far.

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    I'm going ahead with a revised document that includes asking Soviet Sindorin to stand down and support the EUSC peacekeeping force. I also revised a line about Angleter's motives, and stated that they are in violation of "international law and regional precedent" by violating sovereignty. We've got our justification, now if they refuse to pull out we're taking it to them.

    If they say no, we're going to war. Funny, I never thought we'd all be fighting on the same side. smile.gif

    AR: Sorry you weren't around to check this one out, but I think you would approve of the course of action we are taking. Get back soon, mate.

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    I think it would be good for all three of us to meet soon, or if AR can't make it myself and you USSR. If our leaders met, we can better coordinate the general strategy for the war (if the bulk of your military will be contending with Soviet Sindorin, but I'm sure it won't exhaust your forces as the military of that nation is puny compared to your own). I think it would also be good for projecting regional stability. Do you have any thoughts?

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    Moscow is planning on using its numerical superiority to force Sindorin exhaust its resources on defending itself and, as such, leave the Security Council unbothered in Neo-Venetia and Angleter without allied assistance. No actual war is planned, but aggressive probes are a possibility.

    A summit will be heavily publicised, of course, and naturally expected to be held in Moscow. tongue.gif

    Regarding contributions, I will limit myself to my present naval forces and airborne reinforcements for the time being, to give off the impression the USSR is planning on extended war with Soviet Sindorin.

    Moscow's (real) objectives:

    • Prevent Angleter and Sindorin forces from fighting side-to-side.
    • Project some military power and assistance in Neo-Venetia.
    • Project military power and flex muscles against Sindorin while trying to avoid actual war (though not too intently.)
    • Misdirect everybody about the real objectives.Try making a list of objectives for your nations too, it will help you determine courses of action.

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    Angleter says it is sending a million soldiers into Neo-Venetia. I'm afraid the situation has deteriorated badly due to Angleter's ambitions of land grabbing.

    I think we're going to need a multilateral EUSC presence with heavy committments from both of you, Aesop Rocks and Soviet Union, to defeat this menace.

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    The USSR will not commit more troops, but it will make a firm warning for Angleter's sake. That is, we will publicly express our commitment to resolve the issue 'in any and all ways, with or without ruling out the possibility for this conflict to be resolved using strategic means.'

    This means that if he does bring the million troops and refuses to pull out, I am nuking the shit out of him. It will cause less human and civilian losses than by invading or anything. Angleter has pushed things too far, frankly.

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