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    International Contract Agency

    The International Contract Agency (ICA) is a totally clandestine organization which provides assassination and mercenary services...for the right price. The ICA's client list is both extensive and impressive, having served the interests of freedom fighters, corporations, and even foreign governments.

    Business is good, but the ICA remains a well-kept secret amongst those who are in the know of their invaluable services. Some are convinced that the ICA must have an intelligence agency or corporation as a front, but evidence eludes virtually all who have come into contact with the group. One thing is for certain: those who utilize the Agency's services are guaranteed nothing less than absolute discretion.

    The ICA employs only individuals of the highest professional caliber, whose past employment includes military and the intelligence community. A small roster of code names correlating to agents are selectable upon request, each possessing separate skill sets tailored for certain assassinations and covert operations. The more impressive the skill set, the higher the price.

    Contracts have a standard fee of $300,000, with an additional fees dependant on the circumstances of the operation and the value of the target. All contracts are carried out with 100% effectiveness ? satisfaction guaranteed.

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    OOC: Here's how it works. Post your missions here, and we'll negotiate price and a target with any willing parties. You can come to the ICA has a government or intelligence official, a corporation, a rebel group or even as a wealthy private citizen. We'll craft a mission, and roleplay it behind-the-scenes.

    OOC: Does ANYONE have anybody they need whacked? COME ON! tongue.gif

  • Rolando di Ferroforte. The President of the Rebels in Neo-Venetia. Get him first, and I may have bigger fish for you to fry in the near future. $300k seems to me easily enough for a terrorist who waves from his sunroof whenever he is being driven around.

  • Turgut al-Jarjani, Colonel, Commander of Mujahideen, NIC Liason. Certain members of the Alikhi Administration are offering $600,000 for his immediate assassination, preferably in a visible manner to confirm his death. Currently believed to be involved in the planning stages of an operation codenamed "Malakbel". Location Unknown.

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