Nungeena Collapses

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    Our founder, Nungeena, has just collapsed. Now we are more vulnerable to invasion by raiders, which means we may consider some options that we didn't have to before. I have temporarily asked all those in the region to endorse me to prevent a takeover of the region, and if there are any signs of an invasion I'll move ASAP to password-protect the region.

    Does anyone have any ideas for our next move as a region. Here are mine (remember, just ideas, not set in stone):

    1. Found a new region. By doing this, we'll ensure someone active as a founder in order to protect the region as a fail-safe. We can retool as a different European-based organization (European Community, The European Union, etc). This is probably the most extreme option.

    2. Password protect the region. This will keep us safe, but it definitely slows growth, and I'm not sure if we want that. We could found a sort of "quarantine" region where people are cleared, and then given the password to the region, but it's very time consuming and means more effort on our part then we are use to.

    3. Mandatory delegate endorsement. We start holding elections for the WA delegacy on the forums, and when the results are in, that person becomes delegate and must be endorsed by all nations. This is probably the least extreme option.

    Anyone else have ideas?

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    He's back so there's no problem anymore.

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    Nungeena keeps dying and returning. Chillax. It's as routine as Bush making invasions tongue.gif

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