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    Laudren National Broadcasting Goes Regional

    New Berlin: After many years of revealing the true stories of Laudren in Laudren, the LNB is now allowed to broadcast throughout European Union Countries, it was unable to broadcast throughout the region until officially being granted permission by the Association of Communication officials.

    The Vice Roy of Laudren was quoted saying:
    "The Laudren National Broadcasting has served the publics' interest and trust since 1942. Their news broadcasts, as well as other LNB shows , have built a reputation in Laudren as the most groundbreaking, fearless, and true broadcasting agency."

    For the years to come, LNB wishes to continue its reputation for true, ground-breaking news biased only toward serving truth and justice. The LNB will cover news stories of true interest in Laudren as well as its European neighbors through television and the Internet .

  • National Education Budget Could See 50% Increase

    Vice Roy Jhon Herrscher has began talks in Alabastre, HQ to the Board of Education, and has drafted a plan to increase money going into schools. Last year, the federal budget saw decreases in administrative, energy, and education areas, while the military saw a high increase in it's budget.

    The Board of Education has recently made public what it plans to spend the proposed budget increase on. Officials say they will increase school's annual substitute budget as well as increase school Field trips. At least 1/4 of the budget increase will go to new academic tools, such as laptops and educational electronic tools administered by local school districts.

    This new School Plan will need approval by the Board of Education as well as the states in Laudren( state governors), however the vice roy stated that he feels
    truly confident that it will be able to push through its budgetary outlines.

    In other News:

    The New City Plan:
    New Berlin:**
    In the Torrin Region of Laudren, the governor proposed to the Confederate Council a 5 year plan to re modernize old mining towns and farming communities by introducing a beautification program and by attracting businesses through higher protection. This plan has been approved, and is expected to go effective late this year.

  • Trouble for Laudren

    In the busy governor's mansion, of the state of Kendal, the Laudren Empire (AKA Separatist) Singed the bill, which approved the complete reign of the empire of Laudren over all Laudren territories. This action was backed by governors from the following states: Daxx, Mainne, Kirastat, and Tarryyyk. A total of 5 out of 17 states.
    The Vice Roy of the confederacy spoke this afternoon stating that " rebellious militia will crush this glorious Confederacy...." With this, every governor of the non-separatist states said unanimously, "...the empire will not be recognized."

    Officials say that the Council of Internal affairs and The association of Civil Defense
    have ordered Confederate troops to border the separatist states, while insiders in the separatist states say that Imperial troops have been stationed in major forts as well as major cities and southern borders.

    Tensions pile up, as this might result as the second civil war.

    We will keep you informed

  • War!!

    In the Seperatists' capitol city, Marrionne, the Confederate air force bomb the city till dawn. This action pushed the Separatists to declare war, and as an action to show the declaration, the Separatist Navy blockade major ports. The Separatist army also invaded Torrin State, and have pushed as far back as the state's capitol, Torrin City.

    The Confederate army is currently holding of the attacks near Torrin City.

  • Torrin is back with the confederacy. Just yesterday, Confederate troops took the entire state with the defeat of the separatist army at Nordrichs.


    The separatists' capital city is under Confederate control. A full scale invasion of the state of Mainne, where Marrionne is located, was successful. The war might be over soon. The supposed new capital is Kans, in Daxx. Just south of the state of Mainne.

    Separatists bombing of New Berlin:

    25 Separatist aircraft bombers bombed the political district of New Berlin. The Vice Roy's Office was severely damaged, no one was hurt.

    We will keep you updated

  • Another War May loom:

    The Armed Republic of Salzland has tryed to provoke an international war. Laudren's confederacy might face a new era of wars ahead. More Updates later on.


    Mainne, Kirastat, and Tarryyyk were all taken over by the immense invasion force. The war casualties for the separate states are as follows:

    Mainne: 78% destroyed, 2,000 civilians dead.
    Kirastat: 60% destroyed, 3,500 civilians dead.
    Tarryyyk: 80% destroyed, 5,600 civilians dead.

    The last un-occupied state remaining was Daxx, The leader of the 'Laudren Empire' singed peace papers stating Daxx's surrender. Daxx was the only separatist state not damaged.

    The government has yet to plan reconstruction. Although Public buildings are being reconstructed and at certain cities citizens can fill out a HRA (Home rebuilding Act)
    sheet that can be accepted to rebuild homes, this applies to people whom do not have home insurance.

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