Confederacy Of Laudren Factbook

  • Official Name:

    The Confederacy of Laudren States

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    Basic Information:

    Capital: New Berlin
    Official Language: German
    Population: 561 million (2/11/2009)
    GDP: $ 10.950 trillion (02/11/2009)
    National Animal: German Dog
    National Flower: Yellow Yasmine
    National Tree: Oak
    Currency: Confederate Laudreen ( Euro is officialy accepted )


    Government type: confederalism
    Capital: New Berlin
    Administrative Division:
    17 states: Daxx, Mainne, Kirastat,Tarryyyk, Torrin, Alabastre, Northern Alabastre, Krivch, Hannover, Marrionne, Marion, Benne, Hoss, Hoss am Starr, Kirven, Centra, M?use.
    4 regions: Northern Alabastre, Alabastre, Torrin, Centra.

    Suffrage: 19 years of age, universal

    Executive Branch:

    Head of State: Vice Roy Jhon Herrscher, the vice roy is elected every ten years by the people, but canidates are elected by each states' council.
    Ambassador to the European Union: Martin Von Hartscher

    Legislative Branch:

    Confederate Council: The Confederacy Council manages laws for all the states. They have one house, with 34 seats. Any representative can propose a new law, which will then go through a vote, to be passed 3/4 of the concil have to vote for it.

    Every state has an individual State Council, this council has members of every county and district in the state. The number of seats is measured by the states' constitution.

    Judicial Branch: Confederacy Supreme Court (24 judges appointed by the Vice Roy and approved by the Confederate Council.) This court is the highest authority in the land, but the court system is divided into State High Court, County Court, District Court, City Council.

  • Population: 561 million (2006)

    Noun: Laudreen, Laudrean(s)
    Adjective: Laudrean

    Racial Composition:
    Caucasian (85%)
    Hispanic (7%)
    Asian (1.5%)
    African (.5%)
    Others (3%)

    Roman Catholic (50%), Calvinist (5%), Lutheran (17%), Anglican (3%), Mormon (2%)
    Judaism: 6%
    Muslim: 2.63% (mostly Sunni)
    Agnostic/Atheist: 10%
    Others: 4%

    The Confederate Council:

    The Council has division departments which control certain aspects. These are all under the Vice Roy's supervision

    **Confederate Department of International Affairs (CDIA): **Nistelle Brouch

    • Ambassador to the European Union: Martin Von Hartscher
    • Ambassador to the United Nations: Micha Demornin

    Department of Commerce and Trade (DCT): William Nickocav
    Department of Communication (DC): Emilee Cartrough
    Department of Transportation (DT): Minter Goud
    Department of Agriculture (DA): Kira Joltenbourg
    Department of Health (DH): Arracellie Archnembule
    Department of Finance (DF) : Hendrich Vosch
    **Confederate Department of Defense (CDD): **Kirck V. Spyeauden

    • Minister of Police: Patrick Vouchern
    • Minister of Military: Jorijn Von Fraudnen
      **Education and Public Service Bureau (EPS): **Minerva Hertivil
    • Trustee of Public Education: Micheal Gorbatche
    • President of Workers' Party: Ralph Verwren
    • Department of Social Security: Martha Vineweue

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