Regional Problems

  • Aesop Rocks believes the time has come to review the Constitutional - in particular, the structure upon which, essentially, we have based our authoritative and legislative systems for years. It has to come the regions attention that we have no ability to 'Govern' in an Elected-Body style; last time elections were held, nowhere near enough candidates were put forth, let alone enough for a real election. Yet, we have done little or nothing about it and not due to a lack of activity, there are definitely active member-states, but instead because those 'learned' members of our region have, many times, seen the Constitution abolished or re-written, only for no discernible effect to have taken place. We do not wish to see the same happen, but we are in a rut of the most destructive kind and it is time we learnt from experience.

    Therefore Aesop Rocks is proposing a Single-House Legislative System be discussed as an alternative to the regimented systems of 'democracy' we have seen in the past. Aesop Rocks believes that through a system whereupon the EU President - a figurehead who organizes and signs, rather than proposes, legislation and discussion - rotates on a monthly (?) basis. To gain Presidency, you need only register you are a member of our Union. It also creates, for us, a Census of sorts where we can work out Vote Turnout, as well as knowing who is here and who is not.

    Aesop Rocks hopes we can discuss and criticize (hopefully constructively) this idea.

  • This idea merits serious consideration. I would like to suggest that the President should be like a Speaker of Parliament under the US system. The President of the European Council organizes votes, determines the agenda, and influences the direction of debate. Although mostly neutral, this position can support and advance a specific political agenda.

  • Admin

    We in the Federal Republic concur that serious changes must be made to confront inactivity. We feel that a simple representative house where each nation stands as an equal, where a rotating leadership role maintains a lively debate would work wonders for the region.

  • Admin

    The Soviet Union shall oppose any and all use of unacceptable terminology. Strong political wording like "EU President" will not receive our support. We propose more neutral terms like "Commissioner" that underline the fact that the EU is not a governing body.

  • I feel the Soviet Union is preoccupied with terminology. I think it is essential to first agree on the essence of the changes to be made. Terminology can be dealt with at a latter time.

  • Hear Hear.

  • Here is what I propose. Please tell me what you think. I hope the region can reach some sort of consensus, before we move on to amending the constitution.

    European Union Council (EUC)

    • It is unicameral legislator which is composed of one seat per member state.
    • It is tasked with making European laws, adopting EU policy, and amending the EU Constitution.
    • It can sanction military action against member states and can also impose economic sanctions.
    • All its legislation is binding to all member states
    • All legislation becomes effective after 7 days of passing unless otherwise is indicated in it. There is no need for anyone to sign the legislation into law.
    • All its legislation can be appealed at the European Court of Justice

    President of the European Union Council

    • The position is elected every 3 months or so. (I feel like we should have an elected position instead of a rotating President. That is because I?m worried about having the presidency fall unto a nation that is not all that active in the forums.)
    • There is no single president but rather the task is undertaken by an entire national government of the president nation
    • The president influences the direction of European Union policy during its term
    • Organizes and chairs all meetings of the Council
    • Regulates the debate and ensures all voices are heard
    • Administers votes and ensures the process adheres to the constitution

    European Court of Justice

    • Should remain intact with no significant changes made to it
    • The President of the European Union Council cannot also have a justice on the ECoJ.

    Interest Groups

    • Can be founded by member states to rally/lobby other states to support specific legislation in the EUC
    • These groups will act like political parties with each standing for a specific ideology

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