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    The Belarian Broadcasting Corporation, in a never-ending effort to improve the quality and substance of our reports, takes complaints of all kinds here in the Grievances Division. If you've got a problem with what we're saying...GRIEVE IT!

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    The Kingdom of Luvenburg calls on all parties to exercise self-restraint in the Neo-Venetian theater. A full scale regional conflict is not in the best interest of all European nations. Angelter in particular must back down from their irrational conditions for negotiations.

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    The CPNV never at any time ?advocated violence? by any definition, however greater scrutiny on the international stage may come under scrutiny due to the fact that the party seeks close ties to the Grand Marquessate.

    We protest at this error. The CPNV never advocated closer ties to the Grand Marquessate.

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    The Belarian Broadcasting Corporation formally apologizes for this mistake, and measures have been taken to report and correct the error.

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    Shame on Defence Minister Benton
    In a 19 March statement of Belarian Defence Minister Benton for BBC, the Belarian politician said that ?Belarian troops, alongside Gro?deutscher and Luvenburgish troops, have performed admirably in Neo Venetia.?

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the U.S.S.R. would like to publicly condemn the exclusion of the 25.000 Soviet men and women dispatched along with other EUSC forces in Neo-Venetia from this praise, and the important role they played when they formed the first beachheads that allowed other EUSC forces to arrive.

    Failing to hear a correction and apology from the Belarian ministry of foreign affairs, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics might be required to begin reconsidering its military cooperation with the Federal Republic of Belarum, which has clearly not been appreciated to date.

    Maksim L. Leonov
    Minister of Foreign Affairs

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    Direct Letter to Soviet Foreign Ministry
    I was referring to those soldiers who were in Neo Venetia at the current time (March 19 2009). Conversely, there have been absolutely no statements of thanks, gratitude, or appreciation for Western cooperation from the Soviet leadership of any kind, and I feel it would be foolish to demand something for nothing.

    Soviet troops dispatched to Neo Venetia in the opening hours of this conflict as far back as late 2008 did perform admirably, and the Soviet Union played an integral role in facing down Soviet Sindorin, a rogue state offering assistance to Angleteric expansionism.

    However, we should both make strides to further cooperate in matters seperate from military affairs. It would be foolish to throw away the potential for greater regional cooperation because our two states went to pieces over a minor squabble.

    Jack Benton
    Minister of Defense

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    Direct Letter to the Belarian Defence Ministry
    The Council of Ministers of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is satisfied by the Belarian response to our concerns. Soviet troops stationed in Neo-Venetia since the beginning of the crisis remain there today, and we are glad their vital role was recognised by our Security Council allies.

    Of course, it should be noted that the Belarian, German and Luvenburgish military presence besides our own, and the bold initiative taken by Belarum to issue a ultimatum that eventually terminated the crisis, were in the very least absolutely crucial to the resolution of the crisis in a peaceful manner, as far as Neo-Venetia is concerned.

    We look forward to further political and military cooperation between our two states.

    Maksim L. Leonov
    Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Government of Luvenburg
    Embassy of Luvenburg in Bastia

    On behalf of the people of Luvenburg we offer our deepest condolences to the family of Vice President Claus Krieger and the people of Belarum.

    King ?douard III and Queen Alexandra will be attending the funeral. Accompanying them will be Crown Prince Phillippe and Prime Minister Alexandre Vallier.