Imposing Economic Sanctions On Angleter

  • Luvenburg wishes to debate the possibility of imposing pan-European economic sanctions on Angleter. A country with imperialistic tendencies, like Angleter, must be dealt with in the strictest terms. Angleter's actions have violated the Neo-Venetian people's right to self-determination.

    Luvenburg is interested in imposing a complete blockade on Angleter, however, such action will not win European backing without the legitimacy of the Security Council.

  • Aesop Rocks certainly feels the weight behind Luvenburg's words. We believe economic sanctions could prove a useful tool, not just in this case but also for the future - a way of the Union showing our combined disdain for actions of others, without the risk of military action. As a member of the Security Council, Aesop Rocks will certainly give our vocal support of such an idea and propose the Security Council as a whole do the same.

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    The USSR expresses its vocal support for the idea of sanctions.

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    Angleter wishes to clarify- have all economic sanctions upon Angleter been lifted?

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    No economic sanctions were ever issued by the Federal Republic of Belarum on the Grand Marquessate of Angleter, and none shall be issued from the FRB as the Grand Marquessate has abided by conditions for withdrawal.

    While economic sanctions can be a practical tool to protest the actions of nations, we in the Federal Republic feel they are innappropriate to be used upon Angleter at this time.

  • Economic sanctions were actually not imposed. And with Angelter's intentions to withdraw from Neo-Venetia, there is no reason to do so.

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    However Satelight did impose economic sanctions upon our nation and they are yet to be lifted.

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