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    General Editor: Vasily Viktorovich Efimov

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    Your Letters section is known as 'Praise to Socialism', yet I am afraid that the Socialists in your particular nation are guilty of underhanded political tactics.

    By pre-emptively kicking the Regenschirm Corporation out of the Soviet Union you have, and I think deliberately, crashed the entire regional Capitalist system, with Belarum in the north-west to Angleter, here in the Gulf, seeing our stocks diminish. These bitter, immoral and underhanded tactics are obviously politically motivated and have no place in a modern, globalised, multilateral region! Was it not, of course, YOU who in December criticised Angleteric liberation of Neo-Venetia citing that we must do things multilaterally?

    In Angleter we generally see Socialists and Communists as immoral hypocrites, and your President's actions have obviously supported this train of thought. What is however the greatest insult, at the heady height of hypocrisy, is that within a day of your causing the Gro?deutscher economy to crash you try to bail the nation out and buy as much of the nation's companies as possible.

    These actions are totally deplorable and the Soviet government must in future never try such hypocritical actions if they are to keep the slender amount of trust the Angleteric people have in your nation, let alone see it restored.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Navdeep Khatkar,
    Former Delegate to the European Union.

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    ooc: Izvestia and Pravda have totally separate "Letters to the Editor" columns, which are under that name. The "Praise to Socialism!" is a silly OOC name for the combined thread, which is combined for OOC purposes. I assume your letter is to Pravda.

    Dear Mr. Khatkar,

    Pravda is the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and a reliable news source from within the U.S.S.R. for many decades now. It is not, however, written or edited by the Communist Party or its officials, and as such, I feel that the personal tone of your comments is completely unjustified.

    We at Pravda are not the ones to judge whether the Council of Ministers and President of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics have hidden political agendas against Capitalist countries in general. As Communists, of course, we are delighted to see the collapse of the continuously proven to fail capitalist system your countries operate under.

    This is not simply rhetoric but also backed by facts. If you care enough, I simply point you to the fact that the largest economy of the European Union is of a socialist state, not a capitalist one, and it is that of the Soviet Union itself of course. It is your system's fault that these stocks of yours are collapsing, because of the nature your system is designed to operate under: the sudden loss of a market means sudden loss of credit from your pockets.

    In the interest of the Soviet Socialist democracy and the dictatorship of the proletariat, however, we pledge to take your letter into account for an upcoming article in Pravda, which will feature your opinions as well. As the Soviet Union is not some corrupt dictatorship or authoritarian state operating in the interests of capital and its permanent abduction from the pockets of the working class, we are giving you this unique honour and opportunity.


    Vasily V. Efimov
    General Editor in Pravda

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