Crisis Looms!

  • The Vietnamese People's Liberation Army has submitted a memorandum to the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party suggesting that elements of the CCVCP contain anti-socialist thought and counter Ho Chi Minh ideology. The memo states, "It is unfortunate that through investigations conducted by our commission, we have found certain members of the CCVCP have expressed views that are counter-productive to the Ho Chi Minh ideology and socialist thought processes. We strongly urge the CCVCP to conduct internal investigations regarding this matter."

    The Chairman of the CCVCP condemned the report as being the product of an army that has been corrupted by liberationist, democratic, and capitalist sources and has recommended strong investigations into the top members of the VPLA Commission and has pledged that no member of the CCVCP has ever been counter to Ho Chi Minh ideology. The Central Committee also issued a communiqu? restating its commitment towards socialism and preservation of the Ho Chi Minh ideology. However, the Chairman also announced the dismissal of Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs Ph? Lam K?m and Secretary of Internal Socialism Ta Khat Minh pending investigations. It is expected these two traitors to socialism will be re-educated in the Ho Chi Minh ideology.

    Despite these efforts, the National People's Congress has voted a historic no confidence in the CCVCP and is calling for a removal of the committee as a whole, with the support of the VPLA. The Field Marshal of the VPLA has also threatened to stage "national socialist struggle" to preserve the socialist and Ho Chi Minh direction of the country. He has also demanded the removal of the Chairman of the CCVCP and investigations to be conducted into all dealings in the CCVCP.

    The country has since been placed under high alert for counter-revolutionary activities and night curfews have been moved back one hour for all citizens.

  • The CCVCP has been dissolved and the VPLA has declared a new state of socialism and Ho Chi Minh Kanpodaeng thought to preserve elements of the Republic. The Field Marshal of the VPLA has declared that ties with pseudo-socialist nations that do not adhere to Ho Chi Minh Kanpodaeng thought will no longer be in relations with Viet Nam. These nations include first and foremost the USSR which has forsaken the socialist path by engaging and capitalist activities that are not in line with Marxist manifesto and Ho Chi Minh Kanpodaeng thought. The country has enacted proclamations ending all relations with the USSR and is suspending the exit visas of Soviet Nationals within the country.

    The Ambassador of the USSR in HCM City is requested to take immediate leave from the Embassy or will face immediate armed expulsion by the Government.

    The Field Marshal of the VPLA has also announced a new policy to embrace fledgling socialist states that are seeking the true way towards united people's republics!

    The military has been deployed to Hanoi and HCM City and various other key cities in the country. All persons without military transport visas will be arrested and questioned for counter-revolutionary activities.

    The members of the CCVCP are currently being held in house arrest pending public trial.

  • Aggression from the USSR has only grown to new heights! The reports from the European Council are such that the Soviet Union has threatened to violate the sovereign rights of our nation and as such, all Soviet Nationals in the country will be summarily deported to Moscow at the expense of the Soviet Government. It is evident to the VPLA that these nationals are all spies under the employ of KGB and must be expelled to prevent any further threat to the nation. Soviet nationals who are deemed "of interest" will remain in Vietnam for further investigation regarding their activities in the country. It would be wise of the Soviet Union to reveal its covert activities within the nation and submit apologies to the VPLA and the Vietnamese people for trying to seduce us into embrace pseudo-socialist thought.

    The VPLA has sent out a memorandum that all Vietnamese nationals with connections to the pseudo-socialist policies of the USSR are to report to their local police stations to face investigation as collaborators against Ho Chi Minh Kanpodaeng thought and socialism. Those who are found to have such connections but have not reported will be arrested and charged with first degree treason. All companies with connections with the USSR have had their assets frozen pending further investigations.

    Members of the CCVCP are currently being investigated for their ties to the USSR and will be put under trial. The Chairman of the CCVCP has attempted to denounce the VPLA junta and is seen as being responsible for Soviet infiltration in the nation. As such, he has been executed according to the Martial Law currently in place in the country.

    The VPLA has also installed loudspeakers throughout the nation to broadcast revolutionary songs and messages to the people so that they can be insulated from foreign elements seeking to de-stabilize the country.

    We must remain united against Soviet aggression and pseudo-socialist infiltration!

  • The USSR has invoked grand aggression by subjugating the Vietnamese people to patronizing statements regarding the legitimacy of the transitory government of the nation! The VPLA condemns the vicious statements by the USSR and is currently revoking all exit visas for all foreign nationals in the country with some connections to the USSR, it is quite evident there is an extensive spy network at work in Vietnam to destabilize the country.

    The VPLA is pleased to announced that it has secured a confession to espionage activities from two Soviet nationals currently being investigated. As such, criminal charges are being filed against these nationals for their activities to harm the integrity of Ho Chi Minh Kanpodaeng thought.

    The VPLA has also recalled its ambassador to the USSR to formally sever ties with the nation. The lack of response on the part of the European Council only shows that our actions are well-justified for no member apart from the aggressive USSR has spoken out! Silence is therefore taken by us to mean consensus to Ho Chi Minh thought.

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