Kanpodaeng's Coup D'etat

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    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics brings the matter of the recent coup d'etat against Kanpodaeng's legitimate government by elements of the local military before the attention of the European Council.

    This sudden act of violence, paired with uncalled-for aggression against Soviet citizens to the degree their lives could be endangered, is unheard-of and completely uncalled for. We bring this urgent matter before the international community in the spirit of international cooperation, though failure to act will result in the Soviet government upholding its duties to Soviet citizens and the international proletariat worldwide by any and all means necessary.

    My country will be offering asylum to any Kanpodaeng citizens and politicians seeking to escape the brutal repression of the militant fascists.

    Sergei Kirov, Ambassador of the USSR

  • The Transitory Government of Vietnam rejects this diplomatic aggression on the part of the Soviet Union and only highlights reason for our Government to file motions against your pseudo-socialist idealism. We have acted with reasonable measure to enforce our laws against counter-revolutionary elements within our nation and therefore, we feel righteous in our actions.

    In addition, we find it extremely disturbing that the Soviet Union is suggesting it will militarily intervene in Vietnam. Not only does this violate international protocol, but it only shows that the Soviet union uses socialism to mask its desire for unbridled aggression. We would inform the Soviet Union that its citizens will be treated in accordance to international law and will not be harmed unless they provoke aggression.

    We call about the European Council to not intervene in our internal affairs; we are a sovereign nation and have right to act against nations we believe pose a substantial threat to our pursuit of Ho Chi Minh Kanpodaeng thought and socialism.

    -Major Minh Ngo

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    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics refuses to recognise the Vietnamese junta calling itself a "transitory government" and refuses any and all negotiations without addressing them to the legitimate leaders of the Kanpodaeng people, who are definitely not VPLA traitors.

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    Angleter calls for both sides of the argument over control in Vietnam to use restraint in their actions and calls for negotiations between the two factions to bring stability back to the people, who, I believe, are the cornerstone of "Ho Chi Minh Socialist thought".

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    With the best interests of our oppressed Vietnamese brothers and sisters in mind, the Council of Ministers of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is not going to rule out any further communication with the VPLA military junta, but only through the European Council's chambers, and by merely recognising them as the current force in effective control of the Kanpodaeng nation. This will not change our policy that the VPLA junta is an illegal force occupying the Kanpodaeng nation and having overthrown the legitimate governing power of the Kanpodaeng nation, the Vietnamese Communist Party.

    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has long fought for the benefit of the international proletariat and working class and its freedom, as most recently evidenced by our firm support for Venetian independence and promotion of a democratic socialist victory in the nation. As we have done for 92 years now, we will continue fighting and striving under the Socialist red banner to for the betterment of humanity's lower and middle classes and their freedom, wealth and powers, by any and all means that could be necessary.

  • The Socialist Republic is disgusted by the illegal takeover of Kanpodaeng by a military junta and the overthrowing of the legal government of the nation, the Communist Party. The Socialist Republic refuses to recognise the illegal government of Kanpodaeng as the true government of the aforementioned nation.

    The Socialist Republic will withdraw all Sorskian citizens currently in the country and cut off all ties, diplomatic and non-diplomatic, with Kanpodaeng.

    As the Soviet Union is doing, we will only communicate with VPLA through this Council and we will recognise the VPLA as the force in current control of Kanpodaeng.

    But as we have said before, we do not recognise VPLA as the legal government of Kanpodaeng.

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    Angleter would like to clarify that it continues to recognise the Vietnamese Communist Party as the legitimate government of Kanpodaeng and continues to urge both sides not to resort to violence.

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    The government of the Gro?deutscher Bundesrepublik continues to recognise the Communist Party of Kampodaeng as the only legal authority of Kampodaeng.

  • The government of French Albyon implores that there will be no violence in Vietnam, and urges the legitimate Communist government to use restraint.

  • The International Community would be wise to recognize the sovereign power of the VPLA as the leaders of the nation. The members of the former ruling establishment are currently under trial, and the former general secretary of the VCP has been executed for committing treason and being a failed adherent to Ho Chi Minh Kanpodaeng thought and ideology.

    The International Community should also realize that this matter is not one where we are violating an international standards, but one in which the Soviet Union has violated all regulations pertaining to espionage activities in sovereign states. We currently have a number of Soviet citizens in our custody with proven evidence of espionage and intent to destablize the country for the purpose of the USSR to implement a puppet regime to oppress our people with pseudo-socialist propaganda. We are dismayed that no comment in regard to these matters has been made by the European Council and therefore, we begin to question the impartiality of such a council and would like to urge the countries to be sure they are not acting as Soviet puppet regimes themselves!

    It is also important for the Council to understand that the VPLA is the sole guardian of the VCP, we are the true guardians of true Ho Chi Minh Kanpodaeng thought and as such, by overthrowing the corrupt, pseudo-socialist Central Committee, we have defended their right as the true rulers. The VCP was being lead in a counter-revolutionary path, contrary to the wishes of the people of Vietnam, and as such, it was our duty to rectify the situation.

    In addition, we are continuing the trials of the Soviet citizens, and we will not hesitate to implement the proper justice due to them, if found guilty. We will provide legal assistance to the citizens, at the expense of the Soviet Government.

    Let it also be known that the Kanpodaeng VPLA does not appreciate the USSR holding our ambassador in Moscow hostage under the guise of offering him "political asylum." This is nothing more than a political ploy and we expect him and his family to be returned to HCM City post-haste.

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    The Presidium of the Supreme Council of the U.S.S.R. takes great offence at the illegal and baseless arrest of Soviet citizens and the manufacturing of evidence to accuse them of espionage. These are simply absurd accusations manufactured and engineered by the schizophrenic fascists that have seized control of the VPLA and overthrown the legitimate government of Kanpodaeng, the Vietnamese Communist Party.

    In light of this great and grave act of aggression, the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the U.S.S.R. hereby demands the unilateral return of all Soviet citizens currently in Kanpodaeng custody to Soviet hands and a public apology be issued to the individuals apprehended as well as their families. In addition, we refuse recognising the validity of their trials, and warn you to not implement penalties on the innocent Soviet citizens you have unlawfully apprehended, especially those irreversible.

    Failing that, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is obliged to undertake any and all measures for the successful release of its citizens from the hands of fascist terrorists. I have been authorised by the Chairman of the Presidium comrade Gennady Zyuganov to notify the European Council and those attending that there has been orders issued concerning the otherwise classified mobilisation of an undisclosed number of Soviet naval and airborne forces in otherwise undisclosed locations, which will be followed by more Soviet military forces as well as action being taken if our rightful demands are not immediately satisfied.

    Sergei M. Kirov
    Ambassador of the USSR to the European Union

  • These violent actions and provocations taken by the USSR only serve to highlight our cause for their activities to destabilize our nation!! We offer the Soviet Union to send a team of law professionals from Moscow to the trials in Vietnam, but we will not stand down in our charges. The USSR speaks too early on the regard of the evidence being fabricated despite never having examined them in detail. If the USSR wants its citizens to be free, then it should send legal teams to HCM City to defend its citizen in a fair court of law here in Vietnam. What message do we send when we place foreigners above our own laws?

    We also find it extremely disturbing that the Soviet Union refuses to recognize the validity of the judiciary of Vietnam, this implies that the Soviets have no regard to Vietnamese law nor for the integrity of the Vietnamese people! We will not stand by for these vicious attacks!

    It is also extremely irresponsible for the Soviet Union to mobilize troops against us, this is a vile sign of aggression that transcends all diplomatic channels! Not only does it insults our national sovereignty, but it insults the integrity of this very European Council! The USSR clearly wants to destabilize this region with its pseudo-socialist power politics and should be castigated for such! The USSR would be wise to stand back military, we will be prepared to defend ourselves if we are provoked.

    Any true socialist nation would not engage in such imperialist power politics and would not blatantly slap the European Council in the face with such aggressive rhetoric.

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    The USSR refuses compromise over the matter and continues with its demand for the unconditional release and return of Soviet citizens to the USSR within 72 hours. Negotiations with juntas and terrorists are not something the USSR will do, especially when Soviet lives are in danger.

    The VPLA can freely use socialist rhetoric, but a fascist junta that has violently and illegally overthrown a rightful and legitimate socialist regime, kidnapped foreign citizens with baseless charges, and continues to press with sick and stupid demands is not a partner the Soviet Union considers reliable to use diplomacy with.

    Our response is rightful self-defence in light of unwarranted aggression by the VPLA junta and not aggression of any sort. Should our rightful demands for the achievement of safety for our comradely brothers and sisters not be satisfied, we will proceed to enforce them to the best of our ability.

  • French Albyon demands the release of the Soviet nationals in the country, as they do not have direct involvement with the conflict. If the nations in question want to use the courts, they should use the European judiciary. French Albyon will wait 48 hours for Kanpodaeng to release the Soviet citizens before we will begin mobilizing peace-keeping forces.

  • The VPLA is willing to negotiate a handover of the Soviet Nationals, but only after a full inquiry is performed by the Soviet Union into espionage activities in Vietnam and after a full recognition of the legitimacy of our government. We believe these conditions are valid and should be respected. If the Soviet Union fails to recognize our legitimacy, we will be unable to hand over the nationals to your forces. It would be nonsense for us to conduct affairs with the Soviet Union if we are not seen as the rightful Government of Vietnam pursuing true Ho Chi Minh Kanpodaeng thought! As such, it would not be possible for us to communicate without formal diplomatic relations.

    We will not stand by and allow our people to be victimized by the Soviet Union's strong arm tactics, nor will we permit French Albion's imperialism within our borders under the guise of "peace-keeping." Such is lunacy!

    We also call upon the European Council to launch a full inquiry into the Soviet Union's espionage activities within Vietnam.

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    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics refuses yielding to any demands made by illegal military regimes. The 72 hours are passing quick, and so is our patience.

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    John Milhouse, the lead Belarian representative to the European Council, stood to address the body.

    _"Members of the European Union, the Federal Republic of Belarum would like to ask the current government of Vietnam to surrender to the Soviet Union all Soviet nationals who wish to leave the country.

    The Federal Republic believes that holding hostage the innocent citizens of another country for political reciprocity is dangerous and conduct unbecoming of a legitimate government.

    We ask again, in the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation: please release all Soviet citizens who wish to return to their nation."_

  • French Albyon has issued troops and said troops are moving towards Kanpodaeng for peace-keeping purposes.

  • Henri Duport, the Luvenburgish representative to the European Council, addressed the council:

    ?The Government of Luvenburg calls for the immediate and unconditional release of Soviet citizens held by the VPLA military junta. Luvenburg reiterates its calls for free and fair elections in Vietnam to be held as soon as possible under international observers.?

  • Not only do we reject these statements, but we demand that we will only abide by a full vote on a resolution proposed to the European Council. We see this council as nothing but a rag tag bunch of rogue nations enforcing their policies on nations in violation of international law! We see no global consensus and as such, since the Council has passed no resolution, we see no reason why we should free these Soviet conspirators!

    The Soviet Union and its puppet states French Albyon and others are only trying to infringe upon our sovereignty. We also reject all calls for so-called elections within our nations, which is currently undergoing a transition towards more Ho Chi Minh Kanpodaeng Socialist Thought and Ideology. This is a delicate time for our people.

    However, the VPLA Standing Committees have reviewed careful documents prepared for us by various sources that appear to exonerate the citizens in our custody and we are willing to negotiate a transport agreement out of Vietnam with a nation with whom we have diplomatic relations. It is clearly not possible for us to allow Soviet carriers onto our land without any relations, as such, a mutual nation will have to be responsible for transporting the citizens out. We will keep these citizens on a blacklist for entry into Vietnam due to their suspicious activity.

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