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  • Le Mondial: Parliamentary Elections

    ROCHEFORT, French Albyon--This month, French Albyon will be having its parliamentary elections. The incumbent Prime Minister Emily Keller looks to have a large lead upon her opposition, but will the gap close? The populace of French Albyon want to openly have a mutual agreement pact with The Soviet Union hoping to further bolster trade, but PM Keller stands firmly against showing such close alliance with any nation:

    "The goal of our foreign policy is to remain fairly neutral in European Union politics. We cannot afford to alienate ourselves in this community, as we need to have trading partners from all over this continent, not just the socialists."

    The people are beginning to be persuaded by the national socilaist movement, Socialiste, led by French Albyonian writer Jacques Flauret. He has condemned the actions of the fairly liberal Albyon-First party, and demands the better representation of the nation's Calais district, the northwestern corner. His alliance of Workers Before Politics group managed to bolster the 55% vote of no confidence needed to call for elections. Socialiste is looking to the Soviet Union for funding, hopefully being able to win the election. The government fears a Soviet coup

  • Today, the Soviet-backed Socialist candidate Jacques Flauret began to close the gap by convincing the public that Prime Minister Emily Keller had in fact been caught in a liaison with a page in her office. Prime Minister Keller adamantly denied the claims, dismissing them as slander and libel and should be punishable by law for any of those who continued the remarks. Current President (who will not be up for re-election any time soon) Jessica Zambrotta supports her partner in the Albyon-First Party, known to be only casually to the left. These two seem to be the only two candidates running in the election, and could prove to be a battleground for the continual struggle against Communism and Western Ideologies.

  • French Albyon is experiencing widespread demonstrations against the current administration from Communist supporters on Le Place de la Concorde in Rochefort. Jacques Flauret has led inflammatory remarks against the mildly democratic socialists in power, stating that they have not fought the capitalism that has plagued their land for too long. The impoverished, mostly from the northwestern province of Calais, have threatened to band together and shut down the very important iron mills in that region, and seize the Port Authority ferries. President Zambrotta looked at the demonstrations as immoral and threatened to disband the trade unions and suspend habeus corpus for all who participate in the strikes.


    ROCHEFORT--Today, French Albyon's president Jessica Zambrotta issued an executive order for 100 naval escorts and 5,000 militia soldiers to Kanpodaeng in order to aid in the rescue of Soviet nationals. L'Assemble Ntional approved of the rather small police action with a unanimous vote. Prime Minister Emily Keller had this to say about the peacekeeping mission:

    "This is a big step for French Albyon. We are pursuing a state of freedom for all people. Kanpodaeng's constant rejection of the international community's request for the immediate release of Soviet nationals who have nothing to do with the political battle clearly violates the Universal Rights of Man. Therefore we the popularly elected government of French Albyon approve of the police action.

    The nation has been accused by Kanpodaeng's radical government of imperialism, a highly unfounded claim. The nation of 28 million people has no reason for expansion. President Zambrotta has adamantly supported the Soviet position, stating that military coup does not constitute a legitimate government, and the actions pursued by Kanpodaeng violate European Union law.

    The group of ships plan on arriving in international waters outside of the raveged nation on Friday

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